Friday, May 29, 2015

Review: The Lady In Blue by Kimberly G. Giarratano

by Kimberly G. Giarratano
Format: Review Copy
Genre: YA Mystery
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The Lady in Blue stole a car and fled Ash. 
Out on Devlin Road she emerged from a crash. 
She wandered the woods with her head dripping blood. 
Then drowned in the river in water and mud. 

All her life criminology student Liz Bloom has heard this rhyme, meant to scare young campers. When she’s about to take on her first cold case, Liz learns the eerie song is about her great aunt Lana. Liz isn’t big on studying, but she does have one advantage most criminologists don’t -- she can speak to the dead. 
In 1955, Lana Bloom was an eighteen-year-old beauty with Hollywood dreams who fell in love with a stranger. When Lana died in a bloody car crash, all signs pointed to the mysterious man who was never seen again. 

As Lana unravels the details surrounding her last week of life, the tale she weaves for Liz is one of desire, betrayal, and murder. But if Lana can’t identify her killer, not only will a murderer escape punishment, but her ghostly form will cease to exist. And Liz will have failed the most important assignment of all – family. 
* Review copy provided by author for an honest review

My Rating:

(I had an awesome gif filled review planned but then my internet crashed... =( )

A Halfway Decent Review That Does Not Do Justice To This Book:

I kind of loved this. I'm going to try not to use that word too much because it's basically the only word I used in my review of Grunge Gods and Graveyards, okay? And I can write a competent review of a book I love... Probably. 

The Lady In Blue is basically a companion novel to Grunge Gods and Graveyards, you don't HAVE to have read GG&G to read this one but I'm going to say you'd probably enjoy this just a smidge more if did. Lana Bloom, otherwise known as The Lady In Blue, is dead. She's been dead for a while now, this is the story of her death. This book takes place in two different times,  1996 when Lana is telling her niece Liz her story, trying to remember how she died so she can finally move on. And 1955 when Lana died. The novel is narrated by Lana and shows her life in the week leading to her death. 

Everything I Loved About This Book:

- Going into this I had assumed the story would be narrated by Liz- don't ask me why - but it's actually narrated by Lana which I was so excited about. 

- Characters. I loved the characters! Especially Lana. She's so much more than The Lady in Blue. However this was a really short book and supposed to be fast paced so it felt like a little character development was lacking, not enough to discourage me from loving it but I kind of wanting a tad more Andrew and Liz. However, this was Lana's story so I kind of understand why there's wasn't an abundance of Liz. Andrew was a little shocking I admit and I liked him just because Lana liked him if for no other reason. Other characters were horrible people but still very well written.

- The ending. I was expecting to feel so much at the end, I'd kind of sort of half figured out who the killer was, it wasn't really a shock(though I did keep going back and forth on who I thought did it) and going in I knew it wouldn't be the happiest of ending because Lana's dead and that's so sad, but I didn't expect to care so much for Lana and the ending was kind of intense. It hit me right in the feels... I cried. 

Overall this book has all the things I loved about GG&G, it's short and fast paced, full of rich believable characters and great writing and in the end it packs a nice punch.

Would I Recommend This? Um, yeah.
To Whom? All the people! Just like in my review of GG&G, I want to go up to random strangers and yell at them until they read this book.
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Um, yeah. I'm already looking forward to her other stuff, one of which comes out later this year(I think) even though I know nothing about it I WANT it. =)

What's the last book you read that made you feel like yelling at random strangers until they too read it?


  1. Thank you so much for the review!! I'm so glad you loved The Lady in Blue. You're the reason I wrote it.

    1. Also, I'll send you out an ARC for my new novel. You'll get it BEFORE it gets published.

    2. Eep! I literally almost yelled in excitement when I saw that second comment! And I really really did love The Lady In Blue. You give me too much credit though! Haha. =)

      Seriously, so excited about this new novel! I can pretty much guarantee I'll read it the second I get the ARC. =D

  2. I didn't figure out who the killer was. So (and I say this as a teacher), excellent close reading there. :-)

    Thank you for encouraging Kim to write a sequel!

    1. Haha, thank you! Honestly, I think I only guessed it because I'm so suspicious of everyone in these kinds of books!

      Haha, no problem! I wanted it so bad and not to worry I'm still bugging her for more Nutley too!

  3. This booK! Hahah true story, this is the last book I yelled at strangers to read! I LOVE THIS BOOK. That is all. (Oh, and I totally agree about the feels for Lana- I was caught off guard by how much I loved her, for real!)

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Haha! Who'd you yell at? I have to know these things, Shannon! I LOVE THIS BOOK TOO! I know right? I loved Lana all along but by the end? I was just hit right in the feels!