Saturday, August 22, 2015

Retelling The Story Weekly Update #6

I am linking up with these two epic memes:

The Sunday Post Stacking the Shelves
Sunday Post hosted over at Caffeinated Book Reviewer & Stacking The Shelves Hosted by Tynga's Reviews

All the things:
So I've been kind of AWOL, like so AWOL I didn't even know I had a post scheduled for Monday, it was a surprise. It seems just when I start getting back to posting more frequently, I completely fail. =(

No excuses, I'm basically failing everything blogging and reading related, but I'm working on it! I've been editing and nothing else. I also entered this writing contest of a sort(I feel like contest is the wrong word...) called Pitch Wars which makes me excited and ANXIOUS!

I did make the most epic of cupcakes, at least they're the best I've ever made. Here's pictures! My mom had book club Thursday and they've kind of grown addicted to my baking, which is awesome. I had to make something and I wanted to experiment with real vanilla beans and ermahgerd. So good. I also found my own secret ingredient recently that makes all my sugar-free creations so much better!

Music wise, I'm obsessed with some specific rap at the moment, don't ask. I blame my brother. But also, I found a new theme song for myself: Hall Of Fame by The Script, it's so freaking inspiring. Here, listen for yourself.

The Books:
Ummm. yeah. I was doing ARC August but I've failed.... I've only read 3!! I did get a few new books but haven't really read much, recently.


Recently On The Blog:
From the last two weeks.

Mortal Heart - which I LOVED.
What You Left Behind - which is another amazing book.
Cut Both Ways - which I very much disliked and stars the SUPREME DOUCHEBAG as the main character.

I also talked about my Ultimate Book Boyfriend. 

I'm working on getting back on track with blogging so we will see!

Currently Reading:

Also, real fast, I want to call out Shannon(It Starts At Midnight)Inge (@Bookshelf Reflections), and Kayla (@The Thousand Lives)'s event, Shattering Stigmas. It's been happening for the last two weeks, it's almost over, but it is seriously awesome and amazing, so if you haven't you MUST check it out. =)

Tell me, how was your week? What are you currently reading??? Any new recommendations?


  1. This is my first week taking part in Stacking The Shelves! Hi :) Those cupcakes look delicious!

    All of the books you've shown are new to me, so I'll have to check them out. The cover for Zeroes is particularly intriguing!

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by, I'll make sure to check out your post! Thanks, they better look delicious they took SO long to make. =P

      I love the cover for Zeroes but just found out the book is a monster, like nearly 600 pages! I don't have time for that, I'm already so behind on review books. =)

  2. Wow. Madly looks amazing. Great Haul. Happy reading :)

    Sofia @ SofiaLovesReading

    1. Haha, thanks. Madly is great so far and perfect if you love kind of quirky fantasy set in a version of the real world. =)

  3. I've been off when it comes to blogging lately as well. Just not enough time to get everything done that I want to, you know? I have been reading though so I can't complain too much. I hope that this week goes better for you blogging wise and that you get lots accomplished :) Have a great week and happy reading!

  4. I love a lot of songs by The Script and that one is especially good. I have too many ARCs which need reading right now but for some reason, that doesn't stop me from requesting more. I really enjoy your blog and hope you enjoy all your books!