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BBCP Get To Know Orange Team!

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So if you don't know, BBCP is the mind child of Nori (ReadWriteLove28) and basically you signed up, got sorted into a team and then got to come up with a sort of group blogging project. I'm part of the awesome Team Orange, who's bragging rights include massive procrastination and getting the team name of Peeta's favorite color, among other things.

We threw some ideas around and ending up choosing to interview each other, so we can get to know each other and you can get to know us. My interview is up on Justin's blog today so you can check it out there and then hop around.

I'm featuring the awesome Alexandra of Twirling Pages. So let's get to the interview!

Introduce yourself!
hi!! I'm Alexandra and I blog at twirling pages.

What are your other hobbies outside of reading and blogging?
I'm currently training to be a professional ballet dancer, so I'm dancing when I'm not buried in books & blogging. I'm also still in school, so there's that. *sigh*

What do you do for a living?
BOOK GOBBLING. just kidding, here's my real answer: i'm still a student, but i hope to dance ballet for a living. *prances in circles*

How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging for a little over a year; I began in September of 2014.

What made you want to start a book blog?
i originally started a bookstagram account and found many other bloggers on social media. before then, i didn't even know book blogging was a thing! at the time i wanted to start a book-tube, but didn't like the idea of showing my face online and talking to a video camera. when i found blogging as a platform, everything was perfect; i could share my love for books in a space that was MINEEEE.

Who are your blogging inspirations?
since i started, i've met so many amazing bloggers that are constantly inspiring me. however, the ones that made me want to start a blog in the first place hold a special place in my heart. they are...
... and so many more!

What has been your favorite or most memorable moment of book blogging?
it's hard for me to pinpoint a singular moment – book blogging is something that is constantly churning and growing with memories adding to each layer – but i'd have to say the first time i got an ARC from a publisher. it was a book i've been trying to get my hands on for ages. i sent in a request but didn't get a response, and gave up on the idea. then one day it showed up on my doorstep and i nearly burst from joy. i didn't think my blog would ever be "worthy" of books from publishers and unexpected packages. i guess it was that moment when i realized/thought, "I MADE IT."

What does blogging mean to you?
blogging is something that keeps me from bursting at the seams. while some people binge on netflix or go to a party, blogging is my way of relaxation. it's my way of taking a step back from life (which is dancing hours upon hours every day) and indulging in the other things that make me happy: sharing my love for books, and sharing it with people who UNDERSTAND.

What plans do you have for your blog in the future?
i don't have any detailed plans at the moment. i'm just hoping to continue blogging for as long as i can!

What advice or tips would you give to new bloggers?
don't get too caught up on stats or arcs, and don't try to compare yourself to other "big" bloggers. be friendly to others; be active in the community; create content that YOU want to read; and have fun! i remember obsessing over the small numbers my blog was attracting. this kind of stuff takes time. don't force it and let it go with the flow. (:

Is there anything you wish you would have known starting out that would have greatly helped you in your blogging journey?
blogging takes time. a lot of it. it's not something that just appears out of nowhere. when i first started, i didn't pace my time properly and fell behind on life because i was too busy trying to fix up my blog to make it look perfect. scheduling and staying organized is super important!

What was your gateaway book to reading?
CHARLOTTE'S WEB, by E.B. White! i distinctly remember this book labeling me as a "reader." after that was THE CLIQUE, by Lisi Harrison and THE LIGHTNING THIEF, by Rick Riordan. i became a bookworm, bibliophile, and fangirl from these novels.

Who is your favorite author?
gah, how do you expect me to choose only one? here are a few of my favorites: Alexandra Bracken, Rick Riordan, Sarah J Maas, John Green, Rainbow Rowell, Leigh Bardugo, Stephanie Perkins... this list is infinite.

What is/are your favorite book(s)?
this answer will constantly be changing and growing. here are some of my I-LOVE-THIS-SO-MUCH-I-COULD-CRY list: SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA, by Becky Albertalli (my review:; THE DARKEST MINDS SERIES, by Alexandra Bracken; THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, by John Green; PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS SERIES, by Rick Riordan

Favorite character(s)?
i'm fairly sure this question is harder to answer than the last because i'm SUCH a character snob. when i love a character, I LOVE A CHARACTER.
a few favorites: inej from SIX OF CROWS, by Leigh Bardugo; will herondale from THE INFERNAL DEVICES TRILOGY, by Cassandra Clare; gansey (and blue and ronan and adam and noah) from THE RAVEN CYCLE SERIES, by Maggie Stiefvater; percy jackson from PJO SERIES, by Rick Riordan; aelin galathynius from THRONE OF GLASS SERIES, by Sarah J Maas
(ohmygod you have NO IDEA how difficult that was.)

Favorite genre?
YA contemporary and YA fantasy! i also love fairy tale/myth-retellings!

What is an instant turn off in a book for you?
love triangles! also flat, two-dimensional characters. UGH, the worst.

Recommend some books that you think everyone should read!
THE LIGHTNING THIEF, by Rick Riordan. everyone needs a little percy jackson sass in their lives. (not even sorry that i mentioned this book for like, five of these questions HAH)

Here's the links to everyone's blogs if you want to check them out!
Jade @ Bedtime Bookworm

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