Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Series I'm ~Considering~ Giving Up On

Sooo. There are a few series that I'm just not sure I'm ever going to finish. Whether it's because I didn't love the first book or have heard the end is horrible, I just don't really feel the need to finish them. That's not to say I'm completely giving up hope, maybe I'll decide to finish them one day or who knows, maybe you can convince me!

Mortal Instruments:


So this series and I go way back, like before there were prequels and another three books. It was kind of my Twilight, my guilty pleasure teen paranormal romance books. I read them when I was like thirteen and, you know, I was thirteen so I loved them. And then it was announced there was going to be more and I...wasn't excited. The series had ended! It was over! What was left?

I did break down and buy the first prequel, which I enjoyed but didn't love? So I bought the fourth Mortal Instruments because I let myself get sweeped up in the excitement and hype but I didn't like it. and I know, everyone says the prequels are better, but I'm just not invested in them! And I bought them all, including books five and six of the real series, but like, I want to know what becomes of Magnus and Alec but...besides that? Not really interested? The thing is though, I really want to read the new ones! You know, um, whatever they're called, the next trilogy? And I want to love these books, so badly, but I kind of don't?

The Grisha:


Sooo, I read the first and part of the second. And I liked the first but didn't quite love it? and now, eh, I've heard mixed things, I know my ship sinks, and I'm just not all that much in a hurry to finish.

The Darkest Minds:


Hmm..this one's complicated. Again, I read the first, liked but didn't love. I tried to start the second but honestly, I didn't remember much about book 1 I couldn't get into it(in the books defense I only read about a chapter) and I'm just not dying to finish it, you know? It's not calling to me, read me, read me.



This is obvious, right? I've always had a love-hate relationship with these books, in part because when it first started getting popular and everyone was all, it's better than Hunger Games! And I'm like, say what?

Are you kidding me?

Then in my mind the book had a complex, it thought it was better than Hunger Games and Hunger Games was my first YA love and I was protective as fuck. So yeah, I did love books one and two, I was super excited for three. I got it the day it came out, but I was reading it really slowly because I was moving that week and somewhere around the middle, I just got bored. I was also afraid to finish it. Then, I was spoiled. Now... My mom read it, and she told me it's still good and I should read it, but again, maybe eventually? But it's not calling to me.

Also, am I the only person who's always hated Four with a passion???

So! Are there any series you're not sure you're going to finish or are you a series finisher through and through? Also, of course, which of these am I being completely dense about, that I must read right now?


  1. Ah series. I should NOT continue a ton of series. But I will. Because a AM a compulsive series finisher, and it''s a real problem. I don't WANT to have to finish them. Take TMI (which you are perfectly fine leaving at the third book- seriously), which I got SO bored with, but still "had" to read them all. I was so freaking sick of them, I couldn't have liked it if I tried. (Seriously, it's over 700 pages, don't do it!)

    The only one of these that I am super glad I finished (and I HAVE finished them all) is The Grisha series. Though I do get your apprehension because of the spoiler stuff. And The Darkest Minds was by FAR the strongest book of the 3- I got a little bored of those too.

    And Allegiant- read some fanfiction- or hell, you're a writer, come up with your own- and call it a day. Don't do that to yourself, Allegiant is a freaking mess. And not just the ending. Love this topic- I wish I could give up!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. That's one compulsion I don't have apparently! I think it comes from the fact that I have abandonment issues, and so am terrified of series ending.

      Haha, all your thoughts on the last TMI is one of the reasons I've mostly decided not to read them. Obviously, they don't get any better and it's sooo long! Why? I still want to read the new series though! And um, Malec is a big ship of mine, so I still almost kind of sorta do want to read them? Maybe I'll just read spoilers for it(I might break booknerd law though...)

      I'm definitely reconsidering Grisha, I was always on the fence about it and so far it's really the only one that's been defended, so obviously, it must be worth it, yes? Oh, I hadn't heard that before about Darkest Minds. I'm just, eh, not that invested in the story(in fact, now I hardly remember it, not a great sign!).

      Haha, fanfic. Oddly, I don't think I possess the talents to write fanfic, but I'm sure I could come up with an ending of some sort. The thing is, I don't care about life outside the factions in Divergent! And, like, not only the big spoiler thing, but everyone(well most people) say it's a mess, and Four's POV is horrible! That much I know for a fact. I think, I might just watch the movie? Though, I mean, in my opinion, the first movie was a mess too.

      You can give up too! If you try, I believe in you! Haha. =)

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOO finish The Grisha! I thought the first one was so good, the second was disappointing, but the third brings it all together. People have such mixed feelings on this series, but I do think it's worth a read! :D but like, I get it why you don't really want to continue, especially with the ship stuff. I'm super happy to say that Six of Crows is SO MUCH better, at least IMO. If you want to just quit the series and try that one instead, I say do it.

    And haha, oh the Divergent trilogy. Honestly? If you're not in a rush in finishing Allegiant, then I say just keep pushing it off. I agree with Shannon about it! It's a mess. And the worst one of the series, IMO. Aw man, it sucks that you got spoiled before reading it too, but maybe this just saved you the disappointment. I mean, I loved it at the time I read it. I gave it, 4 stars? But now it just makes me ragey when I think about it. And oh Four. I loved him until the last book. Then I just became annoyed with him. Same with Tris. So yeah, maybe read some fanfiction like Shannon suggests. :P

    I'm so weird about finishing series. If I've started them, I HAVE to finish them. But the problem is that I just take so long to read them, especially if it's been a long time in-between the books. There are others, though, that I'm not too keen on trying or just not that interested in. There is one that I don't want to continue at all after having just finished the first book, and that is Falling Kingdoms. I was SO disappointed with it, I'm not at all interested in the sequels. Same with The Witch Hunter, sadly.

    1. People really do have mixed feelings! I've heard so many people give a different order of which they liked, which was disappointing, and how they felt about the end. Still, I was majorly on the fence about not finishing Grisha and you and Shannon do a pretty good job with convincing. And, I guess, ships aren't EVERYTHING.=) I'll definitely check out Six Of Crows though, either way. Honestly, I don't even know what it's about though...oops.

      Haha, I don't take it as a good sign when every time I mention that I haven't finished Allegiant basically everyone encourages me not to. Exactly! I can't imagine how disappointing it would've been to actually read it all the way through, which is kind of why I don't want to? Fanfic it is!

      I'm the opposite! It's easy for me to quit series. Though it does take me forever to finish them, and both things are for the same reason and that's that I have abandonment issues so I never want series to end! Ah, Falling Kingdoms, yes. I wanted to love that series so much, and I agree it was disappointing. Having said that, I can't stop reading them. I'm oddly obsessed, I think the second is better than the first, but still not nearly as epic as I want it to be, but I can't seem to not read them. I don't know if it's because I enjoy mediocre books or am hoping they get really good, either way, it's like the one series I shouldn't still be reading but am. I haven't read Witch Hunter but the reviews I've read have made me decide to steer clear of it. =)

  3. I've only read the first book of TMI, and even though I like it, I have no interest to read the rest of the series (mostly because by the time I want to read the second book, the sixth book was out already so I'm lazy xD). I read all of TID and like it, though.

    I never finished Divergent trilogy too! I love Divergent, but Insurgent was kinda meh for me, so I'm not really interested to read the last book. Also, someone spoiled the ending for me!

    I haven't read the other two, but I've heard a lot about The Grisha trilogy and the 'sinking ship'. Honestly, it intrigued me because as long as I remember, my ship never sunk xD Hopefully I could read it soon! :)

    Tiffany @ The Bookish Thought

  4. Oh, no. I love all of these. Or maybe not The Darkest Minds. I loved the first one, but I was a bit disappointed in the rest of the series. But TMI, The Grisha and Divergent are all some of my favorites. I loved the ending in Allegiant, but I get that it isn't as alluring when you already know about it. I also think you should give the rest of The Infernal Devices a chance. I liked Clockwork Angel, but the other two are freaking amazing. Oh, and I don't like Four either. I always thought Tris was way to good for him.. :)