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Review: Finnikin Of The Rock by Melina Marchetta

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10636358Finnikin Of The Rock
by Melina Marchetta
Release date: 2011
Series: Lumatere Chronicles #1
Genre: YA High Fantasy
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2008 Printz Award Winner Melina Marchetta crafts an epic fantasy of ancient magic, exile, feudal intrigue, and romance that rivets from the first page.

Finnikin was only a child during the five days of the unspeakable, when the royal family of Lumatere were brutally murdered, and an imposter seized the throne. Now a curse binds all who remain inside Lumatere’s walls, and those who escaped roam the surrounding lands as exiles, persecuted and despairing, dying by the thousands in fever camps. In a narrative crackling with the tension of an imminent storm, Finnikin, now on the cusp of manhood, is compelled to join forces with an arrogant and enigmatic young novice named Evanjalin, who claims that her dark dreams will lead the exiles to a surviving royal child and a way to pierce the cursed barrier and regain the land of Lumatere. But Evanjalin’s unpredictable behavior suggests that she is not what she seems — and the startling truth will test Finnikin’s faith not only in her, but in all he knows to be true about himself and his destiny.

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So, this is my first book of this author and I've actually owned it for at least three years now, and why did I wait so long to read!???!!! This is my first book of Melina Marchetta and honestly, I'm already obsessively addicted...but you want to hear my actual thoughts on the book now, right? Okay, okay. Here goes...

My synopsis: This book follows the adventures of Finnikin Of The Rock, ten years after his kingdom was invaded, the King, Queen, and all the royal children(friends of Finnikin's) assassinated and most of their people run from the kingdom that is now sealed off to everyone. All Finnikin wants it to find a new land for their exiles, but that's not his destiny... That's basically the best description I can do!

You know that feeling you get when you're reading the newest book to one of your favorite series? Where you're just so excited the whole entire time because finally you get to live in that world again?  And the moments when your favorite characters come back together and you see all these little pieces finally aligning? I think this may be the first time I've gotten that feeling with the first book in a series. I just loved every bit of it and I felt so emerged into the world that I was overly excited for every little thing like you would be when two of your favorite characters are united. It's like I had favorite characters in this book before they were actually in it, just from reading about them before they actually came into it. That's how good the book, and especially the character building, is!

I don't know how to describe the writing beyond epic. So that's all I have to say on that. The world building and character development are both amazing and phenomenal and it very quickly became one of my favorite fantasy books because of this. I alternatingly wanted to devour it in one sitting and wanted to read as slow as possible knowing there is only one time that I can read this book for the first time.

It's fast paced with no boring moments and I loved pretty much all the characters, especially Finnikin.
My only ~minor~ complaint is I was never sure what to think of Evanjalin, she's definitely an interesting character but overall I don't think I liked her that much. But in an awesome book it's such a minor thing to dislike, it didn't hinder my enjoyment of the book at all, only made me a little bit conflicted in the end.

So, don't know how helpful this review is! It's a lot of gushing because I just really really loved it, but I do highly recommend it!

Seriously I knew I was going to love this book after the first chapter which is when I went out and bought the second and third book... It was an early addiction!

Would I Recommend This? Obviously, I will likely not stop talking about this book for months to come, I will be recommending it at every opportunity!
Whom To?Everyone? Anyone in the whole world that loves fantasy!
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Duh! Already bought the other two books and am seriously considering ordering her other stuff too...

What's the last book you read that you just knew right away you were going to love?

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  1. Oh, this book is just so good. I absolutely loved it. And the series just gets better and better, so I hope you'll keep on loving it. :) Oh, and after this, you must read Jellicoe Road. It's my favorite contemporary in the world!! :) The last book I read that I knew I was going to love right away was probably Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones, which I fell for in the first page. So highly recommending that one as well. ;)

    1. I know, it's just so good! And so far I am enjoying Froi Of The Exiles just as much. Jellicoe Road is next up on my list to buy because I feel like I need to just devour everything she's written!

      I really want to read Illusive, you make it sound so awesome! =)

  2. Seriously consider ordering Saving Francesca & On the Jellicoe Road. Brilliant books. They're contemporaries instead of fantasies, set in Australia. Anyway, so happy you loved Finnikin!!! (I loved it, too, obvs). I have yet to read the next two books, although I do own Froi. It's just so epically sized--but I like that. More story! And yeah, Evanjalin wasn't very likable, but I was won over by her by the end. Plus, I love that she loves Finnikin, you know?

    1. I am seriously considering buying those! I NEED it all, everything she's written. Haha. And yeah, Froi is a monster of a book, I've started it and am loving it!

      Exactly, she's not likable at first but she grows on you and at least you can tell she loves him, that's a perfect way to put it! =)

  3. Hahah I don't think I loved the book as much as you did, BUT I'M STILL GLAD YOU LOVED IT! The writing style didn't work for me. You know, in the beginning I didn't like Evanjalin, but then afterwards I kind of warmed up to her, even though sometimes I had no idea what was going on in her head. She's pretty determined and reckless haha.