Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sunday Post! Back At It Again!

Song Of The Moment -  Fashionably Late by Falling In Reverse

The Sunday Post

Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted over at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

This is a meme where every Sunday you can share what's been going this week in your life and on your blog! It's also good for bragging about all your new lovely books!

Recently In My Life

So I missed last weeks Sunday post! It was part of my week off, which I took kind of randomly and where I did basically nothing... It was sublime. Therefore today's update will have stuff I couldn't mention last week too! (If my memory goes back that far...)

Let's see, I mostly did random stuff my week off because my brother had a week off of work and we were all hanging out. We had a big game night that involved the throwing of my beautiful Red Velvet cupcakes and spending half an hour getting icing out of my hair!

This weeks been more normal, I've gotten back to writing after a short stint of feeling like a self-doubt filled failure(that's always fun!) and realized that I do not indeed suck as bad as I thought I did(don't worry, this happens to me all the time!). I feel I'm working on getting back to being good with balancing my time with blogging, reading, and working on my book which, I am horrible at time management!

On Twitter:

The mushrooms really did traumatize me, I don't know why but they freak me out and there was so many on my plate! Also, I feel like the later it is, the weirder I am on Twitter, not sure if that's good or not...

What I've Read

1360235810636358 I am obsessed with the Lumatere Chronicles, I read the first, Finnikin Of The Rock, last week and have slowly been reading the second, Froi Of The Exiles. I say slowly because it's one of those books that you want to savor, you want it to last forever. I did the same with Finnikin and I just can't bring myself to fly through the book because then it will be over!

1757121522215757Besides that, I've read a couple other books, The Zodiac Legacy by Stan Lee, superheroes, it was pretty sweet. Then Things We Know By Heart and Kissing In America, which while they both weren't BAD they weren't amazing either.

New Books

Obviously I had to get Froi Of The Exiles and Quintana Of Charyn, but actually these were gifts from my brother because he's awesome and found them at the used book store for me!

Then I'd preordered My Heart and Other Black Holes, which I can't wait to read!

Recently On The Blog

I guess the kind of big thing is that I revealed my name! I am no longer Nobody but Shay, which is the shortened version of my real name! Besides that, last week I reviewed Fairest, shared the Top Ten Fantasy Books That I Have Failed To Read. This week I revealed my name with a giveaway, reviewed Finnikin Of The Rock, and then created my own Valentines Day tag!

On my writing blog(where I'm Alex Steele); I defended writing slowly, shared some inspiration for darker fantasy, and then talked about my writing plans for February! Also, my co-blogger, Grace, is hosted a writing critique partner matchmaking event if any of you is interested!

Also, special shout out to the people who have done my Valentines tag, Jillian(her post here) and Petra(her post here)! Thanks so much for taking the time guys!

Coming Soon

I have...things planned. Namely a new feature I will be starting called Bookish Mind Control! And then...we'll see?

I'm currently doing a giveaway to celebrate my name reveal where you can enter to win one of my favorite fantasy books! Open international as long as the book depository ships to you! Click here or on the image to be taken to the page!

Sorry for the really long update! Tell me, how have you been the last two weeks? Read anything epic, find a new obsession, did you have an awesome valentines day!?


  1. Looks like you and your brother had a lot of fun ;) I'm glad for you that you're feeling better about writing. M. Marchetta's books look very good, I never heard about them so I'm glad you shared, added them to my ever-growing TBR list. Have a great week, Shay ;)

    1. Yes! Melina Marchetta's books are amazing! Definitely look into reading them!

  2. Whatever led to the throwing of the cupcakes sounds fun though it does sound like a waste of yummy cupcakes! Also, I can't imagine the fun of getting icing out of my hair! Looks like you've got some great reading done lately and I'm glad you're feeling better about your writing. Have a great week!

    1. It was a waste of cupcakes though it might have been my fault, I started it but I was provoked! =)

  3. Food fight! Sounds fun.LOL My mother and I play cards and we swear sometimes and one of usually throws the cards. LOL
    Lovely books this week. Happy reading and good luck with your writing:)
    My Sunday Post -

    1. Throwing things for fun is the best, isn't it?

      Thank you!

  4. Aw, it sounds as though you've had a lovely couple of weeks! The week off... my goodness, that sounds like absolute heaven. I seriously cannot remember the last time I have had a week like that, but I want it. So, so badly! That gift was so sweet of your mom, too :) And tell your brother that if he doesn't want to eat the cupcakes, we'll all gladly take them!

    1. It was really nice, I recommend taking a few days as soon as you possibly can!

      Haha, I'll let him know! It is an unnecessary waste of good cupcakes! (though honestly I may have started it...)

  5. Cupcake fight sounds fun! Lol! Awesome haul babe. Have a great week ♥