Thursday, October 8, 2015

Writing Confessions: I'm An Optimist And It's A...

Problem? Not a problem?

It's kind of both.

If you're a writer then I am sure you know, it's a hard knock life. One filled with rejection and self-doubt and long periods of waiting and hoping.

The thing is...I'm an optimist!

Which is good, I don't stay discouraged for long. I'm not religious, but I believe in the universe so when I get turned down again or something doesn't go right again, well it just wasn't meant to be.... Right? Right.

It's a good thing to be in this career.

That's not to say I'm NEVER discouraged, cause I am. But not so much when I get turned down as when my own doubts get to me,

Sometimes I hate that I'm an optimist, because even when I want to mope and be sad and a little upset and discouraged about something... I can't. I mean, it's a good problem to have but, at the same time, it sucks.

I get rejected and all is well after a few hours(usually less), I move on because it's not meant to be. But sometimes you just want to mope, you know?

Then I'm halfway through editing and find a plot hole and I completely suck and all  my writing is horrible and I don't leave my bed the rest of the day and the next... It's a hard knock life, bruh.

Unless you're Batman

So, I'm an optimist and hate it. Leave your writing confessions in the comments below and tell me, are you an optimist or a pessimist? Or a little of both, maybe?


  1. At least you're an optimist Shay. I used to be a complete pessimist in my writing.

    I was in the 4th grade when I learned what true judgment was. I wrote my own fantasy novel back then and showed it to my best friend. Usually, when I show my stories (especially to people like my mom), I always get praised and complimented for my good writing. But I remember my best friend telling me to work on my story because it "lacked so much details" and my characters "lacked development." It was the first time I got negative feedback and it really hurt because I spent so much time writing my story, and then somebody goes up and tells you, "THIS NEEDS WORK." Like hello??? I spent months working on that thing :P

    Anyway, one of the things I learned in my Creative Writing class at school is that no book is ever going to be perfect or appealing to everybody. No book will ever receive all the 5-stars in the world. My teacher used to tell me, "Even the greatest stories will never be loved by all." And it's REALLY OKAY IF YOU HAVE TONS OF PLOT HOLES TO FIX and you're in dire need of so much chocolate to keep functioning. But that's the writing journey. Every writer's been through there! WE GO THROUGH THIS TOGETHER :D :D

    1. (PS. I'm terribly sorry for the super long comment! HAHAHA. You're the best Shay!)

      *inserts picture of chocolate to help you keep functioning*

    2. Haha. First of all, NEVER apologize for long comments! I love them and I leave them everywhere so I understand. =)

      Yeah, It's definitely a good problem to have. I have been there before, with your story. Luckily the first time I realized my writing wasn't as good as I thought and my plot and characters sucked, no one had to tell me. I eventually realized myself. But the first time I got REAL feedback it literally hurt so much. I don't think it ever stops sucking to have someone tell you they don't like something or it doesn't work or needs help, even when it's something small. It's great that you have a friend who will be so honest though!

      Wow, that's one inspiring writing teacher! I'd have loved for someone to tell me that. But it's so true, even my own favorite books, one's I can't find flaws in, have bad reviews on Goodreads, sometimes lots of them. I mean if people can actually dislike Harry Potter than it's true that no book will ever be perfect. "We go through this together!" I LOVE that. Thanks for cheering me up, Jillian!!!!! And thanks for the imaginary chocolate, I really needed it. <3<3<3


    At least you are wayyyyy more optimistic than I am. Every time I have a vision in my head which is me writing....something. But then I never find the time and I feel like it wouldn't be good anyway, even though it is a snippet. ONE DAY. IT WILL HAPPEN. Maybe tonight...aha.

    Either way. I HAVE FAITH IN YOU. Sure it sucks being frustrated, but I'm 100% you'll overcome them :)

    1. Epiphany: I am Batman.

      I BELIEVE in you, Val! Not only because I'm optimist, I swear! You just have to find the idea that won't stop nagging you and then strangle your inner cynic whilst writing... It's as hard as it sounds but POSSIBLE!

      Thanks, Val! A little encouragement goes a long way. <3<3<3