Thursday, January 22, 2015

Review: The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

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13316328The Last Dragonslayer
by Jasper Fforde
Release date: Oct. 2012
Genre: YA/MG Fantasy
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Description -
In the good old days, magic was indispensable—it could both save a kingdom and clear a clogged drain. But now magic is fading: drain cleaner is cheaper than a spell, and magic carpets are used for pizza delivery. Fifteen-year-old foundling Jennifer Strange runs Kazam, an employment agency for magicians—but it’s hard to stay in business when magic is drying up. And then the visions start, predicting the death of the world’s last dragon at the hands of an unnamed Dragonslayer. If the visions are true, everything will change for Kazam—and for Jennifer. Because something is coming. Something known as . . . Big Magic.

My Rating:

3 Stars: Meh. Liked it but didn't love it.


This sounds like a whimsical quirky adventure novel, maybe a little bit weird but the good funny kind of weird. It is that, but also it kind of just fell flat for me.

Jennifer Strange is a foundling who has recently taken over running Kazam where she's basically the manager of a bunch of wizards, finding them jobs and then making sure they don't get out of control or fall into total ruin. Magic is disappearing in the Ununited Kingdoms and Jennifer seems to be the only one that cares.

This is a really good book, but it just wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. It's fairly short and fast paced yet still seemed a little boring and slow at points. I was expecting laugh out loud moments and didn't even encounter any silent laughter moments. There's really nothing wrong with it, I mean I didn't find any flaws, it's a fun, fast-paced, book with interesting, wholesome characters and a very unique story/world.

I've never felt this way before, but I honestly think I'm just a little too old for this book? I can enjoy middle grade anytime and maybe it's just I picked a bad time to read this, I was sick and not in a funny mood, but I do think I would have found it more entertaining when I was younger.

Overall: A solid read just maybe not for me.

Would I Recommend This? Yeah.
Who To? People in need of a lighthearted easy fantasy read!
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Maybe...?

In other news, this is the first of my TBR Pile Challenge picks so yay! One down eleven to go!

Have you ever read a book that you thought you were just too old for? Or maybe you just weren't in the right mood to read?


  1. Oh yes I totally understand how you feel. I do love MG but sometimes books just feel to young for me, probably due to the narrative voice or the plot line only scratching the surface, in most cases for me.

    Lovely review! <33

    1. Yeah, I think with this one it was just that the plot was kind of absent for the most part. I love most MG, but some of it just seems younger than others, you know?

      Thanks for stopping by! =)

  2. Aww sorry, but yes I totally understand you. I love MG as the idea, but I don't think I can enjoy it as much as I wish to. This, indeed sounds interesting and all, but when you don't connect with the characters it's hard to enjoy it. Great review :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, most the time I can get into MG books but I think this one was just a little too..simple and easy for me. =)

  3. Great review. I actually just read a book where I felt the same way. It seemed a bit too MG for my taste, which was disappointing because I was really looking forward to reading it.

    1. Yeah, I really hate when that happens, it's just so disappointing, right? It's like I know I could have loved this I just waited a little too long to read it.