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Review: Zodiac by Stan Lee

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by Stan Lee. Stuart Moore, Andie Tong (Illustrations)
Release date: Jan, 27th 2015
Series: The Zodiac Legacy #1
Genre: MG...?
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Description -
Stan Lee presents a brand new, magical, super-powered adventure! 

When twelve magical superpowers are unleashed on the world, a Chinese-America teenager named Steven will be thrown into the middle of an epic global chase. He'll have to master strange powers, outrun super-powered mercenaries, and unlock the mysterious powers of the Zodiac.

My Rating:

3 Stars - It was fun but fell a little flat.

First thoughts:
 I feel I should explain my reasons for reading's simple actually, I read it because Stan Lee. And if you don't know who he is then what are you doing here!?! Joking. He's basically the creator of Marvel Comics...and he wrote a middle-grade book!? Of course, I had to read it!

My synopsis: This book follows Steven Lee(haha) who, while on a school trip to Hong Kong, stumbles upon something he shouldn't aka Maxwell who is in the middle of releasing the powers of the Zodiac. In a wrong place, wrong time kind of situation Steven winds up foiling Maxwells plans and absorbing the power of the Tiger giving him the power to summon the beast when needed harnessing it's strength for his own. After that, it's a race against time to collect the other Zodiac powers which have chosen hosts all around the world before Maxwell reaches them first.

This is basically a combination Graphic Novel and book, it has pictures but full pages of writing, which makes it a book but it reads a lot like a graphic novel or comic. Just the fast paced nature and writing style, does make it feel like a comic.

Let's talk:

- The pacing.  It's strange and kind of off. I was never really sure of how much time had passed at any one point, it's like a few short chapters pass and it feels like maybe a day has passed but then suddenly these characters are acting like they've known each other forever, and then a few chapters later they're acting like they've barely met. It was kind of confusing and disorienting.

- Characters. This is a really fast paced book, told like a comic in the sense that no time is wasted, it's action action action. Which makes for a fast fun read but doesn't leave a lot of time for plot and character development. It's also what made the pacing seem so weird and confusing. I really never knew how much time had passed. Character-wise, there was a nice variety, no two characters were the same and I really liked most of them, but there wasn't a lot of character development! They're mentioned, briefly described and nothing else, even Steven who is the main character and telling the story, for the most part, I never felt like I got to know him at all.

- Plot. Hey, it's superheroes, mostly makes sense, what else could you ask for? The plot was really interesting, I loved all the Zodiac mythology and everything, Maxwell is a good evil guy and...superheroes are awesome...

Basically. If this was a graphic novel I'd give it at least four stars but since it's a book I'm giving it three stars. I really loved it and I'll read more in the series but it was definitely missing some important things, like character development. 

If you're looking for a comic in complete book form however I highly recommend it! The art is great and the story is epic and it's just a lot of fun. I really did like the characters too, but there wasn't a lot of time(really any) spent on character development or friendship development. It always felt like the characters were strangers to each other, pretending to be friends.

Overall, this book definitely had its faults but I really enjoyed it and if you're a fan of superheroes and comic books then I highly recommend it.

Would I Recommend This? Yes.
Who Too? Superhero and comic fans!
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Yup.

Who's your favorite superhero? Or villain? Because I love Loki!

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  1. I might want to read this one just because it's Stan Lee, but I'm also a bit hesitant since it hasn't gotten that many great reviews. :/ My favorite villain is Loki, and my favorite superhero is Iron Man. :)

    1. Yeah, I mainly read it because it's Stan Lee, it's good it's just...a graphic novel, it doesn't have the plot and character development to feel like a real book.

      Loki is the best! And Iron Man is pretty awesome too, but my favorite hero has to go to Batman or Nightwing(I'm a DC girl at heart). =)