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Retelling The Story: Weekly Update #7

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The Books:
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Yay! One book! Hey, it's more than last week.

I'm kind of in a reading slump...and have been all month...

Recently On The Blog:

I talked all about Features, which ones I want to bring back and a few new ones I want to start.

I reviewed: It's About Love by Steve Camden

I started my new feature Random Inspiration, where I shared one of my favorite writing qoutes.


Next week is going to be kind of hectic and busy, but I am going to try my hardest to post a new Ship post and my review of Map To The Stars at the very least. Also, I'm going to try and catch up on comments because I am so behind again.

Currently Reading:


Tell me, how was your week? What are you currently reading??? Any new recommendations?

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#AmWriting Random Inspiration #1

Welcome to Random Inspiration! This is just a small feature I'm starting here where, whenever I feel like it, I will post a favorite quote or song or something encouraging, for inspiration! Some days it might be full posts but most the time just small little pieces of encouragement.

If you're here for bookish things, reviews and such, feel free to ignore this!

Check out my Twitter for more writing fun!

Shout out to Jillian and Shannon for convincing me not to try and do this every day, and Shannon for inspiring the name with her comment. Thanks, guys! =)

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ARC Review: It's About Love by Steven Camden


It's About Love
by Steven Camden 
Release date:
Format: ARC
Genre: YA Contemporary
Goodreads Link

Real life is messier than the movies. A bold, thought-provoking novel from the exceptionally talented, Steven Camden.
He's Luke. She's Leia.
Just like in Star Wars. Just like they’re made for each other. Same film studies course, different backgrounds, different ends of town.
Only this isn't a film. This is real life. This is where monsters from the past come back to take revenge. This is where you are sometimes the monster.
But real life? Sometimes, only sometimes, it turns out just like in the movies…
… maybe.
I received this book from the publisher through Edelweiss to review honestly

My Rating:


First, I have a gripe with this book, it doesn't really matter overall, but it annoyed me. Here it is: WHY LUKE AND LEIA???? Why!? They're brother and sister in Star Wars, dang it! Yes, there's that confusing scene where they kiss, but they're brother and sister! Let me be clear, the characters in this book do point that out, it's not as if the author completely ignored it, but it still annoys me. Mostly because this isn't the first time I've seen it and it's just a pet peeve.

On to the real review!

It's About Love follows Luke, a seventeen-year-old film student who wants nothing more than be a scriptwriter and make his own movie. Luke has a..completcated past involving a brother, Marc, in prison and a scar across his face.

Let's break it down, shall we?

The Writing:

Okay, I am in love with the writing in this book! It's amazing and unique and all the other words. Bits are written like an actual screenplay, which I loved. And so many quotable parts. *sigh*

The Plot:
There was a lot going on in this book. I loved all the side plots, with Luke's parents who are separated, Leia's brother who has a history not unlike Luke's, Luke's brother who's about to get out of prison. They were all done so well.

Then you have the main plot, you have Luke and Leia's romance, Luke's history, the screenplay they're writing together, and their awesome film teacher. Basically, this isn't your normal love story, there's so many little things going on, some much painful history and it's so well written! This book is about love - many different forms of it - but it's also about everything else.

The Characters:

This is where things took a turn for the worst for me. I didn't find myself drawn to really any of the main characters. So, Luke and Leia, I didn't like either, though I preferred Luke to Leia. There was just so much drama with them. Luke kind of flipped flopped and wasn't very likable, pushing away his friends and family. Leia was dramatic, and not in the book nearly enough.

The side characters, though! I loved them. I connected with them, I felt for them. Not for Luke and Leia. I loved Marc(Luke's brother) most of all, but also Luke's best friends and I wanted more of all of them. Less Luke and Leia.

The Ending:

The thing is, the "message", It's About Love and all that, kind of fell flat. The whole end did. The romance just wasn't...romance-y enough. I didn't really like Leia, she was too "the perfect girl" and kind of moody, if you ask me. I never really understood what they saw in each other which ruins romance for me and by default, the whole "It's About Love" point of the story.

There were twists though! What with Luke's brother, who just got out of prison for something that involved Luke(no spoilers here!), and the backstory wasn't something you see a lot, which I loved. I loved the side characters, I loved the family dynamics, and how that all ended. It was perfect. The romance is what really made the book drop in my opinion.

The Romance:

SO MUCH DRAMA. Luke doesn't want to like Leia at first, then they kind of do, then things happen and she won't talk to him. Which, I understood, a smidge, but really? It felt like she was overacting. And the end fell short because of it. I mean, why was Luke even trying so hard to get her back, she wasn't that great!

Overall: This was a good read, I fell for the writing and side characters. Unfortunately, I didn't fall for the main characters which impeded my enjoyment of this one.

Would I Recommend This? Sure.
To Whom? People who love a good story but don't need compelling romance and characters in contemporary.
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Probably.

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I love features, guys! I try so hard, I come up with a bunch that I think are pretty awesome. And then I fail at posting. =(

And I don't give up, I plan on coming back to them...and I don't.

I want to get better again though! I'm working on reviving Ships I Don't Ship, Ships I DO Ship, and Bookish Mind Control. I'm also trying to start a few more! These will be writing related.

The first is kind of a weird, big challenge and I want your opinion on it. I'm worried it might bug you. I'm calling it Daily Dose and I want to post it every day, with just a small "Daily Dose" of inspiration. Mostly for writers but it could be adapted to anything. Just little quotes or my own little bout of advice. But, I'm worried it could be annoying, posting every day? My plan is, on days that I have real posts, reviews and everything, to just post Daily Dose first so the review is first up on the page. But I don't know, would this annoy you? Because I could come up with something better probably.

The second is Writer Confessions. Once a month I will confess something about writing, like how I love editing. =)

So yeah. I'm hoping to do every feature once a month. But we will see. Also, I'm going to be looking for guest bloggers for both Ships I Don't Ship and Ships I DO Ship, so if you'd be interested please stay tuned for that.


So I'd love you opinion, especially on Daily Dose, would it annoy you to have something nonreading related posted every day? And let me know your secrets to keeping up with features!

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Retelling The Story Weekly Update #6

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The Sunday Post Stacking the Shelves
Sunday Post hosted over at Caffeinated Book Reviewer & Stacking The Shelves Hosted by Tynga's Reviews

All the things:
So I've been kind of AWOL, like so AWOL I didn't even know I had a post scheduled for Monday, it was a surprise. It seems just when I start getting back to posting more frequently, I completely fail. =(

No excuses, I'm basically failing everything blogging and reading related, but I'm working on it! I've been editing and nothing else. I also entered this writing contest of a sort(I feel like contest is the wrong word...) called Pitch Wars which makes me excited and ANXIOUS!

I did make the most epic of cupcakes, at least they're the best I've ever made. Here's pictures! My mom had book club Thursday and they've kind of grown addicted to my baking, which is awesome. I had to make something and I wanted to experiment with real vanilla beans and ermahgerd. So good. I also found my own secret ingredient recently that makes all my sugar-free creations so much better!

Music wise, I'm obsessed with some specific rap at the moment, don't ask. I blame my brother. But also, I found a new theme song for myself: Hall Of Fame by The Script, it's so freaking inspiring. Here, listen for yourself.

The Books:
Ummm. yeah. I was doing ARC August but I've failed.... I've only read 3!! I did get a few new books but haven't really read much, recently.


Recently On The Blog:
From the last two weeks.

Mortal Heart - which I LOVED.
What You Left Behind - which is another amazing book.
Cut Both Ways - which I very much disliked and stars the SUPREME DOUCHEBAG as the main character.

I also talked about my Ultimate Book Boyfriend. 

I'm working on getting back on track with blogging so we will see!

Currently Reading:

Also, real fast, I want to call out Shannon(It Starts At Midnight)Inge (@Bookshelf Reflections), and Kayla (@The Thousand Lives)'s event, Shattering Stigmas. It's been happening for the last two weeks, it's almost over, but it is seriously awesome and amazing, so if you haven't you MUST check it out. =)

Tell me, how was your week? What are you currently reading??? Any new recommendations?

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My Ultimate Book Boyfriend

So...everyone has one(at least). A book boyfriend(or girlfriend) Ie.: a fictional character you are completely in love with and every time you realize they aren't real, you die a little on the inside.

Now, chances are, you have more than one. but we all know there is such a thing as "THE ONE". The book boyfriend/girlfriend you love more than all the others. The one that, if you could pick any character, have them be real, and marry them, that's who you would pick.

Who's mine?


15745753Park from Eleanor&Park.

The moment I knew: The first time he put on eyeliner. Yes, I loved him before, but that moment? It was official. I was gone


Here's a pro-con list, why I love him, why we can't be together.

  • He's sweet.
  • He loves music.
  • He's not afraid to be who he is(for the most part).
  • He has dark hair and wears black but he's not a bad boy, he's not goth, he's just him. (I'm all for the punk/goth look, not gonna lie)
  • HE WEARS EYELINER. (I love guys who wear eyeliner, obviously)
  • He reads comics, which leads one to believe he is a nerd(I also love nerds).
  • He's basically everything I'm looking for in a significant other.

  • He has a girlfriend and apparently likes redheads(Which I've been because I dye it, maybe he's into blue hair too?)
  • He was 16 in 1986(? I think) so there's kind of an age difference....

Obviously, we're perfect for each other! If only he was real... brb. Sobbing.

Quotes From Eleanor and Park:

“I want everyone to meet you. You're my favorite person of all time.” 

“What are the chances you’d ever meet someone like that? he wondered. Someone you could love forever, someone who would forever love you back? And what did you do when that person was born half a world away? The math seemed impossible.” 

“You can be Han Solo," he said, kissing her throat. "And I'll be Boba Fett. I'll cross the sky for you.” 

“Nothing was dirty. With Park.
Nothing could be shameful.
Because Park was the sun, and that was the only way Eleanor could think to explain it.”

Well, there you go. The one reason why I'll never have true love in real life. I was meant to be with a fictional character. *sigh*

YOUR TURN! Who's "The One" for you? Tell me in the comments below or go ahead and make your own post(just link back here, please).

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#PimpMyBio Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

So, I decided to try my chances at Pitch Wars, read all about it here.

For this post, I'm going to share a fun bio about me, in the hopes of making more writing friends in other mentees, and convincing mentors that I'm a good pick! Pimp My Bio is awesome and you can check it all out HERE!

It sounded like a lot of fun and I probably put more thought than necessary into mine, but here it is! My bio takes two different forms, the first is a nutrition label all about my writing and reading and general awesome-ness, in stat form that might not make the most sense. The second is an episode guide to the mini series of my life! Haha, hope you enjoy and all you followers who only care about my book reviews and other shenanigans, feel free to skip this but it's really fun, I promise!

 Basically, I'm looking for someone to be the Dr. Cox to my J.D. (I hope someone gets that reference).

Ideas: Shay's Life Story, A Mini-Seriesin the hopes of mak

Episode 1: The Early Years. Born in 1996 she was her families only hope, for they'd had two boys before her when all they wanted was a daughter. Flashforward: lots of playing, fighting, dropping out of school at ten(to be homeschooled!). Shay always wanted to be a writer(except those darks years when the stars(literal stars in the sky) stole her heart).
Bonus scene: Age eight, writing the first chapter of a billion little stories(mostly staring soccer players with one memorable horror story) with her bro A.

Episode 2: Finding Her Muse. 11 years old, she reads Percy Jackson for the first time and falls in love with books. 13, she decides there's nothing in the world she wants more than to live in a world of fantasy, therefore she shall be a writer! When she's 14, she listens to Taylor Swift's Long Live for the first time and gets her first real story idea!
Bonus scene: running around a million Targets to get a copy of Speak Now that doesn't skip on Long Live. The whole time, the idea, tickles the back of her mind, not yet fully formed.

Episode 3: The First Book. 16 now, after spending two years simply outlining the world for her novel, Shay's older brother, A, finally convinces her to write the dang book! She does. It involves lots of characters, a magical world, and dragons. The first in a five book series.
Bonus scene: Stuttering whenever someone asked her when her book was about: "Um. It's about...dragons?"

Episode 4: The Writing Continues. After writing 2 more books(and taking part in her first ever NaNoWriMo!) Shay queries her first novel. Flashforward six months and two more books later: she realizes the premise of that first book? Amazing. The follow through? Horrible. It's a mess! She stops querying it.
Bonus scene: July Camp NaNo of 2014 and the month of writing SO MANY THINGS.

Episode 5: Turning To Contemporary. Shay's 18 now, has written five books, and decides to delve into her second bookish love: contemporary. Spends one month writing and editing Friendzone(a cliche but, in her opinion, much loved book) and falls in love with writing the genre. She also submits it to Swoonreads, gets good feedback, but nothing comes of it.
Bonus scene: writing her first collab book with an awesome writer and creating one of her favorite characters!

Episode 6: Where It All Leads. November 2014, NaNoWriMo. An idea with a premise long in the making solidified during endless hours of house sitting. 100,000 words in 1 month and a story she believes in more than even that first novel(which is still her baby). Then: 4 months of revising and editing. 3 months of querying. 1 request for a full synopsis that leads to the best advice she could've gotten and a complete rewrite. Then? More revising and editing!
Bonus scene: the mental break downs she had writing this one.

Commentary: Amidst all of the editing, Shay manages to write 3 more books and outline countless. Of course, she doesn't edit these because there's too many IDEAS!

Stay tuned for a *hopeful* season two!

All you other hopeful mentees feel free to chat with me in the comments, I really want to make some new writing friends(I'm not as desperate as that sounds...for the most part). Also, follow my Twitter and we can be nervously anticipating the mentor picks together!

If your life was turned into a mini-series, what would it be called???? I'm sticking with IDEAS. =)

#Review Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

Song Of The Moment- It Ends Tonight by All-American Rejects

20522640Mortal Heart
by Robin LaFevers
Release date: 11/4/14
Format: Hardcover
Genre: YA Historical Fiction
Goodreads Link

Annith has watched her gifted sisters at the convent come and go, carrying out their dark dealings in the name of St. Mortain, patiently awaiting her own turn to serve Death. But her worst fears are realized when she discovers she is being groomed by the abbess as a Seeress, to be forever sequestered in the rock and stone womb of the convent. Feeling sorely betrayed, Annith decides to strike out on her own.
She has spent her whole life training to be an assassin. Just because the convent has changed its mind doesn't mean she has...

My Rating:


I don't even know where to start! So this one doesn't quite pick up right where Dark Triumph ended, in fact, it's a little confusing about when and where in the storyline the beginning of this takes place. Sometime around where Grave Mercy meets Dark Triumph? Either way, we have another of Death's Handmaidens, Annith, who's been at the convent the longest and does not understand why she hasn't been sent out on assignment yet. She's growing very frustrated about this and so decides to take matters into her own hands.

Basically, this was an epic ending to the series and I don't know why I waited so long to read it. If you're a fan of the His Fair Assassin books then you should not be disappointed with this one. Once again, we have an amazing, strong-willed, and badass main character, Annith, who we've seen and heard bits and pieces of in the first two books and now it's FINALLY time for her to step into the spotlight. There's romance(*swoon*), mystery, intrigue, deceit, and all that lovely stuff.

So many mixed feelings. There were just SO. MANY. TWISTS. Some I saw coming, some I guessed at and was partially right and some were kind of strange. I don't want to do spoilers so all I will say is, I'm very conflicted on how I feel about the romance in this one. I shipped it, as much as I shipped Ismae and Duval, and Sybella and Beast, but was weird? Like, please, can we talk about this somewhere it won't spoil people??? I don't know what to feel!

Two things. One, parts were a bit...oddly paced and worded and explained and I'm having trouble explaining. For instance, she meets the hellequins(other followers of Mortain but those who are dead and seek redemption) and doesn't believe what they are 'cause they don't match what she's been told. Fine. But then, a paragraph later it's suddenly become a fact that they're hellequins. Like, what?

Two, the beginning. It's slow and kind of boring. It's all necessary but it makes it kind of hard to get into at first. I enjoyed most of the stuff that happened in the beginning, I wasn't completely bored out of my mind, but I didn't get really invested until almost 200 pages in.  Again, you quickly see it's necessary just slow. 

Basically though, this was an awesome ending to this series. The end was amazing and I loved seeing everything come together and seeing Ismae and Sybella and Beast and Duval and the writing! Amazing. I legitimately could not stop smiling when I finished it and yes. Read this series. Right now. Even if you don't like historical fiction because I hate historical fiction but THESE BOOKS MAN!

Would I Recommend This? YES.
Who To? Anyone who half-way liked the other two books? Whole series to every fantasy lover.
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Yup.

What's the last series ender you read and completely loved?

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Sunday Street Team: What You Left Behind by Jessica Verdi Review + Giveaway

20933641What You Left Behind
by Jessica Verdi
Release date: Aug 4
Format: ARC
Genre: YA Contemporary
Goodreads Link

Jessica Verdi, the author of My Life After Now and The Summer I Wasn’t Me, returns with a heartbreaking and poignant novel of grief and guilt that reads like Nicholas Sparks for teens.
It’s all Ryden’s fault. If he hadn’t gotten Meg pregnant, she would have never stopped her chemo treatments and would still be alive. Instead he’s failing fatherhood one dirty diaper at a time. And it’s not like he’s had time to grieve while struggling to care for their infant daughter, start his senior year, and earn the soccer scholarship he needs to go to college.
The one person who makes Ryden feel like his old self is Joni. She’s fun and energetic—and doesn’t know he has a baby. But the more time they spend together, the harder it becomes to keep his two worlds separate. Finding one of Meg’s journals only stirs up old emotions. Ryden’s convinced Meg left other notebooks for him to find, some message to help his new life make sense. But how is he going to have a future if he can’t let go of the past?
“Ryden’s story is a moving illustration of how sometimes you have to let go of the life you planned to embrace the life you’ve been given. A strong, character-driven story that teen readers will love.”—Carrie Arcos, National Book Award Finalist for Out of Reach

*I received this book from the publisher through Sunday Street Team to review honestly*

My Rating:


What You Left Behind is a very strong and well-written book about a difficult subject, teen pregnancy. It's not just about that though, it's also about learning to accept the things that happen in your life even if they aren't things you ever expected and it's not quite the life you wanted. It's about learning to grow up way too fast and life and love and death. It's about a lot of stuff and it's so freaking realistic. Seriously.

Basically, this book follows Ryden, super star soccer player on his way to getting a full ride to play at UCLA, and new father. Six months before the book starts, Hope is born and Meg(Ryden's girlfriend who decided to forgo chemo to keep the baby) died. Ryden's about to go back to school and has no idea what he's doing, he thinks finding his own father will somehow give him the secret to being a good one. He's also kind of obsessed with finding a series of journals he thinks Meg left for him.

I have mixed feelings about this book and I'll explain it as best I can but first let me say this is such a good book. It's so well written and I love Jessica Verdi for the fact that she never ever shies away from the hard stuff. I'm not into teen pregnancy books, I tend to stay away from them, so you know, that should tell you some about my reading this one.

A Few Of My Favorite Things:

- First and foremost this book is so freaking realistic. I mean, Ryden's a fuckup(his words, not mine) and has basically no idea what he is doing. he's pretty selfish and really just wants his life to go back to the way it was. He also feels extremely guilty, thinking it's his fault for getting Meg pregnant and her dying. There were times I hated Ryden for being selfish but, I mean, that's what makes it realistic. What teenage boy(or girl) who suddenly finds themselves a single parent at seventeen isn't going to want to be selfish sometimes?

- Um., the's amazing. Seriously! How does this author write such good characters? Tell me your secrets! Told from Ryden's POV it's one of the best male POV YA books I've read. Not only did she capture the male POV perfectly but she threw in some amazingly quotable lines too!

- Hope. Sometimes I thought Ryden was a douche for not wanting to spend time with Hope and always handing her off to other people. But overall, the relationship between the baby and him was my favorite, second only to the relationship he had with his mom.

- Parents! There is an actual real parent in this book(besides Ryden). Ryden's mom is like the coolest, she had Ryden at a young age and has always been there for him. Some mom's might freak out when they find out their seventeen-year-old son got his sick girlfriend pregnant but not her! They had such a fantastic relationship and that's something that is so majorly missing in most YA.

- Side characters. All the side characters were awesome, especially Alan(Meg's best friend) and Mabel(Meg's sister).

- Sex positive! Just saying, some people love that.

- Mysteries and twists. Not gonna lie, there were a few things I didn't see coming.

A Few Of My Not So Favorite Things:

- Ryden. He was selfish(realistically so, when so much bad crappy shit happens of course you're not going to be perfectly okay with it right away!) and kind of annoying. I could appreciate where he was coming from and I'm not going to say anyone(including myself) would handled the situation better he just got on my nerves. I didn't like the insta-love between him and Meg and him and the love interest. And beside the very beginning and the end I never really felt like he cared a ton about Hope.

- Insta-love alert! I have to say, I was really hoping he wasn't going to fall in love. I really just wanted this book to be about him and Hope. Okay, it's not a fault of the book that I didn't get what I want, but there was insta love. Him and Meg definitely felt insta lovey and even more so with the new love interest.

Overall: The downsides in mentioned I freely admit are due to personal preference. It's like just because something is realistic doesn't mean you have to like it. I have the upmost appreciation for this whole book and the characters and the problems. But I didn't like Ryden. Having said that, I definitely don't regret reading this book and I do recommend it.

Would I Recommend This? Yup.
To Whom? Fans of Jessica Verdi, and fans of any YA Contemporary that deals with these kind of hard topics. I would not recommend to the fluffy lovers out there.
Will I read more from this author? Most definitely.

About the Author:
Jessica Verdi lives in Brooklyn, NY, and received her MFA in Writing for Children from The New School. She loves seltzer, Tabasco sauce, TV, vegetarian soup, flip-flops, and her dog. Visit her at and follow her on Twitter @jessverdi.

Don't forget to check out Sunday Street Team!

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ARC Review: Cut Both Ways by Carrie Mesrobian

Song Of The Moment- Bite My Tongue by You Me At Six

23718736Cut Both Ways
by Carrie Mesrobian
Release date: September 1, 2015
Format: ARC
Genre: YA Contemporary
Goodreads Link

Will Caynes never has been good with girls. At seventeen, he’s still waiting for his first kiss. He’s certainly not expecting it to happen in a drunken make-out session with his best friend, Angus. But it does and now Will’s conflicted—he knows he likes girls, but he didn’t exactly hate kissing a guy.
Then Will meets Brandy, a cute and easy-to-talk-to sophomore. He’s totally into her too—which proves, for sure, that he’s not gay. So why does he keep hooking up with Angus on the sly?
Will knows he can’t keep seeing both of them, but besides his new job in a diner, being with Brandy and Angus are the best parts of his whole messed-up life. His divorced parents just complicate everything. His father, after many half-baked business ventures and endless house renovations, has started drinking again. And his mom is no help—unless loading him up with a bunch of stuff he doesn’t need plus sticking him with his twin half-sisters counts as parenting. He’s been bouncing between both of them for years, and neither one feels like home.
Deciding who to love, who to choose, where to live. Whichever way Will goes, someone will get hurt. Himself, probably the most.

I received this book from the publisher through Edelweiss to review honestly

WARNING: Mature content in this book and likewise talked about in this review. Recommended age 17+
Also, minor spoilers!

My Rating:

 1 Star


This book follows 17-year-old Will or The Supreme Douchebag. Will's never kissed anyone and he definitely wasn't expecting his first kiss to be with his best friend Angus, who is gay. Will doesn't think he's gay, but he does like kissing Angus. Angus is not a supreme douchebag, but his character is as well developed as a blank piece of paper, ditto to Brandy, Will's first girlfriend. See Will act like a douche, see Will sleep around, see Will get moody, don't see Will grow as a character.

I had high hopes for this book, because the premise? Amazing. I actually did enjoying reading this, being snarky in my own head, leaving myself all kinds of notes for the book, it was loads of fun. Now, I get that teenage guys think about sex but that doesn't mean a male characters whole personality has to revolve around it. Seriously, Will's personality begins and ends with wanting it.

I respect the idea of this book, the look into sexuality and being bisexual, just the fact that the author purposely never put the word bisexual in the novel. But I was very disappointed with the execution. Because really it wasn't a book about a boy who's in love with his girlfriend and his best friend who also happens to be a guy, it was about a 17 year old, very pretentious boy who's addicted to sex. There are no relationships beyond the physical. I felt so bad for Brandy, who's two years younger than him and clearly in love with him while having no idea that all he cares about is using her. Sure it's implied that he loves her but really all he cares about is that she makes him feel better about himself. In any part of the book where Brandy was upset Will was only complaining that he had to deal with it. He bought her things because he felt guilty for sleeping with Angus and when she had a pregnancy scare because obviously THAT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER.

There was no character or relationship development. I felt like Will was flip-flopping so much in the beginning, he seemed like a nice guy and then he started throwing all this slang around and I literally had to stop because I was so confused. He goes from having never kissed anyone to meeting Brandy and one day later having intercourse with her and then cheating on her with his best friend while being all stuck up about the fact that he's not gay. Literally there was no relationship built on anything else. Even his best friend who's been his friend for years, there's a few sweet parts, a little development but nowhere near enough. And nothing happens in the end! I can respect an open ending, but I didn't feel like Will learned or grew at all. It kind of just ended... Even an open ending needs to have a reason to be open. SOMETHING HAS TO HAVE HAPPENED IN THE BOOK. But NO.

Let's recap:

  • Will only cares about sex. Going so far as to complain that he has to be there for Brandy when she's upset.
  • Will is a douche.
  • Will doesn't want to be seen as gay, he is very adamant about this. Will says he's okay with people being gay but is embarrassed that people may think he is.
  • Will might love Angus, but it's hard to tell.
  • Will is pretentious. Will doesn't like school, Will likes to work, Will is so misunderstood, so UNHAPPY, and is better than everyone else.
  • Will hates being poor even though he's really not that poor and hates shopping at Walmart because only poor people shop at Walmart, apparently.
  • I really really hate Will.

I wanted to put in some actual examples but you know, uncorrected advance copy and all, just gets annoying. Sample though, Will thinks that maybe you know you're in love when someone gives you something you don't deserve, that something being sex. Yup. He also doesn't give a shit about electronics and is probably the only guy that doesn't, in his opinion.

Overall this book is about Will having sex and the few things that happen in between him sleeping with his girlfriend and his best friend. It's not horribly written but nothing outstanding. There's no character development for Will or anyone else. Will is the supreme douchebag. I don't know what the moral of this story was supposed to be but I obviously missed it, along with the plot.

Would I Recommend This? Nope.
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Nope

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Retelling The Story: Weekly Recap #5: ARC August

I am linking up with these two epic memes:

The Sunday Post Stacking the Shelves
Sunday Post hosted over at Caffeinated Book Reviewer & Stacking The Shelves Hosted by Tynga's Reviews

Recently In real Life:
This week was fairly normal. I started editing and um, writerly confession: I kind of love editing. I know most say it's the worst, and yes, it can suck, but I love it.

I saw a couple movies, Southpaw and the new Terminator, both were really good but Southpaw's beginning was kind of boring.

The Books read:

I didn't get anything new but here's the few I read:

It wasn't quite as good of a reading week as it might seem, I was already half done with The Nightmare Dilemma and ended up DNF-ing Nightmare Charade. I'm not reviewing it because really the only reason I didn't finish it is that it's been forever since I read the first and it made it hard to get into the second and then impossible to get into the third. It's About Love will be reviewed soon, Fear Street eventually(I read it simply because I couldn't hold off any longer!)

arc august update:
Technically one was a DNF but it was still on the list so I'm counting it for ARC August.

I read Fear Street: The Lost Girl, It's About Love, and The Nightmare Charade(kind of).

Don't know what ARC August is? 
 It's an even hosted by Read Sleep Repeat and you can check out their post here and join in on the fun

Recently On The Blog:

I reviewed Made You Up, which I loved!

I talked all about some series I'm considering giving up on.

And I shared an excerpt/giveaway for The Nightmare Charade.

Umm. I think last week I mentioned the return of an old feature(about ships), so I'm still working on that. I'll probably post a review and a post about editing...and who really knows? Monday I will be posting a review for a book I didn't like, preview I've dubbed the main character the Supreme Douchebag, so look out for that. ;)

Currently Reading:

I'm slow with the reading right now, and I was behind on some review books but at the moment I'm still reading:8433500 and about to start:20933641

How was your week? What are you currently reading??? Have you seen any good movies recently??? Any new recommendations???

Friday, August 7, 2015

Excerpt + Giveaway: The Nightmare Charade by Mindee Arnett

Displaying thenightmarecharadecover.jpgThe Nigthmare Charade
by Mindee Arnett
Series: Arkwell Academy #3
Release date: August 4th 2015
Publisher: Tor Teen
Purchase: Amazon | B&N
Goodreads Link

The final installment in a thrilling fantastical mystery series.
Sixteen-year-old Dusty Everhart breaks into houses late at night, but not because she’s a criminal. No, she’s a Nightmare. Literally. Dusty is a magical being who feeds on human dreams.
Being the only Nightmare at Arkwell Academy, a boarding school for magickind, and living in the shadow of her mother’s infamy is hard enough, not to mention the crazy events of the past year. Dusty may have saved the day, but there are many days left in the year, and with an old foe back to seek revenge, she'll need all her strength to defeat him and save her friends. 
Mindee Arnett thrills again in this stunning final installment in the Arkwell Academy series.

Displaying TheNightmareCharadeblogtour.png

Welcome to my stop on The Nightmare Charade blog tour! Make sure to follow the tour here, and read the except/enter the giveaway below!

Last Kiss

   I had no idea that the first kiss would be the last.
  The last free one that was, the only one Eli and I didn’t have to steal or keep hidden like some terrible secret.
  No, I had no idea what was coming as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and reapplied my cherry lip gloss for the fourth time.
  “You know, Dusty,” Selene said from outside the door where she was hanging posters on the wall of our new dorm room, two floors up from our old one. “Despite what the packaging might claim, I don’t think it’s actually possible to increase the size of your lips by putting on layers.”
  Suppressing a nervous laugh, I turned and stepped out into the living room portion of the suite. We were juniors this year, and that meant a larger dorm, complete with a private bathroom. Selene and I had plans to burn our old shower shoes in a celebratory ritual this weekend.
  I fixed her with the most serious stare I could manage. “Are you sure? This is magic lip gloss, you know.”
  Selene snorted. “I don’t believe you.” She held out her hand, and I set the lipstick canister on her palm. She turned it over in her fingers, and then raised it to eye level to read the label.
  “This is in French.”
  “That’s because I bought it in Paris.” The memory brought a fleeting grin to my face. Despite the emotional challenges I’d faced during my summer vacation spent touring Europe—being cut off from my friends; stuck with only my mother for company; and most especially, going weeks on end without a single word from the literal boy of my dreams, Eli Booker—the physical experience had been fun. The lip balm was an impromptu purchase at a little shop called the Incantorium Emporium. It was the kind of place that only served magickind. Probably a good thing, given its location inside a secret alcove in the Paris catacombs. Nothing said magical and charming like a bunch of skeletons.
  “So I gathered,” Selene said with a hint of envy in her voice. Her summer hadn’t been quite as exotic, although I would’ve traded places with her in a hot second. She’d spent the last eleven weeks hanging out with her boyfriend—late-night strolls by the lake, trips to the movies, not to mention hours of kissing, or so I guessed. Even if Selene were the kind of girl to make out and tell, she wouldn’t have chosen me as her confidant. Partially because I wasn’t thrilled about her reconciliation with my sometimes tormenter and regular jackass Lance Rathbone, but mostly because she knew all too well how little kissing I’d been doing lately.
  A situation that was about to change.
  A flock of butterflies took flight inside my stomach. I fought to keep the tremor out of my voice, my words coming rapidly. “Yeah, the shop owner told me it has an amore charm on it. At least, that’s what I thought he said. His accent was pretty thick, and I don’t think he liked me at all. He was a Mors demon and you know how they feel about Nightmares. I mean, then again, pretty much everybody hates Night—”
  “Dusty.” Selene grabbed my shoulders and gave me a shake. “You’re babbling.”
  I gulped, trying to settle the butterflies, but they only increased their frenzy, becoming hummingbirds instead, wings on turbo speed. “Sorry. I can’t help it. I’m nervous.”
  Selene smiled. The gesture was so radiant it made my head spin, and for a second the hummingbirds froze, stunned by an unexpected onslaught of bliss. That was the trouble with having a siren for a best friend—random moments of dazedness. Not that it was her fault. She couldn’t help being beautiful and mesmerizing. No more than I could help the way my eyes glow in the dark, an aspect of my Nightmare heritage. At the moment, however, I had a feeling Selene wasn’t aware of just how much more dazzling she was being than normal. I suspected it might have something to do with Lance.
  “You’ve no reason to be nervous,” Selene said, her smile easing enough to make the radiance tolerable. “You look beautiful.”
  I shook my head and stepped back. “It’s not that. It’s…” I broke off, searching for the right words. Looks weren’t the problem. I didn’t feel beautiful, exactly, but I knew I was looking nice, slightly above my average state. My makeup was even and natural, and I’d managed to convince my frizzy red hair to lie flat for once with some help from Magick Madam’s Hair Pomade, another purchase from the Incantorium Emporium. Outfit wise, I’d opted for a pair of low-rise designer jeans and a pale pink knit top, the kind that hangs loose around the shoulders, that my mom bought me from a boutique in Italy.
  No, looks weren’t the problem.
  Time was.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Displaying MINDEEARNETT.jpgYA Author of THE NIGHTMARE AFFAIR, a contemporary fantasy coming March 5, 2013 from Tor Teen (Macmillan) and AVALON, a YA sci-fi thriller coming Winter 2014 from Balzer+Bray (HarperCollins). Represented by the fabulous Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary. Addicted to jumping horses and telling tales of magic, the macabre, and outer space.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Series I'm ~Considering~ Giving Up On

Sooo. There are a few series that I'm just not sure I'm ever going to finish. Whether it's because I didn't love the first book or have heard the end is horrible, I just don't really feel the need to finish them. That's not to say I'm completely giving up hope, maybe I'll decide to finish them one day or who knows, maybe you can convince me!

Mortal Instruments:


So this series and I go way back, like before there were prequels and another three books. It was kind of my Twilight, my guilty pleasure teen paranormal romance books. I read them when I was like thirteen and, you know, I was thirteen so I loved them. And then it was announced there was going to be more and I...wasn't excited. The series had ended! It was over! What was left?

I did break down and buy the first prequel, which I enjoyed but didn't love? So I bought the fourth Mortal Instruments because I let myself get sweeped up in the excitement and hype but I didn't like it. and I know, everyone says the prequels are better, but I'm just not invested in them! And I bought them all, including books five and six of the real series, but like, I want to know what becomes of Magnus and Alec but...besides that? Not really interested? The thing is though, I really want to read the new ones! You know, um, whatever they're called, the next trilogy? And I want to love these books, so badly, but I kind of don't?

The Grisha:


Sooo, I read the first and part of the second. And I liked the first but didn't quite love it? and now, eh, I've heard mixed things, I know my ship sinks, and I'm just not all that much in a hurry to finish.

The Darkest Minds:


Hmm..this one's complicated. Again, I read the first, liked but didn't love. I tried to start the second but honestly, I didn't remember much about book 1 I couldn't get into it(in the books defense I only read about a chapter) and I'm just not dying to finish it, you know? It's not calling to me, read me, read me.



This is obvious, right? I've always had a love-hate relationship with these books, in part because when it first started getting popular and everyone was all, it's better than Hunger Games! And I'm like, say what?

Are you kidding me?

Then in my mind the book had a complex, it thought it was better than Hunger Games and Hunger Games was my first YA love and I was protective as fuck. So yeah, I did love books one and two, I was super excited for three. I got it the day it came out, but I was reading it really slowly because I was moving that week and somewhere around the middle, I just got bored. I was also afraid to finish it. Then, I was spoiled. Now... My mom read it, and she told me it's still good and I should read it, but again, maybe eventually? But it's not calling to me.

Also, am I the only person who's always hated Four with a passion???

So! Are there any series you're not sure you're going to finish or are you a series finisher through and through? Also, of course, which of these am I being completely dense about, that I must read right now?