Thursday, February 12, 2015

An Original Tag: Bookentines Day, A Valentines Tag!

So, it's almost valentines day, from now and forevermore known as Book-entines day. The day to celebrate your love for books(so basically like every other day!). I'm not big on valentines, but I love book-entines, therefore I thought I'd share some of my favorite book couples and romance-ey books and whatnot to celebrate!

This is a tag that I made, I was searching for a Valentines book tag and couldn't find one so I deiced eh, I'll do my own. However, if someone knows of one that's already been made please let me know!

So, presenting the Bookentines Tag: A Bookish Valentines Day!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who tagged you and make sure to put the picture in your post.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Tag some people!

The Questions!

My OTP(One True Pairing): For this I am going to have to go with Ronan and Adam from The Raven Cycle.

My Favorite Ship To Ship: I'm going to try to refrain myself from using Ronan and Adam for all these questions.... Sooo, Cress and Captain Carswell Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles. They're just adorable!

Favorite LGBTQ Ship: I love Knox and Syd from Proxy by Alex London. They're not exactly a "couple", but I love them together!

Favorite YA Contemporary Romance Book: Eleanor & Park! The book and the couple!

Favorite Ship From A Book That Isn't Contemporary Romance: Han and Raisa from the Seven Realm series, which is fantasy, so bam!

Favorite Friendship: Dang, these are hard, who came up with them!? Or right, me...  Ari and Dante from Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe, why? Because this:

"I wanted to tell them so many things and yet I didn't have the words. So I just stupidly repeated myself. "Dante's my friend.” 

Top Book Boyfriend Of All Time: Park from Eleanor and Park, he's basically everything I want in a real boyfriend!

Three Other Book Boyfriends Because We All Know You Can't Have Just One: I'm going to say Howl from Howl's Moving Castle, he's so fun! Then, Peeta from Hunger Games, he's like my original book-ish crush, which is odd because I never talk about him, but he really is the first crush I had on a book character! And last, Finnikin Of The Rock from the book of the same name.

The Character I Wish Was My Valentine: Again, I'm going with Park from Eleanor & Park! I feel like he'd plan the best, most simple, valentines day.

The Character I Wish I Could Spend Valentines Day With Sulking Over The Fact The We Don't Have Dates(I.e. Book character I wish was my best friend): Nico from Blood Of Olympus or any Percy Jackson book, he's a kind of sulky person who's only like 14, but I think he'd be fun(if scary) to be around.

Most Painful Ship To Ship(because they don't end up together, or they never could, or one them dies, ect.): Gansey and Blue from The Raven Cycle, because it's such a slow romance that it's torturous and you never know if they're going to make it to finally being a couple or not!

Favorite Love Triangle: This sounded like a good question at the time, but I don't think there's one I actually love! So, let's go with the Prince, the Assassin, and the Princess from Kiss Of Deception.

A Villian You Secretly Love: Loki from Thor(okay, it's not a book but there are comics!), you can't not love him, okay?

I Tag:

Jillian @ Jillian's Books

Please feel free to do your own Bookentines day tag post even if you aren't tagged, I'd love to see all your answers to these questions, just please include a link back to here!

I hope you enjoyed this, it was really fun to make and to the people I tagged, totally understand if you don't have time to do this as Valentines day is tomorrow!  And, of course, feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments below!

What's your favorite bookish holiday? The trick is any holiday can be bookish!
Also, any Valentines plans!!??


  1. Oh, what a fun tag. And thanks for tagging me! :) I'll do it asap.
    My favorite bookish holiday is Christmas (of no other reason that when it comes to holidays, Christmas is always my no 1 ;)).

    1. YAY, can't wait to see your post and I'm glad you think it's fun!

      Christmas is my favorite too, plus Harry Potter basically makes it a bookish holiday!

  2. This is such a cute tag! Thanks Shay :D I'll definitely do this tomorrow!! And I love your answers :) Park is such a sweet person in Eleanor & Park! Eleanor should be grateful. AND THERE SHOULD BE MORE PEOPLE LIKE PARK AHH.

    by the way, hope you enjoy Valentine's tomorrow! I'll probably spend the day at home (I'm literally so tired from homework haha). Also, I got Skittles from a friend yay :D Hope you get good food too haha!

    1. Haha, thanks. I'm glad you like it! And yes, Park is the best!

      My day will most likely be spent at home reading a good romantic contemporary that I can live vicariously through! Haha, skittles are awesome! And yes, Park(read: I) treats me great therefore I have quite a bit of valentines candy! ;)

  3. Thanks for the tag!!! I'm sorry for not being able to do it, but my exams are killing me and I haven't been active on the blog for weeks now. Sorry :( But I really love the idea and I love your picks. I 1000000000000% agree with Loki! I'm pretty sure it's due Tom's amazing acting skills but still amazing character. Great post :)

    1. No worries, I completely understand having little to no time. I hope your exams don't succeed in killing you!

      I agree, Loki wouldn't be nearly as awesome if it weren't for Tom! =D

  4. I WENT TO GET MY NAILS DONE WITH MY FRIENDS. So that counts as something valentine day-y. Ok not really. Ollie the dog is my Valentine today so bam.

    Ooo Ronan and Adam is a good one. I do ship them too haha. I loved them in BL, LB. ALSO AGREE WITH KISS OF DECEPTION. I want the next book so I can see how that love triangle progresses :)

    AWESOME NEW TAG SHAY. I don't think I'll be able to do this in time, BUT DUDE SAVE THIS FOR NEXT YEAR. Hahah or else I'll save this for next year hehe.

    1. Haha, that does count, and who could be a better valentine!?

      I'm completely obsessed with Ronan and Adam, I can't help it!

      Yeah, I was already thinking I'd bring it back next year and start it BEFORE the actual day! =)

  5. I am seriously saving this for next year too! I haven't had a bit of time until today and it might be a little weird posting it after Valentine's Day, no? But seriously, next year, because this is fantastic!

    You're going to kill me, because I haven't read ANY of these books (except THG of course). Yikes. I am behind! I promise, I will catch up so I can know all these book boyfriends you discuss! Also, I love the gifs :)

    1. Haha, sounds good to me!

      Now you're killing me! You HAVE to read Raven Boys at the very least because I ship them all so much and I NEED to share my obsession! =)