Monday, August 17, 2015

#PimpMyBio Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

So, I decided to try my chances at Pitch Wars, read all about it here.

For this post, I'm going to share a fun bio about me, in the hopes of making more writing friends in other mentees, and convincing mentors that I'm a good pick! Pimp My Bio is awesome and you can check it all out HERE!

It sounded like a lot of fun and I probably put more thought than necessary into mine, but here it is! My bio takes two different forms, the first is a nutrition label all about my writing and reading and general awesome-ness, in stat form that might not make the most sense. The second is an episode guide to the mini series of my life! Haha, hope you enjoy and all you followers who only care about my book reviews and other shenanigans, feel free to skip this but it's really fun, I promise!

 Basically, I'm looking for someone to be the Dr. Cox to my J.D. (I hope someone gets that reference).

Ideas: Shay's Life Story, A Mini-Seriesin the hopes of mak

Episode 1: The Early Years. Born in 1996 she was her families only hope, for they'd had two boys before her when all they wanted was a daughter. Flashforward: lots of playing, fighting, dropping out of school at ten(to be homeschooled!). Shay always wanted to be a writer(except those darks years when the stars(literal stars in the sky) stole her heart).
Bonus scene: Age eight, writing the first chapter of a billion little stories(mostly staring soccer players with one memorable horror story) with her bro A.

Episode 2: Finding Her Muse. 11 years old, she reads Percy Jackson for the first time and falls in love with books. 13, she decides there's nothing in the world she wants more than to live in a world of fantasy, therefore she shall be a writer! When she's 14, she listens to Taylor Swift's Long Live for the first time and gets her first real story idea!
Bonus scene: running around a million Targets to get a copy of Speak Now that doesn't skip on Long Live. The whole time, the idea, tickles the back of her mind, not yet fully formed.

Episode 3: The First Book. 16 now, after spending two years simply outlining the world for her novel, Shay's older brother, A, finally convinces her to write the dang book! She does. It involves lots of characters, a magical world, and dragons. The first in a five book series.
Bonus scene: Stuttering whenever someone asked her when her book was about: "Um. It's about...dragons?"

Episode 4: The Writing Continues. After writing 2 more books(and taking part in her first ever NaNoWriMo!) Shay queries her first novel. Flashforward six months and two more books later: she realizes the premise of that first book? Amazing. The follow through? Horrible. It's a mess! She stops querying it.
Bonus scene: July Camp NaNo of 2014 and the month of writing SO MANY THINGS.

Episode 5: Turning To Contemporary. Shay's 18 now, has written five books, and decides to delve into her second bookish love: contemporary. Spends one month writing and editing Friendzone(a cliche but, in her opinion, much loved book) and falls in love with writing the genre. She also submits it to Swoonreads, gets good feedback, but nothing comes of it.
Bonus scene: writing her first collab book with an awesome writer and creating one of her favorite characters!

Episode 6: Where It All Leads. November 2014, NaNoWriMo. An idea with a premise long in the making solidified during endless hours of house sitting. 100,000 words in 1 month and a story she believes in more than even that first novel(which is still her baby). Then: 4 months of revising and editing. 3 months of querying. 1 request for a full synopsis that leads to the best advice she could've gotten and a complete rewrite. Then? More revising and editing!
Bonus scene: the mental break downs she had writing this one.

Commentary: Amidst all of the editing, Shay manages to write 3 more books and outline countless. Of course, she doesn't edit these because there's too many IDEAS!

Stay tuned for a *hopeful* season two!

All you other hopeful mentees feel free to chat with me in the comments, I really want to make some new writing friends(I'm not as desperate as that sounds...for the most part). Also, follow my Twitter and we can be nervously anticipating the mentor picks together!

If your life was turned into a mini-series, what would it be called???? I'm sticking with IDEAS. =)


  1. These are such fun bios! I've never seen any written like this, but it's really cool. :) Best wishes for Pitch Wars!

    1. Thanks! I wanted to have fun with it and my brother actually helped come up with doing it this way. Figured might as well be unique, right? =)