Sunday, August 23, 2015


I love features, guys! I try so hard, I come up with a bunch that I think are pretty awesome. And then I fail at posting. =(

And I don't give up, I plan on coming back to them...and I don't.

I want to get better again though! I'm working on reviving Ships I Don't Ship, Ships I DO Ship, and Bookish Mind Control. I'm also trying to start a few more! These will be writing related.

The first is kind of a weird, big challenge and I want your opinion on it. I'm worried it might bug you. I'm calling it Daily Dose and I want to post it every day, with just a small "Daily Dose" of inspiration. Mostly for writers but it could be adapted to anything. Just little quotes or my own little bout of advice. But, I'm worried it could be annoying, posting every day? My plan is, on days that I have real posts, reviews and everything, to just post Daily Dose first so the review is first up on the page. But I don't know, would this annoy you? Because I could come up with something better probably.

The second is Writer Confessions. Once a month I will confess something about writing, like how I love editing. =)

So yeah. I'm hoping to do every feature once a month. But we will see. Also, I'm going to be looking for guest bloggers for both Ships I Don't Ship and Ships I DO Ship, so if you'd be interested please stay tuned for that.


So I'd love you opinion, especially on Daily Dose, would it annoy you to have something nonreading related posted every day? And let me know your secrets to keeping up with features!


  1. To be honest, I remember making features last May or June, BUT OMG I HAVE NEVER DONE ANY OF THEM YET. *le faints* *le collapses* (Who even says that nowadays??) Anyway, I love new ideas of making brand new features! I suggest not doing Daily Dose a daily thing because it's hard keeping up with it everyday. I remember trying to do this thing everyday at my blog, but I never kept up with it. Just a suggestion, but I think the idea of doing them weekly instead might make it a little easier and burden-free :D

    I love the Writer's Confessions, though! That's the one I'm most excited for, haha. So excited to see these things happening for real soon! (And please do keep up with the Writer's Confessions because I'd love to know!) :)

    1. Haha. I'm the same way! I get all the ideas for features and I love them but then... Nothing happens. Thanks for the feedback, I'm definitely considering once a week, for some reason that had never actually crossed my mind... Oops. True, like right now it sounds simple, a quote a day but as soon as I get super busy it's not going to seem so easy anymore!

      I've already written like three Writer's Confession posts and have them scheduled plus a list of further ideas! I'm also really excited for it, and I'm only posting one a month so, at the very least, I already have three months done! =) I'm glad you're excited for them!

  2. I agree with Jillian- I feel like it would drive you insane to do it every single day! I like the weekly idea- or even random, so you don't "have to" to it- what about like "surprise snippets"? Then you can post a few of them, maybe with a few cute graphics?

    The writer's confession is AWESOME though- I think a lot of people would love that too! AND YES TO SHIPS. You know I am in ;)
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Yeah, at frist I thought it would be easy, a quote a day, now I'm not so sure. I love the idea of it being random though, then I can do more than one in a week and don't have to feel guilty when I forget it! Also, cute graphics are a must. =)

      I'm really excited for Writer's Confession so I hope people love it. It's actually one I already have posts done for too! And yay! I was hoping you'd say that about Ships! It's the one I want to revive the most and I think having guest posts is going to be lots of fun if I can get it off the ground. Thanks for your thoughts/help, Shannon! =)