Saturday, October 31, 2015

13 Posts Of Halloween 2015 #13: It's FINALLY Halloween!

 13 Posts Of Halloween will be taking place all month here at The Story Goes... with 13 Halloween related posts!

Today's post, inspired by the fact that's it's actually Halloween (EEP!) comes in two parts! First, I will let you drool over all the Halloween themed food I made yesterday (Sorry! I meant to taste test these and post this earlier with recipes, but hey, something to look forward to later!) and the second part will be uploaded later today and will be all the pics of my Halloween display! Again, meant to post this earlier but we had some snags and just put the finishing touches on!

But first of all...


I did a ton of "baking" yesterday. I use the quotations because most things didn't actually require baking but anyway... Here's some pics and tips!

First up was bonbons!

Pro tip: for dying coconut you put it in a ziplock bag, mix the food coloring with a teaspoon of water and then shake it all together in the bag.

Then was magic cookies bars!

I improvised because I didn't want to use sweetened condensed milk. I did a graham cracker crust, chocolate chip cookie dough, caramels, cooked it then added coconut, Chocolate candies, and candy corn to the top!

Hamburger Cookies!

My cousin's birthday is right around Halloween so her mom used to make all kinds of things and this was my brothers favorite, I thought he was crazy but they're actually awesome. It's easy, vanilla wafer cookies, purple colored icing -- I made sugar free buttercream frosting and added coffee extract, it's AMAZING -- then some green coconut. You take a cookie, cover with some frosting, add the coconut and put the other cookie on top.

Witches hats!

Circular shortbread cookies with icing -- I used green vanilla buttercream and chocolate cream cheese frosting -- Hershey's kisses (i used hugs!) and more colored coconut. Just lightly press it into the frosted cookie!

My Decorations!

(will be updated later today! I swear!)

Any fun plans today? How was your week? Happy Halloween!!!!

Any of you Halloween lovers doing NaNoWriMo!?? Good luck and I'll see you at midnight for initiation ceremonies!

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