Thursday, October 1, 2015

13 Posts Of Halloween 2015: Introduction!

Welcome to the 13 Posts Of Halloween 2015!

What Is 13 Posts Of Halloween? I don't know if you remember it from last year(the first year of being a book blog and actually having followers) but basically, throughout the month of October(and sometimes into November) I will be posting 13 Halloween themed posts! The posts may range from anything like Tips For Trick-Or-Treaters, ie what candy you should be giving, to reviews of scary books and random lists and, a special post this year, a Halloween Themed Book Tag!

When Did It Start? So 13 Posts Of Halloween is actually something I started back in 2012. I can't say I remember what those posts were about and I refuse to read my old blog posts because they're horrifyingly bad, but it's kind of a tradition for me to do them, at least in my own mind. So this is my fourth year of doing this which is pretty cool.

This Sounds Awesome, Can I Take Part? I'd love a few guest posts if anyone is interested! It could basically be anything related to Halloween, horror movies, books, anything really. If you're interested comment below, or use the contact me form on the side of the blog, or just message me on Twitter, @TheStoryGoes_

Because I love Halloween, obviously.

So posts will start tomorrow with a tag and check back throughout the month for all the posts!

I'm curious, do you celebrate Halloween?


  1. Oh, I can't wait. I loved your posts last year. And I'm pretty sure I answered this question then, but I'll do it again. I love the thought of Halloween, but we do not celebrate it in Sweden. At least not as you guys do. I mean, sure..some kids might dress up, but there's not a lot of trick or treating going on, or scary decorations. But we do eat candy. ;) I would love to get to celebrate Halloween for real some time though. :)

    1. Aw, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the posts last year! I'm really excited to do it again, though I'm already behind on my planning! =( At least you eat candy, it would be horrifying if you didn't. ;) Yeah, here in the U.S we tend to go kind of crazy, as evidenced by all my Halloween posts. =)

  2. I remember seeing your 13 Posts of Halloween last year! I'm so happy you're doing them again because I quite enjoyed them so much :D (Looking back, I sort of stalked your Halloween posts last year because they were so cute.) I would love to guest post for them by the way! I'm so interested in it :)

    I don't really celebrate Halloween, but I DO go trick or treating for the sake of candy :)

    1. YAY! I'm glad you enjoyed them last year, that's good to hear because I was slightly worried that they might be kind of annoying? And the no one really liked them? Thanks for the stalking, Jillian! =) And yay! That would be so much fun for you to guest post, if you have an idea of what you'd like to do let me know or we can chat about it on Twitter, just let me know. =D

      Well, of course, because candy. :<3


    And yes I remember you doing these posts! And I LOVE Halloween as well, but I never end up dressing up for it because 1) I don't have money and 2) No one else does so I feel so out of place. Though wait, what day is Halloween on this year? I think if I were only at work I could do it haha!

    Can't wait for your posts Shay!

    1. Haha, I know right? Hilarious!

      Halloween's the best! YOU SHOULD DRESS UP! You don't need money for it, because, I mean, all you need is a cereal box, a knife, and some fake blood made of Koolade and bam. You're a cereal killer. I do understand feeling out place though, I'm not sure I'd do it by myself! I usually just don my old Scream mask and scare children. Very fun. It's a Saturday!

      Thanks, Val! =)