Friday, January 9, 2015


  • When Amazons guaranteed two-day delivery is a day late: #BookNerdProblems
  • When you start a new book only to get another two seconds later that you would have read likes to read first: #BookNerdProblems
  • Spoilers: #BookNerdProblems
  • Spoilers masquerading as lies: #BookNerdProblems
  • Reviews that tell you nothing helpful in your decision to buy a book: #BookNerdProblems
  • Character deaths: #BookNerdProblems
  • Feels: #BookNerdProblems
  • Feels, feels, and more feels: #BookNerdProblems
  • Painful feels: #BookNerdProblems
  • Swoony feels: #BookNerdProblems
  • Characters making stupid decisions: #BookNerdProblems
  • Characters choosing the wrong person in a love triangle: #BookNerdProblems
  • Insta love: #BookNerdProblems
  • Cover changes halfway through the series: #BookNerdProblems
  • Bad movie adaptions: #BookNerdProblems
  • Perfect male characters that make it impossible to find a significant other who lives up to your expectations: #BookNerdProblems
  • Reading in the dark: #BookNerdProblems
  • Large TBRs: #BookNerdProblems
  • Epically large TBRs: #BookNerdProblems
  • The need to buy every book in the store: #BookNerdProblems
  • Not enough bookshelf space: #BookNerdProblems
  • Spillage: #BookNerdProblems

What's your number one book nerd problem? (i.e.Too many books to read? Characters dying? Not being able to find a perfect gif for your review?)

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  1. That Amazon one really slays me. Especially since I pay for the stupid Prime (which I am seriously thinking about not renewing, to be honest).

    But spoilers are hands down THE worst. I mean, come on people, it is just mean! I am pretty sure I can relate to every single one though! Such a fun list!

    1. I know! Recently everything I order from Amazon takes 3 days not 2! And yes it's still free because of prime but free 2 day shipping, not 3!

      Spoilers are the worst, the worst experience I've had with that is in the book store standing in line and the people behind discussing a very popular new realse and just GIVING AWAY THE ENDING!

      Thanks! I literally made it because it's the hashtag I use most on Twitter! =D

  2. I hate spoilers, but I'm pretty good at staying away from them. I don't have a Tumblr account, and I don't read reviews if I'm not certain that the person writing it won't spoil things. So my biggest book nerd problem is either Characters choosing the wrong person in a love triangle, Cover changes halfway through the series (which makes me so mad I might actually die), or Not enough bookshelf space. :)
    And this post was awesome, by the way. :)

  3. My biggest one lately has been starting a book and then after starting getting a different book that I was just slightly more excited for. And the book I started first isn't bad, in fact it's quite good. But the excitement level for the second book is just too much. I struggle with this so much.

  4. Haha, yes to all of these! The worst one I can think of right now would be spoilers, for sure! ANYONE WHO SPOILS ME WILL FACE MY WRATH.

  5. Spoilers for sure! Also hate the unhelpful reviews. Reviews that just say "bad store" or "not good" are useless.