Saturday, October 24, 2015

13 Posts Of Halloween #8: My Favorite Ghostly Hauntings

Yes, you read that right, my favorite ghosts/hauntings. And no, I'm not talking fictional book characters that are ghosts, I'm talking real ghosts.

Back story! So when I was like eleven I got super obsessed with ghosts. My brother had this book our grandma had given him, an encyclopedia of ghosts, and I started reading it, this was back before I became a full-fledged booknerd, I was a fledgling and LOVED scary stuff. I read Fear Street and Goosebumps nonstop. I forced my brothers to watch scary movies with me (I couldn't watch them alone!) and I really really wanted to see a real ghost. So I would take this book and read through it over and over again, eventually my brother just gave it to me and I bought various other ones. The point is, I've always loved ghosts and I basically studied that book so I do have a few favorite ghosts that are....rumoured I guess you'd say? to be real. They are as follows:

The Red Headed Hitchhiker Of Route 44:
The Red Headed Hitchhiker haunts Route 44 near Rehoboth Massachusetts and is a mysterious man usually seen walking down the street, trying to hitchhike, walking into the woods, or right in front of your car so that you appear to run him over. It's been said that if you let him in he'll have a nice casual ride with you before disappearing, wherein you will hear laughter or a voice taunting you through the radio. The part I've always been fascinated with is that apparently if you drive down this stretch of road with three people in the car and one empty seat the Red Headed Hitchhiker will appear in the empty seat...dun. dun. dun.

The Winchester House Of Mysteries:
In 1884 Sarah Winchester bought this 8 room house. By the time she died, she'd spent 38 years expanding the house. She designed everything herself, said to simply draw random blueprints on a piece of paper and give it to the workers. The mansion includes doors that go nowhere, ones that open on the second floor to nothing but air, and other weird shit. Why did she do this? Because she was cursed. Her whole family was. She was told to build a house for the spirits that had died due to the weapon her family created. If she ever stopped building she too would be killed by the curse.

Cool right? Unfortunately, when I went there, like five years ago now, you don't actually get to see any of the cool stuff, they don't even talk about it on the tour. =(

The Weeping Woman:
The Weeping Woman is said to spend most her time in New Mexico, skeletaly thin and forever wailing. People hear her cries and have even been pushed down the stairs by her (supposedly), so often in fact that many locals refuse to go near the building she's said to spend most her time in and around. The Weeping Woman, La Llorona, story has been going around forever, said to be the ghost of a woman who drowned her children and now spends her time searching for them, sobbing the whole time.

The White Lady:
The coolest part of this one is that it's not just one ghost, at least not anymore. All kinds of places around the world, even just multiple states here in the U.S., have different White Lady's who are said to haunt the road near where they had their fetal accidents. Some compare the white lady ghost to banshees, even. Popular themes include the woman having been wronged by her husband or boyfriend.

There's a bunch of different sightings depending on which one you're talking about. My favorite is one about a guy who ran her over when she came running out of a cemetery (in Connecticut, I think?), he freaked out thinking he'd hit something but when he got out of the car there was no body. There was however, a giant dent in his car.

All the ghosts/info appear in the following book:

The question is, do you believe in ghosts? There's not much I don't believe in so yes, I believe in ghosts. Not necessarily these ghosts or any of the ones I've read about, but I do, in general, believe in them.

*obviously, I could've gotten some "facts" wrong!

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  1. OMG I love Fear Street ad Goosebumps - still! They are the best!! I love to read ghost stories about real life evens, as well. I actually have a few I need to read for review even now. Not sure I believe in ghosts but I love to scare myself in to thinking I do sometimes :)