Friday, June 12, 2015

Going Into Writing Hibernation Mode

So I haven't been posting.. I know. I want to I just never seem to have time which is weird cause I'm not suddenly do so much more than I've done before. The blogging and posting, it just hasn't been happening. Neither has the reading. I guess it's a slump? I hate that word though.

Basically, I've been writing, not a ton, but I'm going into deep writing/editing hibernation mode and blogging just might not be happening much for a while. I'm not stopping! Definitely not, I just can't promise posts every day(haha, like that's happened anytime this year), or every other day. At least once a week for the most part though! And I am trying really hard to catch back up on my ARCs and my reviews and I'm doing my best to comment on other blogs and I will continue to do both those things.

I guess, the thing is, this year I've gotten so much more serious about my writing and I am not a good organizer and multitasker. So while you have all these awesome bloggers who have families to take care of and work full time and still have all this time to read and blog and they are super awesome people, I am not one of them. I procrastinate too much and I just haven't felt like reading recently, and I really am a good multitasker I swear!

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know. This isn't even a break its just a hey, I haven't been posting much thing. Also, I am going to be posting about my writing again here because I've decided to take a break from my co-blogging at Grace&Steele, which is the writing blog I started with a friend last year. I barely have time to post at all here and that blog has just kind been falling apart recently because neither of us has time to post. So, yes, expect writing posts and feel free to completely ignore them and I feel bad! Because it seems like more of my posts have been updates than reviews or anything else recently!

Feel free to tell me your organizing/multitasking extraordinaire secrets!

Also, have a dancing Batman because we all know it's my favorite Gif.

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  1. Um, I have no secrets. I am a mess? That's my secret ;) I feel you, though. It is so HARD trying to balance everything. I am really glad that you have been taking your writing so seriously! Honestly, that is kind of my fear: I will ONLY have time to write OR to blog, and I don't want to have to choose, although so far I have been choosing blogging, obviously. It's just that writing is pretty lonely work, and I am not really ready to give up the blogging community, you know?

    Anyway, I hope you are able to find your balance (if it even exists hahah) and I will look forward to when you are able to be around :)

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight