Thursday, September 3, 2015

Writing Confessions: I LOVE Editing

If you're a writer, or even just know a writer, I'm sure you've heard of the dreaded editing. It's a nightmare, they say. I'll never survive, they say. Someone save me, they beg.

You see, editing is a big black hole of pain and confusion and pain. It can lead to bouts of major self-confidence issues, wanting to sleep all the time, and contemplating scrapping your whole novel. it's horrid. It's painful. It takes forever and sometimes there is no end in sight.

And. Um. I LOVE it.

Don't hate me!


There, I said it. I LOVE EDITING. <3

It's all true. Editing sucks. And I always end up hating it a bit and complaining because it NEVER ENDS. But I love it, okay? Sure, it takes up all my time and it's annoying and hard and revising sucks and rewriting is even worse. But, with that first messy draft, you don't have to worry about how good the book is and, for me, that leads to lots of doubts and I always struggle through the middle. But, when editing and revising, you get to see the whole thing come together and I LOVE that. I LOVE trying so HARD to perfect all the big things and all the little things, because when I'm done? I'm SOOO much closer to having a really awesome book and not just a mess that mocks me from the flash drive that I wear around my neck.

So yeah. Don't hate me, but I love editing and revising, even when it gets tedious and I want to give up. Even though I have to basically give up blogging and reading because I can't concentrate on anything else because I'll forget all these small things I'm trying to fix in my novel. Even though I don't sleep enough because I get determined to do things and set myself way too many "small" goals that I have to get done in a small amount of time. Because when it's over, and I give myself a break before starting all over again, it feels really f**king good. Okay?

Do you love anything other people(including yourself) kind of hate? Confessions in the comments!

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