Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How To Survive Camp NaNoWriMo

So I know I've been doing a lot of Camp posts recently but mostly it's only going to be once a week from now on. However today is Day 1 at Camp NaNoWriMo and this is my survival list!

Happy Day 1 of Camp! 

Also, happy April fools day!

If you don't know, Camp NaNoWriMo is a virtual camp for writers and is part of NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month) regular NaNo is in November, Camp is April and July. Basically, you try to write a novel in one month and it's lots of fun!

7 Things You (Probably) Need To Survive Camp NaNoWriMo

1. Marshmallows. Obviously, candy and lots of sugar is a must. Doesn't necessarily have to be marshmallows but it seems fitting, doesn't it?

2. Creativity/An Idea. Obviously, when writing you need a few things: 1. Your creativity. Use your imagination to the fullest. And, #2. An idea of some sort. You know that thing you love reading about or that thing you've always wanted to see in a book, now's the time to put your own spin on it! And bam. You have an idea.

3. Coffee. I am not exaggerating when I say that my caffeine intake increases by 74% during NaNo months. You need all the fuel you can get! It doesn't have to be coffee other options include tea, hot chocolate, and energy drinks.

4. Time. You do have to make a comment to yourself to carve out some time for writing. Even if it's just half an hour a day or six hours on Sunday.

5. Words. Words do come in handy so come fully equipped, please!

6. Something To Write With! Again, with me and my most obvious tips. Yes, you will need something to write with. Whether it be notebook and pen or computer(typewriters are also acceptable and awesome).

7. Twitter. If you don't have a Twitter account get one! I'll wait... Twitter is so much fun during NaNo months, just scroll through the Camp NaNoWriMo hashtag and you can find a ton of writers to talk with and if your shy then it's just plain amusing to read through all the Tweets. Plus, the actual NaNoWriMo Twitter account has advice all day long and Writing Word Sprints which is basically where you pick an amount of time, say 10 minutes and write aa many words as you can in that amount of time and then YOU GET A BREAK.

 So, I hope this was entertaining. From now on I will be doing NaNo updates on...Saturdays or Sundays, just with quick little updates about my word count, a few screen shots of any funny tweets my caffeine riddled mind comes up with, and maybe one or two tiny tiny snippets from my novel.

Let's talk April Fools Day! I love it, personally, but have never actually pulled a prank on this day, have you? I want details!


  1. SHAY, I actually made a NaNo account yay! :) I was just hoping to ask you how the cabins work? lol I know it's a simple question, but everything looks quite different. But anyway I'm really looking forward to doing this. Looks so fun :> I'll also be taking in your advice because they seem pretty helpful! Thank you!!

    Happy April Fools Day, by the way! (I'm bad at pranks haha)

    1. Yay! We'll have to stay connected on Twitter and stuff so we can talk all about NaNo. =)

      Okay, so cabin wise. After you create your account and you finish your profile and update the info about your novel you can select Cabin settings and choose your preferences and then it's basically just a forum on the Camp Website. Once you're placed in a cabin then you'll find it under Cumminty and then My Cabin. You're placed with 10 other campers and then it's basically like a group message thread on Twitter, just so you can talk to your cabin mates and see their progress and everything.

      Hope this helps just let me know if you have any other questions! I don't mind, I was very confused when I first did camp because it didn't know how anything worked. =)