Saturday, March 28, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015! What The Frick Am I Going To Write???

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month.

NaNoWrioMo takes place every November and it's where you commit yourself to writing and try to write a 50,000-word novel in just one month! Camp NaNo takes place in April and July with a few key differences. First of all, you get to custom set your goal, you don't have write novel, you don't have to write 50,000 words, you can write more, you can write less, you can edit, you can basically do whatever you want. There's also virtual cabins! Where you can choose to be paired up with other writers either by age group or people writing similar things as you and so on and so forth.

Okay. So, I've done two regular NaNoWriMo sessions and I did Camp last July, and I've never lost so let me brag for a second...I am awesome...okay I'm good. This year I've mostly been working on editing and revising, like a lot. But, I am going to be writing something new for Camp NaNo! Yay!

I don't tend to talk much about my writing here since I started a writing blog with my friend but I figured, may as well talk about NaNoWriMo, right?

As usual I found myself unable to chose what I wanted to write. I have ideas, quite a few, but I have commitment issues... I briefly mentioned(I think?) in the post where I try to convince all the people to join me at Camp NaNo that I haven't picked a book to write. Now, I handed most decision making over to my brother, also known as my number one critique partner and the person that makes all my decisions that I can't make for myself because I am an indecisive person. Basically, I made quick little pro and con sheets for each of the four ideas I was considering with a rating of how much I've outlined/developed the idea and he read through and picked one out. Without further ado, I present my Camp NaNo 2015 project!

Title: Narcolepsy
Genre: YA Suspense/Horror

Ainsley Stone has known about her narcolepsy since freshmen year. She's come to terms with the fact that she's going to spend most of her life in complete exhaustion. That she'll never be normal, that it will be nearly impossible to find a good job when she spends 13 or more hours a day sleeping, unable to make herself move.

She prefers not to even think about the waking dreams and Cataplexy; where she essentially faints only she's still awake. Sure, all this has lead to a major fear of social situations where an episode may occur, endless whispers behind her back and anxiety attacks, but she's gotten this far. Senior year of high school, so close to leaving her small whisper filled town far behind. Maybe she's never been kissed, maybe she's completely friendless and in love with a boy who can barely look at her anymore, but Ainsley knows that none of this will matter once she's graduated.

The way she sees it, at least things can't get worse. But she's wrong.

It starts at the beginning of senior year when the boy she's been dreaming about appears in front of her, flesh and blood. Kellin isn't effected in the littlest bit by the whispers that follow Ainsley or her random disappearances to sleep for hours and hours in the middle of the day in her favorite abandoned classroom. He even seems to be flirting with her.

Then her worst nightmare: an episode in the middle of class leading to the bloody hand prints on her bedroom door. Discovering the body of a girl in her class, brutally murdered but she can't prove it was real. And the masked man that follows her both in her dreams and out.

What happens when Ainsley can no longer tell the difference between Awake and Asleep?

I'm really excited for this one because, even before I was actually serious about being a writer, since I was like 8, I've always wanted to write a horror, or "scary" as my 8-year-old-self would say, book. I'm also, just in general, excited to try a new genre. I love stuff about dreams and I love stuff about how f-ed up in the head dreams can make you and I love my characters names... Plus there's this whole subplot about an underground comic and basically I'm just really excited for this which in my mind proves it's the right choice to be writing right now.

Goal wise. I was going to set my goal for 100,000 words, it's challenging and I've done it twice and I was planning on going for my second 50k week and everything and then... I'm moving next month.
=( So, my goal is actually 30,000 but I'm hoping to have enough time to hit 50. We shall see!

Now, I've pretty much stopped doing Sunday wrap up posts and it's kind of just gonna be random ones from now on, in April however they will be writing related! Because I'm going to be obsessed with writing... =)

Writing related or not, do you have anything fun planned for next month? Besides Camp NaNo and moving, my birthday is next month which mostly means new tattoos(as is my tradition)!


  1. Oh, wow. Your plot description sounds great, this is definitely a book I want to read someday. :) Good luck on Camp NaNo! Oh, and my birthday is also next month, so happy b-day in advance to both of us. ;) Oh, and what tattoos are you planning on doing? :)

    1. Haha, thank you.

      Awesome, we're birthday month buddies! When's yours? Mine's the 23rd. And, yay, I love talking about tattoos. I'm going to be getting a small one behind each of my ears, an elephant and Taz from Looney Tunes, sounds random but really it's not. They're going to be my first non book-related ones actually.

    2. Mine's the 30th, so it's just a week a part. :) I love tattoos as well, and I think the elephant and Taz sounds awesome, I hope you post a pic when you've done them?! I'm thinking my next tattoo will be a book quote, but I haven't really decided which one yet. And I remember the post where you shoved your tattoos, I especially loved the Golden Snitch one. The Mockingjay's pretty awesome as well.. :)

    3. Haha, awesome our b-days are real close together. And yes, I plan on posting pics of them as soon as possible!

      A book quote would be awesome, I've debated it myself but I can never pick just one quote or at least one that's not really really long. Yeah, the golden snitch is my favorite mostly because the artist that did it took more time and made it more unique than the plain Mockingjay, still love them both though. =)

  2. This is so exciting Shay! I can't wait to see how this one goes :D Also, I've sort of made up my mind to finally join NaNoWriMo! (SORT OF.) Haha. I just want to give it a shot and see how it goes because it sounds amazing, and like I said, you convinced me in your other posts. Thanks for that, by the way! I'm looking through the website right now lol x

    1. Yay! *throws celebratory party*

      I'm so glad you're trying it, it's so much fun and very encouraging too! I'm glad I could introduce you to it! Let me know if you want to talk writing and NaNo, two of my favorite subjects. =)

  3. Your book sounds awesome. It's all psychological and creepy. Are you thinking of sharing some scenes? ::nudge:: ::nudge::

    Also, happy advance birthday! New tattoos? What are some of your old ones?!?!

    1. Haha, thank you. And I'm vaguely considering sharing a few little scenes as the month progresses...but I haven't fully decided yet.

      Thanks! I have two tattoos at the moment(I've gotten them for my last two birthdays) the first is the Mockingjay symbol from Hunger Games on my shoulder and the second is a really awesome golden snitch(obviously from Harry Potter) on my wrist. I've become slightly addicted to tattoos actually... =)


    3. Haha, I think so! =)

      I eventually want to get the dragon silhouette of Smaug from Hobbit and the Hufflepuff house crest and, I have more plans than I would ever actually do.