Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My OTPs aka Ships I Do Ship #1

Yay, a new feature!

So, for a few months now I've been doing a feature I call Ships I Don't Ship, where I talk about fictional relationships that I just do not like, two weeks ago I revamped it with Ships I Don't Ship #4 and this week I'm starting a feature that is the opposite of that! Meaning I will be talking about my OTPs(one true pairing) otherwise known as fictional relationships I obsess over. =)

Shipping: The act of wanting, nay needing, two characters to be together. Believing with every inch of your heart and soul that two characters belong together, whether it's that way in the book/tv show/movie or not.
Example: I ship Harry and Draco so hard, they just belong together!

OTPs: One True Pairing or a set of fictional characters that you believe, no matter what, belong together whether it was ever a real option in the book or not.
Example: Katniss and Peeta are my ultimate OTP

Han and Raisa (Seven Realms, Cinda Chima)
Han "Cuffs" Alister and Princess Raisa ana’Marianna
Statues: OTP level shipping

From: The Seven Realms series
Spoilers? No! This will be spoiler free!

Why I Think They Belong Together:

- They just do!... Not good enough?

- They counter balance each other very well. They both tend to act without thinking, Han most of all, but together they help each other balance out.

- They don't hold each other back. They're both very strong willed, unique individuals and they both know that to be together they have to give each other room. Han doesn't try to stop her from doing what she needs to do and likewise for her.

- Because chemistry. What? It's very important and they definitely have it. They have great back and forth, and just. Yeah.

- Because they don't let each other get away with anything. Again, they both tend to act without thinking and when that happens they aren't afraid to let the other know how stupid it was.

- Because Han likes her for her, long before he knows she's a princess. And she's willing to put up with his pigheadedness.

- Because they will do anything for each other even if it means they don't end up together.
Goodreads | The Crimson Crown (Seven Realms, #4) by Cinda Williams Chima — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
Quote(s) That Prove It:
“So here's the truth - I love you. I love everything about you – the way you stick up for people even when it costs you. The way you keep trying to do the right thing even when you're not exactly sure what the right thing is. I love how you put words together. You're as skilled with words as any knife fighter with a blade. You can put an enemy down on his back, or you can raise people up so they find what's best in themselves. You've changed my life. You've given me the words I need to become whatever I want.
I love how you talk to lytlings. You don't talk down to them. You respect them, and anybody can tell you're actually interested in what they have to say.
I love the way you ride a horse – how you stick there like an upland thistle, whooping like a Demonai. I love the way you throw back your head and stomp your feet when you dance. I love how you go after what you want – whether it's kisses or a queendom.
I love your skin, like copper dusted over with gold. And your eyes – they're the color of a forest lake shaded by evergreens. One of the secret places that only the Demonai know about.
I love the scent of you – when you've been out in the fresh air, and that perfume you put behind your ears sometimes.
Believe it or not, I even love your road smell – of sweat and horses and leather and wool.

I want to breathe you in for the rest of my life.” 

“Han smiled, then, a bright, charming smile that lit up the room, more dangerous than any blade. 

All you ever needed was that smile, she thought. I'd have given in immediately.” 

This Ship was also featured in my Bookish Mind control feature last week where I try to convince you all to read this series! Check it out here!

So, there's one of my number one OTPS, let me know one (or more) of yours in the comments below!

Now, both Ships I DO Ship and Ships I Don't Ship are going to be monthly features here and I've been thinking (and some people have mentioned) that it would be cool to have guest posts for these too. So that other bloggers can talk about a ship they do or don't ship... I really want to do this so, if you'd be interested please let me know in the comments so I can figure out if it would be worth it and how exactly to set it up!

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  1. Aww, I LOVE this! I mean, I do not know this series, but you are making me want to read it! Chemistry is SO huge, I am glad they have it! And the being willing to do anything for each other, even if it means not being together? Oh my goodness, such swoon! And the quotes! They sound amazing, great choice!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Haha, thanks, Shannon!

      It definitely made me swoon, before I knew what swooning was!

      This is one of my absolute favorite series so I highly recommend it!

  2. I didn't really start shipping these two until the last book, but I do now. Raisa will always be my favorite though. And I really can't wait to read the spin-off series.. :)

    1. Raisa is the best, I love Han, but Raisa was basically my first favorite kickass female character. It's actually been a really long time since I read this, and I was like fourteen or fifteen, so now it might be a bit different when rereading as far as shipping them goes. =)

      And yes, the spin-off series is so exciting!