Thursday, July 2, 2015

How To Have Fun: NaNoWriMo Edition

Today, for fun, I thought I'd talk a little about NaNoWriMo. I know I've been posting a lot about writing, and I have even more posts in draft form all about writing but I'm in NaNoWriMo mode and I love it! There are some book related posts coming though, I promise.

During the months of Camp NaNoWriMo or regular NaNoWriMo there are many ways to have fun, there are cabins and Twiter is always a blast, however...I suck at talking on Twitter. I'll tweet, I'll browse through the NaNoWriMo and amwriting hashtags but usually I just have fun looking through everything.

Then there are word sprints which I love but tend to forget about... I'll literally start a word sprint(if I happen to be on Twitter at the right time which I hardly ever am) but then I'll get in the zone(auto zone, haha) and I'll just keep writing and writing, then I'll realize my phone's been beeping for five minutes and a new sprint has started... Oops.

There's also writing wars! Basically you and a friend or two try to see who can write the most in a longer period of time. Also fun but my aversion to actually talking to people I'm not at least slightly familiar with on Twitter makes this hard too...

So I like to set little challenges for myself!

I'm crazy in case you didn't know... Keep that in mind.

NaNoWriMo in itself is a challenge you set for yourself, but I like to go a step further.

So, when I first started writing I automatically thought that I would be really bad with a deadline, like having one would make sure I didn't meet it. Nobody tells me what to do! I was wrong. Self appointed deadlines are great for me and I like to go a little crazy with them for NaNO.

So, last July I challenged myself to write 50k in a week and this was HARD but so much FUN. And it turned me into, not a faster writer, but more disciplined. It made me spend more time a day writing which is how I crank out 10k when before I was lucky to get to 5.

It can be any kind of challenge! Maybe to write 2k in an hour! If you don't do it the first hour, take a break and try again. Keep going till you beat the challenge even if it takes you a week.

Or challenge yourself to write every single day this month if you usually don't - that's actually a good one for me, I always miss a day or two. Or just every day for a week to start out!

Challenge yourself to get ahead weeks 1 and 2 so if you fall behind later it's not as big a deal!

This started from my newest challenge which is to write all night. I know what you're thinking, what's hard about that??? Everything! Okay, I'm 19, with the proper amount of caffeine I can pull an all-nighter, Netflix proves that to me time and time again. The problem being, you don't have to think when marathon watching The Vampire Diaries beyond when the heck does Klaus come in!? You have to be at least mildly coherent to write.

Night 1. It was midnight, officially July 1st and I'd mistakenly listened to my mother when she said I didn't need any more caffeine(bad idea, I always need more caffiene!). So there I was, staring at my screen that just didn't have enough words yet. I write and write and my fingers are sluggish and it's just after 1! I think, okay, sleep for two hours, then write again. Set my alarm for four(because I'm lazy and two hours is not enough) pass out. Alarm goes off I get up, walk around, turn on the coffee pot, yawn and go back to bed...I told you I was lazy!

Night 2. I have everything planned out! I'll write till 1(I was up till 1:30), I'll eat copious amounts of sugar and buy a big box of Oreos, I'll even make some chocolate chip cookies(sugar free) for when I've clearly had too much sugar but can't stop snacking. The coffee is all in order, my Oreos are waiting next to my computer. It's all in order. I don't start writing till 11 but that's fine, I literally have all night! 1:30, I'm going pretty strong again, but it's time to sleep. Set alarm, climb in bed, turn Hobbit on. Pass out. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Hmm, that's weird, I don't hear my alarm but it looks lighter out... Glance at phone...6:30! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I was going to get up at 3:30! I wasn't going to go back to bed until Noon. I had such glorious plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was only supposed to sleep for two hours!

Challenge failed. =(

Challenge reaccepted. = I (that's my determined face...)

So I'm trying again tonight, with key differences. I will not rely on my phone's alarm because it betrayed me, stabbed me in the back and left me for dead! And I can't help but think I should be channeling the energy I'm using to write this post to write...too late. Anyway, then I shall only sleep for an hour, just enough to recharge, then it's up and writing again.

Okay, that's all I have. Challenge yourself! With reading too people! Tada, this post has officially been reading/book related. Wish me luck, I'll let you know this weekend with an update if I even complete this challenge. Also, if you're interested, keep an eye on my Twitter, I post a lot of random stuff for NaNo.

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