Thursday, October 29, 2015

13 Posts Of Halloween 2015 #11: Villains!

 13 Posts Of Halloween will be taking place all month here at The Story Goes... with 13 Halloween related posts!

Obviously, Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate the bad guys, the horror movie killers, the evil wizards, and everything in between! In honor of Halloween I've compiled a list of some of my favorite villains from books/movies/exctra.

From: Harry Potter
Otherwise known as: The most hated character ever.

From: Heroes Of Olympus
I mean, the actual earth, as a villain? What could be more awesome? Er, I mean scarier?

From Harry Potter
I mean, come on, people were terrified to say his name! That's dedication to an evil wizard, like, he worked hard for that.

Micheal Myers
From: Halloween
I mean, he's pretty freaking scary. Where does he even go? What's his face look like?

From: Scream
You have to give Ghostface props, I mean, the mask still scares people. Terrifies little children.

From: Morpheus Road
Okay, this is a really underrated series and just trust me, Gravedigger is awesome and super creepy.

3 New Goosebumps Movie Stills - Slappy the Dummy: Slappy
From: Goosebumps
Slappy always scared me the most when I was younger and watching the new movie just brought up that old fear and...Okay, I WASN"T scared of him in the movie he just freaked me out a little, okay?

From: Supernatural
Okay, in my opinion, no villain in Supernatural was ever as good as Lucifer, he's creepy, he's the f-ing devil, and he's funny.

From: Supernatural
You can't mention Luci and then skip Crowley, you just can't.

Captain Hook
From: Peter Pan
You have to give the man credit, he never gives up!


Er...not exactly what I had in mind but, I mean, how can you not?

From: Sleeping Beauty
Maleficent is the best villain ever. That's all.

I feel like I missed a few obvious ones but I'm tired and have so much to do so tell me your favorites in the comments!

None of the pictures belong to me! They link to their sources!

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