Thursday, April 23, 2015

19 Songs For 19 Years (It's My Birthday!)

So, you may have's my birthday! Yay, I love birthdays(yes I am still a little kid at heart)!

I was trying to come up with something fun to share for my birthday and this is what I got. Every year since I was like fifteen I've made myself birthday playlists, it has the same number of songs as the age I am turning, and I always select the songs very carefully. This year I did 19 songs for my 18th year, meaning songs I was obsessed with this last year or that somehow go along with things I did this year and because I couldn't come up with a better idea here is that playlist.

 #1 & #2. Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) by Nine Days & Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows. These two songs make the list because, if I was forced to chose a favorite song it would be these two. Why? They are the only two songs(that I can ever think of) that I've loved since I was like 10 or 11 and still love now when I'm 19. Don't ask me why I love these songs I have no idea but I do!

#3. & #4. & #5. Centuries & Favorite Record & Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy gets a special place on my playlist because I got super into them this year, like I basically hated them before and then I got obsessive. Fall Out Boy basically inspired my novel This World In Gray and I also went to a Fall Out Boy concert in December. So, big part!

#6. Numb by Linkin Park. Because I love Linkin Park and my 18th birthday present was concert tickets to see them in Concord last September and that was one of my top three favorite things I did this last year. I chose Numb because it was one of my favorites to see live.

#7. Where'd You Go by Fort Minor. This song greatly influenced my book This World In Gray, it's basically the only song I listened to when outlining and developing the book and the book was a huge part of my life when I was 18(weird, I can officially say when I was 18, like I'm not anymore, because I'm not).

#8. Miss Murder by AFIBecuase, I listened to it a lot when I wrote Hunters Of Artemis last July and it's the only song I could think of when trying to pick one for each other the books I wrote. Also, I did see them in concert because they opened for Linkin Park.

#9. Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. I don't know how or why but this ended up as the theme song to Friendzone which I wrote in September and was my first contemporary book!

#10. Take Me To Church by Hozier. Because I am seriously obsessed with this song right now.

#11.  Remember The Name by Fort Minor. For my brothers, because we went on a road trip when we went to the Linkin Park concert and it was awesome because it was the first time just the three of us did something like that and this is the song we sang the whole 8 hour drive home.

#12. Angels Fall by Breaking Benjamin. Two reasons, 1. BRAKING BENJAMIN IS BACK AND I'M SO HAPPY. 2. This song just speaks to me and I don't know why.

#13. Scene Two - Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens because I've gone through a weird phase in my musical journey, the phase where I listen to a lot of bands like Fall Out Boy. This is another band I got super into this year.

#14.  Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance. For Grace, the dead character in my book. I chose this song for This World In Gray which, through my character Grace, made me try a lot of new music this year.

#15. Telescope by Cage The Elephant. Because they saved the Fall Out Boy show when Fall Out Boy's drummer couldn't make it and they were awesome and it was an awesome night.

#16.  Haven't Had Enough by Marianas Trench. Because this was on basically all of my writing playlists when I was 18 and it's a really fun song.

#17.  Afire Love by Ed Sheeran. Becuase, it's Ed Sheeran

#18. The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd. Because Hobbit pt 3 killed me, it KILLED ME.

#19. Go The Distance(from Hercules) by Roger Bart Becuase, I'm an optimist and this is the perfect song for my 19th year.

Now, I was thinking 18 books, one for each year but that's a bit excessive. So instead I narrowed it down to 5 books that I would use for my life in the form of a book-ish timeline.

The Statistical Probability
Of Love At First Sight
The Demon King                         The Hunger Games
Percy Jackson

SO! Right now I am probably out at the movies, or eating an epic dinner with my family as is tradition. Originally I was going to go get my new tattoo yesterday but we're still in the middle of moving which is basically the worst time to get a new tattoo that's going to take at least a week to heal. I will be getting it next month though which is actually ironic because every year since I turned 17 I've gotten a new tattoo for my birthday and both years it's been pushed back to May for one reason or another. Still, I will share pics when that happens!

Since it's my birthday I must ask something of you and that's, if you are over the age of 19 please do tell me something awesome, or cringe-worthy or anything at all that you did in your 19th year. Also, let me know when your birthdays are, I feel like I only know like two of my blogging friends birthdays! Which reminds, happy early or late birthday to the bloggers who share my birth month(I'm pretty sure that's Nori and Petra?)! =)

P.S. Special shout-out and thank you to Nori (@Readwritelove28) for the very thoughtful and awesome birthday present pictured below. Now I can FINALLY read Golden Compass and not feel like such a fantasy failure. ;)

P.P.S. Here's a picture of my birthday crown because...why not?


  1. Happy Birthday sweetie! I hope you have a wonderful day, with lots of cake and presents. :) In my 19th year, I met the man who is now my husband. I guess that's pretty awesome? ;) Oh, and also yes. My birthday is a week from today. :)

    1. Thank you! It was a pretty awesome day filled with lots of cake which is really all that matters, I think. =)

      Yes, that is pretty awesome! It sounds like it might be a good story too? ;)

  2. SHAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Here's to 19 years! :D I love Fall Out Boy as well! I've been listening to them since 2006, when I was 6, so I'm not even sure how little me ever grew to like Fall Out Boy's loud music... but I guess I just do, lol. Thanks for sharing the playlist! I might want to listen to some of the songs because I've been searching for really good ones these past few days :) The Golden Compass looks like a very interesting book! Enjoy! And have fun with your family on your special day :>

    to answer your question, my birthday is October 9. (It's still far, hahahaha) :)

    1. Haha, THANK YOU!
      Fall Out Boy is just the best, right? You don't need any reason to love them! I hope you check out some of the songs and we should trade playlists because yours always has epic songs!
      October birthdays are awesome, I've always been jealous because it's close to Halloween and when I was little my aunt would through my cousin epic Halloween-themed birthday parties. =)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D I only know two songs from your playlist: Centuries (I love all the Fall Out Boys songs that I know, so I'll have to check the other two out) and Take Me to Church (which IS extremely addicting). As for the books, I totally agree with The Lightning Thief! It was my first (and ultimate favorite) middle grade book of all time. :) The Hunger Games will also always have a special place in my heart. ^_^

    That crown is super fabulous! And my birthday is on the 20th of August. :)

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    1. THANK YOU! Yes, do listen to other Fall Out Boy songs, Dance, Dance, is my favorite of theirs and Favorite Record is also awesome. =)
      The Lightning Theif was the book that made me a reader and made me want to be a writer so it always has a special place on my lists! And yes, I totally agree, it's also my favorite MG book and all time.
      Haha, thank you, I kind of just randomly got the crown the day before my birthday so obviously it had to become my birthday crown. =)

  4. HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY SHAY! I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME TIME. AND WOW A TATTOO. I want a tattoo, but the pain scares me and plus I have no idea what to get. Also I know many of the songs on your playlist, we have the same tastes! :)

    Hmmmmm I don't remember being 19. I didn't really do much then hahaha :) MY BIRTHDAY IS JANUARY 8TH

    1. THANK YOU, VAL! Yes a tattoo. =D Most the time, by the way, in my expremince it both hurts more than you think and less. Yes, it's painful but mostly it just kind of pinches and burns. All the ones I currently have a book related!
      Yay! I didn't know that but I'm glad, I love finding people who share my tastes in music almost more than one's who like the same books! =)

      Haha, I feel like that's how I'm going to be a few years from now. I'M NOT THE KIND OF PERSON TO DO CRAZY THINGS! =)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I am so bummed that I am late to it- ACTUALLY, it is probably still your birthday because you aren't in my time zone! BRB, off to Twitter! Okay, back! So. Let's start with the playlist. Breaking Benjamin is from here. True story! I think the only two famous people ever from here are them and the "Actually Kid" who's on Ellen a lot now. Sad. Okay, I am also VERY obsessed with Take Me to Church. LOVVVEE. Also love Ed Sheeran. And Go the Distance is fabulous :)

    I want to get a new tattoo too! What are you going to get? And so, being 19. (Doing some quick math to figure out when that was....) OOOOOH okay, 19. 19 was the year that I decided I wanted to be "bad". One of my swim team friends used to sing that song "I Wanna Be Bad" to me. Because I wasn't even bad. I was like, drinking Smirnoff Ice and like, mustering the courage to talk to some guy. So yeah, malt beverages and TALKING, not exactly "bad" material hahhaha. But I thought I was. Anyway, there were a LOT of ups and downs for me that year.

    OH- my birthday is November 19!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Haha. Now the tweet makes more sense! THANK YOU, SHANNON! Haha, I didn't know that about Breaking Benjamin and now I'm jealous because that means they probably play concerts around or near there and never come close to me! Right? I don't know what it is about that song, but it's amazing and addicting! And I have a majorly minor crush on Ed Sheeran, I fell in love with him a little when I saw him open for Taylor Swift, I'd never heard his music before but he was such an awesome performer and then I suddenly bought all his stuff(this was like two years ago now). =) I'm also obsessed with putting Go The Distance on playlists as a motivator, it drives my family insane!

      That story though! I love it. Sounds eerily like what I would consider being bad to be. Ups and downs are good though, right? Means it was interesting. ;)

      I'm probably going to be getting a small dragon(inspired by Hobbit) and a small Pegasus(inspired by Percy Jackson) facing off on my wrist. I was going to get an Elephant behind one ear and Taz from Looney Tunes the other but I'm currently flipping flopping between which set I'm getting first! Do you have any tattoos???

  6. AWWWW THANK YOU SHAY!!! *HUGS* I am SO sorry that I never saw this until now! (I'm really behind on reading blog posts) Whoops.....As you know, my birthday is today! ;) And thank you so so so much for remembering! It brought a smile to my face when I saw your tweet this morning. <3 It really did.

    I hope that you enjoy The Golden Compass!

    1. Haha, I totally understand, I'm behind on basically everything at the moment! Happy birthday, again! I'm glad! *hugs!*

      And I've already started it and am loving it, just reading very slowly recently. =)