Thursday, March 5, 2015

Let's Talk: Discussion Posts

So, today I thought we'd discuss discussion posts themselves, okay? Because they can be stressful!

I know a lot of bloggers(including myself) are participating in Shannon and Nicole's discussion post challenge and, personally, I love that they're giving little ideas every month for discussion posts because it can be so stressful to come up with ideas!

For me, it's a lot like writing in general, sometimes I get a ton of ideas all at once and sometimes... Nothing. I got nothing.

And it's not just coming up with ideas for posts but the worry that it's something that's already been done a billion times. Sure, everyone has their own opinion and I love seeing multiple bloggers talking about the same subject so you can see different sides and everything, but at the same time, I feel like everyone wants to be original too.

Then there's the stage(if you're an overthinking freak like me(I mean that in the best way possible)) where you're constantly debating with yourself over actually posting it. Beyond the originality part, there's, the occasional, what if everybody hates this? phase. This mostly happens to me when the post isn't necessarily book related but about something else. Then you have the this is stupid moment...which is hard to get over.

I also worry about how long my posts are, I feel sometimes like people are more likely to read shorter posts and reviews than really long detailed ones. I don't know why I think this, I like reading long posts! But, yeah there's that.

The thing is, you can't let this stuff stop you from posting, most the time there's going to be at least one other person whose written about what you want to discuss, but that doesn't mean it can't still be discussed! As long as you have your own opinion, and especially if it's something you feel strongly about, no two people think alike so the chances are no one will even notice someone else has done a similar post! Of course, don't straight across copy, that's bad.

And, who cares if not everyone likes the subject of your discussion, they just won't read it! That shouldn't stop you! (I feel like I'm giving myself a pep talk right now...)

Basically, my question for you is: do you ever not post something because you feel like it's not original enough? Do you think something can be discussed TOO much by TOO many bloggers?

I definitely don't think something can be discussed too much, but I definitely do worry about posts being original.


  1. Discussion posts can definitely be stressful. I'm supposed to be posting/writing one today (according to my semi-regular schedule anyway). I'm in that challenge too! I always forget they give ideas for posts. I'll have to check them out fo this month…

    I agree, I also worry about rehashing discussion that have "been done", even if it's not from your own side. Everyone does want to be original or at least…different. Something like that.

    i usually don't worry about people hating my discussions, haha. I'm just happy if I can put a coherent post together of my thoughts. I always feel pressured to make my posts long, I feel if they're short, I don't really say enough. But I've seen short discussions and I like those too, but I also like long ones.

    Yes, I love that<3 How you said you can't keep posting because someone else has posted a similar idea. That's my problem sometimes. I have an on-going list of discussion ideas, and sometimes I'l really like one and then see someone post a similar discussion and I'm just like…. :( And hesitate to even ever write it. I plan on getting through my entire list eventually though. :)

    I don't think something can be discussed TOO much really or else people probably wouldn't have too many discussions if that were the case.

    This is a great discussion about discussions, I always love seeing someone else have the same problems as me. In the whole, "Oh, someone else can relate" not the whole, "I take pleasure in your discontent" way, haha.

  2. I can relate to everything you said up there!Writing discussion posts can be tough.
    There have been times,where I wrote a whole post and didn't post it because I was afraid of the reaction of my readers.And it's a bit nerve wracking when you try to come up with unique and original ideas for discussion posts.

  3. DUDE I HAVE THIS PROBLEM ALL THE TIME. Also the other problem I have is that I don't feel motivated or committed enough to post a discussion. Like I don't feel much for the discussion, you know what I mean? I mean, I only post what's on my mind, and I can't just post something I feel nothing about haha. Yeah

    But I love this post because we're discussing discussion and that's...uh...what's the term. Cyclic? Ironic? But yeah. I have to get to my own discussion post too. And I missed February's discussion post so I got to do double.

  4. I always get doubts about my discussion post ideas because I never have any idea whether people will be receptive towards that idea. Usually my fears are for naught and the very ideas that I doubt the most are the ones my readers usually enjoy the most.

    I don't think an idea can be discussed too many times because I love reading all the different viewpoints that bloggers have on an idea. Everyone has a different perspective, and I love seeing that. As long as the words aren't being copied, it's not plagiarism.

  5. YES. Yes to all of this! I am freaking out because after next week, my big, long discussion thing will be over and... I don't know what the hell to talk about now! It is so hard coming up with stuff, and then yes, I totally worry that someone has already done it! More like that they've done it say, yesterday, and they'll think I am just copying them. I know it's silly, but it's a fear! Great post, I think a LOT of us can relate to this! (And thanks for being so kind about the challenge too!)
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  6. Oh yes I have this problem as well. I have made a few posts where I've deleted them soon later because I feel like I'm not adding anything new and that no one will be interested in reading what I have to say because I'm probably just repeating what a million others have said before me.

    Great post, hun! So relatable xD

  7. I get inspired a lot, but then I can't take the time away from whatever I'm doing to actually write down what I'm thinking! That's the most frustrating thing for me.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

  8. Ha! Yes, sometimes inspiration is the hardest part! I definitely agree that it's fine if you write something similar to what someone else has already written - your unique spin on the subject is yours alone!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Yeah, inspiration is the hardest part especially because sometimes you get what you think is the best idea ever and then you sit down to write and...nothing comes, or it ends up being nothing like you imagined it to be. =)

  9. I feel it's okay to think that what your saying isn't enough, and trust me, I've deleted a lot of posts that have been completely written and ready to publish, just because I wasn't happy with them, and that sucks, a lot, but discussion posts have to come from the heart, and you have to really want to write them. Sometimes I go weeks without ideas, the next week, I'll have loads, and I do them when I can, because I must. It just depends on the person, but you can always use an idea and make it your own, it's how you do it and what you're saying that matters, not the other way round :)

  10. Yes!! Exactly!!! Discussion posts are the hardest! I've been trying to do more of them and so far I've achieved one sort of post. Coming up with the idea is hard, but actually writing a good post is near impossible sometimes. (And not second guessing myself) I often don't post things because I decide they aren't good enough. I'm good at coming up with things to worry about. It's a talent.