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Retelling The Story #11: November Wrap Up

How can it be DECEMBER????? HOW!

Let's start with fun life things! So I decided to bake a million cookies for Thanksgiving... Okay, not quite a million and it was actually for black Friday because my bros work retail and had to be to work at 3am, therefore they get cookies to take with them for their coworkers. Plus, I like to challenge myself, okay?

I went to see Trapt (one of my all time favorite bands!) on the 13th. It was at this tiny venue downtown and oh man. SO AWESOME. I saw one of my favorite bands ever. I was disappointed because they came here two years ago and I MISSED it, but I saw them this time and AH! So awesome. They played with Adelitas Way who were AMAZING also.

Adelitas Way

Trapt (best band ever)

Um...I actually posted this month, yay! I stuck to a halfway decent schedule that blew up in my face when I signed up for Jillian's Blogger Positivity Campaign which has been so fun by the way!

Some Favorite Posts:
- Review: Anatomical Shape Of A Heart (4.5 stars)
- Review: For The Record (4 stars for CONFLICTION)
- BPC: Things The Blogging Comunity Has Given To Me
- BPC: Open Letter To Fandom
- 1 Sentence Movie Reviews
- Ships I DO Ship: A New OTP!

25898435I've been reading...kind of? I still haven't read a ton but I am close to my Goodreads reading challenge goal thingy, so yay! Currently I'm reading Beyond The Red and gearing up for my Christmas Harry Potter reread! SO EXCITED.

So it being November, NaNoWriMo happened and I, of course, took part. I came, I saw, I conquered! =) I finished by the 14th I want to say??? I had so much fun writing my first ever Sci-fi novel! It was YA, of course, and kind of a last minute decision but so worth it! It had some ups and downs but I'm mostly happy with how my first draft turned out, though it was a little short compared to most mine. Mostly I loved writing my first sci-fi, I love genre experimenting.

Since I finished early (which I'd planned on doing actually) I was going to work on my last rounds of edits for my main project (TWIG) and write a fun Christmas novel (the plan was a chapter a day for funsies) and... I kind of did that? I'm about 17 chapters into editing (out of over 60, mind you. I write short chapters.) But I'm happy with that because I spent a lot of time figuring out how to finally finish things and get them right (I've been working on this book for over a year now!) and am fairly confident that this round of revisions and then a few edits and it will be ready to be queried (!). And...I started the Christmas novel. It's very fun and I'm not taking is serious at all which was my plan and I'm like...3 chapters in. Oops!


Lastly, I'm holding a giveaway on Twitter (US only sadly!). I'm giving away a book-ish prize pack that includes 3 books plus swag! Enter here:

How was your November? Did you do NaNo??? Did you WIN? How was your Thanksgiving? Did you do anything fun? Favorite book of the month!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? Anyone want to reread Harry Potter with me? ;)

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The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart by Jenn Bennett - Sunday Street Team Review + GIVEAWAY!

Song Of The Moment- Keep Me Waiting by Adelitas Way

23310763The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart
by Jenn Bennett
Release date: Nov. 3 2015
Format: ARC
Genre: YA Contemporary
Goodreads Link

Artist Beatrix Adams knows exactly how she's spending the summer before her senior year. Determined to follow in Leonardo da Vinci’s footsteps, she's ready to tackle the one thing that will give her an advantage in a museum-sponsored scholarship contest: drawing actual cadavers. But when she tries to sneak her way into the hospital’s Willed Body program and misses the last metro train home, she meets a boy who turns her summer plans upside down.

Jack is charming, wildly attractive . . . and possibly one of San Francisco’s most notorious graffiti artists. On midnight buses and city rooftops, Beatrix begins to see who Jack really is—and tries to uncover what he’s hiding that leaves him so wounded. But will these secrets come back to haunt him? Or will the skeletons in Beatrix’s own family’s closet tear them apart?
*I received an ARC to review honestly*

My Rating:


Ermahgerd, I kind of loved this book and I'm going to my best (not very well at all) not to just gush in nonsense sentences all about it, okay?

The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart follows Beatrix (Bex) who is an artist who loves to do anatomy drawings, ie: she wants to be the person who illustrates science text books (essentially).  When trying to get an appointment to draw cadavers at the willed bodies lab late one night Bex meets Jack who she quickly figures out is a graffiti artist known for painting giant gold words around the city. Thus starts a sort of whirl wind romance.

- First things first, I shipped it. I actually find it hard to ship a lot of ships in contemporary, maybe it's because you only get the one book usually? I don't know. Either way, straight from the beginning I shipped Bex and Jack. I LOVED the romance in this book, it didn't overwhelm everything else going on even though it was kind of the main event. It was maybe a tad insta lovey? But it felt more like a slow burn...if that makes sense. They were both such unique characters that I loved.

- ART. Man, art aspects are second only to music aspects in my mind and I LOVED everything about the art in this. I mean, the main character draws anatomy pictures, like she's sketching a dead body. It was just so unique and well down and ugh, the graffiti side too with all it's reasoning behind it ugh. Here I am, making coherent sentences...

- Characters. Both Jack and Bex are complex and lovely characters. Jack kind of seems like the bad boy player right off the bat and I loved that as the story progresses you see that, you know, maybe he looks like that but there's so much to him. Bex is just...freaky and awesome. I mean, the girl loves drawing dead things, I think we were destined to be best friends.

- Sex positive! This book is very sex positive which isn't something I usually care much about but I have to say I loved that the guy was a virgin while the girl was a bit experienced since it's usually the other way around.

Bad things...the writing was simply too fantastic, I mean, it made me never want to put it down! How dare it?

Okay, seriously now. The drama at the end was cliche, I saw it coming for miles but still. And I really wanted more out of the side characters, especially Heath (Bex's brother) and Bex's mom. Plus, the side story of Bex's dad who left them for a younger woman, it was also cliched and just kind of felt like it was thrown in there to have something else going on and tie up loose ends, it felt unneeded. Anyway, none of this hindered my enjoyment of the book which I still loved.

Oh, did I mention the mental healthy issues this book addresses??? Because it does, but I won't give away everything!

Overall: 10 outta 10, would read again. (highly reccomended!)


About the Author:
Jenn Bennett is the author of the Arcadia Bell urban fantasy series with Pocket and the Roaring 20's historical paranormal romance series with Berkley. She lives near Atlanta with one husband and two pugs.

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BPC: Open Letter To Fandom

Welcome to another post for the Blogger Positivity Campaign hosted the awesome Jillian @ Jillian's Books.
If you haven't heard yet this is an amazing event created by Jillian and it's all about spreading love and positivity in the book blogging world! You can check out my introduction here and Jillian's post here.

Welcome to another lovely Blogger Positivity Campaign post. Today's promt is arguablle my favorite, and it's to write a letter to something that inspired/helped you in some way. This could've been a book, a character, a ship or whatever. So...I've written letters like this before, once to the first book that broke my heart and once to an author and I LOVE doing this kind of thing but I really waned to do something different than those two posts so today I bring you...

A love letter to fandom, fanfiction, and all the lovely booknerds who've ever been willing to fangirl with me over anything and everything!

Dear Fandom,

Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for always being there for me. And thank you, for making me a fangirl.

I'm lucky in that I come from an amazing family that's always encouraged me to read, to be expressive, and never thought I was crazy for loving fictional characters so much it HURTS, because, for the most part, they did too. Still, while they love Harry Potter they will never understand how I can still care so much about Dobby being a free elf, how I still haven't gotten over a certain redheads death, or, how I can "ship" two characters who hated each other in canon.

They'll never understand the power of Destiel or the fierce feels I have concerning certain Marauders. But you, you understand, you care you...thrive off of the same things. You feel the same way and you sob and *sob* with me. You carry on for hours and hours and days and day discussing the best ships, defending your love triangle choices, and dreaming up new stories for all our favorite characters. You make the best and saddest and funniest memes and headcanons that bring the FEELs.

You...inspire me to write fearlessly because I only just got into fanfiction but's not about the best writing and the best...anything, it's not about being good enough to get published. It's about the FEELs, the characters, and the story, and nothing else matters. You cheer me up when I'm just so fucking down on life. You make me write without thinking, remind me that characters and feels are what's important, make me remember that I love writing, I love reading, and that's why I'm trying to do this. You remind me that everyone has something they care this much about and it's not stupid. When I want to just lie around being sad you make it better. When things are going good you're right there, a comforting friend I can visit over and over. Always willing to talk and listen and gush and go over and over every FEEL you've ever experienced, all brought together by fandom.

Fandom, books, bloggers, fangirls fanboys, anyone willing to talk about fictional characters, anyone who yearns to live in a fictional world, you are my favorite people, my favorite things, the best everything. You cheer me up, inspire me, make me forget all about the real world and help me belong in ones that I like so much better.

So, thank you, fandom.


Okay, sorry if this wasn't my best post, I wrote it at the last minute cause I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to say! if you're doing BPC then link me below (I'm still catching up on comments from last week but I love you guys!) and if you aren't then tell me, what do you wish to write a love letter too?

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1 Sentence Movie Reviews!

Since the beginning of this summer, I've started seeing a lot more movies because I discovered that the theater near me does $5 movie night and even bad movies are worth $5, especially when your AC is broken and it's the middle of summer. So I've picked out a bunch of the ones I've seen and written one sentence reviews of them for your viewing pleasure.
*also, some of these are a bit older but ones I just recently saw.

Keep in mind, my knowledge on the actual, like technicals, of movie making is nonexistent, this is just my first thoughts on them.

Pan: So terrible that it's amazingly awesome. My brother and I literally spent to whole move cackling and laughing and just had an awesome time.

Hotel Transylvania 2: As good as the first, family friendly, and awesome.

Fantastic Four: Fantastically horrible. Why, why, why?

Ant-Man: Good but boring beginning and anti-climatic end.

Minions: Everything I wanted it to be, long live King Bob! If you don't like Minions, I'm sorry, you have no soul.

Tomorrowland: Not as bad as everyone says, enjoyable.

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials: Hate the book(I only like the first, thought it went downhill after), the movie's very different and I love it.

Pixels: Amazingly funny, why do people hate it? One of my favorites!

Inside Out: AMAZING, I love Sadness, and I NEED to see it again. FEEEELS.

Cinderella: Good but not great, a little boring. No singing.

Jurassic World: Dinosaurs used to scare me, kind of still do.

Terminator Genisys: So GOOD, but, um, time travel? And breaking time travel laws? And what is even REAL anymore?

Pitch Perfect 2: Haven't seen the first, but loved this, so funny.

Unfriended: Um, confusing? A little jump scary but nothing too bad.

Insidious: Not super scary but so freaking awesome!

Insidious Chapter 2: Scarier than the first but not quite as good a story.

Goosebumps: Amazeballs.

I haven't seen Mockingjay pt. 2 yet, (it should've come out by the time this is posted) but my review will be as follows: SOBBING.

Your turn! What movies have you been watching and what are your thoughts on them? Have you seen any of these? Favorite movie of the year (I can see you, Shannon, getting ready to say Mockingjay pt. 2)!

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Sunday Street Team: For The Record by Charlotte Huang: Review + Giveaway!

Song Of The Moment- Keep Me Waiting by Adelitas Way

21424692For The Record
by Charlotte Huang
Release date: Nov. 10 2015
Format: ARC
Genre: YA Contemporary
Goodreads Link

If Almost Famous were a YA novel... a raw, honest debut celebrating music, friendship, romance, and life on the road.
Chelsea thought she knew what being a rock star was like... until she became one. After losing a TV talent show, she slid back into small-town anonymity. But one phone call changed everything 
Now she’s the lead singer of the band Melbourne, performing in sold-out clubs every night and living on a bus with three gorgeous and talented guys. The bummer is that the band barely tolerates her. And when teen heartthrob Lucas Rivers take an interest in her, Chelsea is suddenly famous, bringing Melbourne to the next level—not that they’re happy about that. Her feelings for Beckett, Melbourne’s bassist, are making life even more complicated.
Chelsea only has the summer tour to make the band—and their fans—love her. If she doesn’t, she’ll be back in Michigan for senior year, dying a slow death. The paparazzi, the haters, the grueling schedule... Chelsea believed she could handle it. But what if she can’t?

*I received an ARC to review honestly*

My Rating:


This book, I have SO MANY THOUGHTS. Let me start with I LOVED it and HATED it both so much...okay, the love obviously outweighs the hate hence the four-star review. Okay, so I am one of the biggest fans of music-y books, ie: books with music themes. I love them, I read all the ones I can get my hands on and yes, love. So obviously I NEEDED this one and the music aspect? My favorite thing ever! Especially in this book, I think it's probably the best music aspect-y book I've read just because everything was so authentic and on point and so AWESOME.

Okay, fangirl moment over. Let's do this.

For The Record follows Chelsea who's just recently become the lead singer of a fairly popular band, Melbourne, after their lead singer left. To say she's unwelcome is an understatement. The boys of Melbourne aren't really up for the change and she was forced upon the band... About to go on her first tour, Chelsea has made it her goal to get the boys to like and respect her...unfortunately that's going to be harder than she thought.

I'm so conflicted about this book. Let's start with the good because there's a lot of it.


- Melbourne! First of all, I loved everything about the band. All three boys had such well developed and unique characters and I loved them all. Plus, again, the music aspect! You really feel like your there with them, with Chelsea experiencing everything and ah! I could gush about this forever because I loved it so much. I really grew to care for all the characters and the whole band. Everything about the band was so good and so on point. I loved the dynamic of her trying to fit in and them not really accepting her. SO GOOD.

- Road trip! Well, I mean, they were on tour so you also get the awesome road trip aspect.

- Characters...okay I kind of already mentioned this but all the boys in Melbourne were amazing characters. As was Chelsea because she's a freaking badass. Sure, she cares that they don't like her but she's not gonna let that stop her. She's not gonna let all their bullsh*t get in her way. She's going to have fun and do what she wants and screw you all (kind of). She was that and she was flawed so I loved her. I did feel a little like her character flip-flopped back and forth. The first chapter made her seem really confident and almost...stuck up? I mean she's hooking up (making out with) some movie star in a bathroom stall. Then you see she's really actually pretty self-conscious and meek but then she reverts again about half way through?


- The romance just didn't really do it for me. I can't even pinpoint why. I think because it was so cliche? I don't know. I started out liking the love interest, but the more it developed the more it was just meh for me. I guess what I'm saying is I didn't ship it. Also, the whole Lucas (the movie star she made out with in the first chapter) side story thing was kind of weird. Why is this movie star fawning all over her??? triangle...sigh.

The End:
The thing is there were so many things I was disappointed with. At the end of it, this book is awesome. I devoured it. I loved the beginning and the middle. I loved the characters. And I LOVED the band and everything about that aspect of this book. I did love it, but parts just disappointed me.

I love fluffy books like this, but the ending? I'm usually good with any kind of endings. Closed. Open. Crazy shocking ones. I can appreciate them all. But I was SO disappointed in this one. There turned out to be so much drama and angst in the last half and I wanted the book to end on a high great note... And it DIDN'T. I appreciate it. It's realistic and honestly brought me all the feels. It just wasn't feels I wanted.

Also, totally just a "me thing", but I wanted the romance to go in a different direction, instead it got so...murky and confusing and blah. I couldn't ship anything except a ship that was never a possibility in the novel (me and my pour ship loving heart). Honestly, this all comes down to personal preference and I still loved more than I was disappointed with.

Overall: I recommend this because I can honestly say it stands out in a sea of fluffy YA contemporary and I've read a lot of music-y YA books and none are as good as this is in that aspect. And honestly, part of the reason I was disappointed in the ending was how much I wanted things to go a certain way and work out a certain way because I cared so much about the characters and their story. Mostly, I did love this book and I know it's one I will reread.


About the Author:
Charlotte Huang is a graduate of Smith College and received an MBA from Columbia Business School, which is clearly something every aspiring writer should do. When not glued to her computer, she cheers her two sons on at sporting events and sometimes manages to stay up late enough to check out bands with her music agent husband. Charlotte lives in Los Angeles and is the author of For the Record (Delacorte, 2015)

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BPC: Things The Blogging Community Has Given To Me

Welcome to another post for the Blogger Positivity Campaign hosted the awesome Jillian @ Jillian's Books.

If you haven't heard yet this is an amazing event created by Jillian and it's all about spreading love and positivity in the book blogging world! You can check out my introduction here and Jillian's post here.

So today's prompt was fill in the blank: Things I ________ The Book Blogging Community

It took me forever to land on something I like but I'm pretty happy with this list.

Things I've Gained From The Book Blogging Community:
'Cause honestly, I've learned a lot and grown a lot by being part of this community, no matter how small a part it might be.

1. Most importantly, I've gained so many people that I consider friends. Ones I talk to on Twitter, ones I just stalk and comment on their blogs. Ones who recommend me the best books and ones who I can't even with because of all the feels they've caused me with their recommendations. But, this is the most important thing for me coming as someone who's the shyest most nervous and anxious person in real life, to have so many people who I can just so easily to talk to whether it be about books and FEELs or whatever.

2. I've gained confidence. It's true, putting myself out there, actually interacting with people and bloggers. Even putting in ARC requests or interviewing authors, it's given me a new confidence and really helped me as I work on being less shy IRL. Just the fact that I blogged under the name Nobody for almost three years as just a regular everyday blog then switched to a book blog and wanted to actually finally use my real name, like, this was a big step for me even if it was weird!

3. BOOKS! No, I'm not just talking about ARCs and review copies. There are SO MANY books I may have never read if it weren't for the blogging community and all the lovely bloggers that recommend the best books. I never really read romance and contemporary, romance was my least favorite thing in a big part because I grew up with two older brothers that made me into the tomboy who hated romance but then I actually started reading contemporary and loving almost nothing more than a good romance subplot...I even started writing contemporary and I'm not sure I ever would've done those things without having all these amazing people to talk about ships and OTPs and book boyfriends with.

4. Motivation. I couldn't find the right word for what I mean here, but, with all the lovely friends I've made and everything, whenever I post about my writing (or post my actual writing on occasion) I get so much encouragement, even just little things like good luck with NaNo, and bigger things when I talk about querying and everything. It all really helps cheer me up when I'm feeling bogged down with everything.

5. Encouragement (okay, that word would've worked better for 4, but...who cares?) Okay, for this I'm talking about those posts we've all made when we're going through a blogging slump or a reading slump or just a hard freaking time in life. And you always get the most encouraging comments about it and, for me at least, it helps me a lot in getting over whatever it is that was making me feel so blah.

6. Camaraderie. Sure, there's a ton of drama here sometimes but when something big happens, a reviewer is stalked by an author or an author is behaving badly on Goodreads, yes, this can be a cause of drama but also, what I see a lot, is a lot of us banning together over it. And even over smaller things.

7. Community. I mean, most of us have all had that moment where we just LOVE books so much and no one around us GETS it. But here...everyone gets it. You can find people to gush over with about your book boyfriends or sob over ships and these people...? They're even there for you when real life shit gets you down. Even with drama and jealousy and whatever else is going on, we're still all booknerds and we still all belong in this awesome book-ish community.

Okay, I feel like I repeated myself a little but whatever! I meant everything I said and I'm high on too much caffeine sooo....

That's all I've got for you today! Spread the positivity down below, leave me a link your own BPC post or share something you've gained from our community! Check out the amazing hosts blog and there you can also find a list of everyone's blogs!

Let's Play Tag: The Writing Edition!

I've seen a few writing related tags floating around recently and it's now week 3 of NaNoWriMo so there's really no better time to be doing them!

First, I'm going to do the NaNoWriMo Tag! I wasn't officially tagged for this, but I saw it on Holly's blog (it was created by YouTuber  Kristina Horner I believe) and well, it's NaNoWriMo related! I HAD to do it!

1. How many times have you done NaNoWriMo?
Um, counting Camp Sessions this November is my 6th, my 3rd year doing November NaNo.

2. How did you first find out about NaNoWriMo?
From the YouTube, I believe it was Katytastic's channel? I was really into BookTube for a while and when I heard about this I HAD to do it immediately. I did kind of randomly decide to do it my first year, back in 2013. I was moving the first week and hadn't planned anything but a vague idea I'd had for a few years...we don't talk about that novel anymore (though I still love the idea!).

3. What was the name of the first novel you attempted with NaNo?
Um...that's the novel we don't speak of...see above. No seriously, though, it was called A War Of Queens which isn't accurate as that was going to be the title of the last book in the series. Basically, it was a mess but I still love it and am planning on scrapping it and rewriting the story as a stand alone one day!

4. Give us a 1 sentence summary of what you’re writing this year.
I suck at one sentence summaries! Let's try this: Colt's a Mortal living in a world where his kind die before age 25, all he wants is to know why; why Immortals care enough to help them live their best lives but not enough to save them.

Eh. That's okay. You can read the full synopsis here!

5. What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?
Hmm. I guess to just keep writing. Let yourself suck for as long as you need to until suddenly you don't suck so much and to rewrite as many times as it takes because it will be worth it when it's done.

6. Did you ever take a year off from NaNo? Why?
No. I have not. I considered it this year because I need to do some more editing to prepare to query, but I decided to spend the first half of the month writing my novel and then edit (because I'm crazy).

7. What's your biggest inspiration when figuring out what to write?
I feel like this is an overused question only because I always see the same answer. I don't think anyone finds inspiration in the same place twice! I just get inspired by everything. My random thoughts, a few are from dreams, songs, movies, shows, books. For example, the first book I ever wrote, the first idea I ever had, I got the very first time I listened to Taylor Swift's Long Live. And the book I wrote for camp in July I got the idea for when watching an episode of Warehouse 13 with a Renasianace faire in it. This month my story sprung from the thought of, what would it be like if you didn't have to work, didn't have to waste time making a living, and could just spend all your time doing what you love with no responsibilities? Thus sprung the world of Mortals and Immortals.

8. Read us the first sentence from one of your novels.
Aye, aye. I'm doing three though because that's how I roll!

First, from the book we don't speak of, also known as the first NaNo Novel I wrote:

“The time is near,” The King whispers in a hoarse voice from where he sits in a small dark office in the highest tower of the castle, he faces the window, never once turning to look at the visitor.

Kind of a run on sentence...

Next, from my July Camp novel, Ren & Farrah:

The first day of April was Ren’s favorite day of the year.

Intriguing, right?

And lastly, the first sentence from my NaNo novel this month, Immortals!

"Colter." I flinch when Terry uses my full name, raising his voice to be heard over the pulsing, screaming music and laughter that surrounds us.

9. Why do you love writing?
I'm not sure I have a reason. I kind of just do. It's like writing was the only real possibility for me, my whole life. I love writing because I can create whatever I want and I can just, discover my own worlds and hope that other people will love them. It's kind of like, I actually had this ah-ha moment. I was like fourteen and I'd gotten really into astronomy, I loved the stars and wanted to be an astronomer and I was rereading Percy Jackson late one night and I just realized that I would always choose fantasy over reality and that that's where I wanted to live. Ever since then, I've never once considered doing something else. It's like...there is nothing else? Maybe I'm being dramatic, I'm a dramatic person. I can't think of a reason not to love writing though and I can't think of just any one thing I love about it, okay!?


So I wasn't tagged for this either but I saw Cait @ PaperFury do this a month or so ago and I NEEDED to do it because it's so much fun.


Coffee. Chocolate. Popcorn. Whatever I happen to have remembered to buy at the store. I'm a snacker.


EVERYTHING. I don't have one specific thing I listen to while writing, not even a genre or anything. I just listen to whatever I feel like or whatever fits the mood of the book. I spend HOURS making playlists. I do find Go The Distance from Hercules be really inspiring though, I put it on most my writing playlists.


My overactive brain. As soon as I finish a chapter my mind starts to wander so I always end up procrastinating between chapters because my brain just like gets out of the zone and needs a minute to get back. Also, music does distract me frequently but it's worth it!


My computer broke in the middle of Camp NaNo July and it kept having seizures or something, not quite crashing but kind of freezing. Multiple times when I thought I'd saved, it didn't actually save and I kept losing chapters! Even when I tried to back it up.


Hmm... Not sure honestly. But I celebrate everything with baked goodies and, sometimes, gifting myself concert tickets.


I talk to my brother a lot while writing, he's who I bounce all my ideas off of. Also, I email my friend Penny all the time while writing. We complain back and forth about how hard writing is and cheer each other on. It's lots of fun. We get really silly. Honestly, though, I'll talk to anyone and LOVE it.


My secret to success is loving everything I write even when it's a hot mess. My hidden flaw is definitely plots. I suck at them. It's a problem.


Setting goals. If I set myself a goal I never DON'T met it even if it means I get no sleep.


Something I always do that annoys myself, is leaving stupid little notes throughout my outline or draft and expecting future me to know what past me means! Also, in between rounds of editing and revising I go through really bad rounds of self-doubt. I'm working on it though.

Oh, and I hate (okay, that's a strong word, I just get frustrated with) writers who don't believe in using the Oxford comma!


I'm going to share one of my favorite parts from the novel I wrote back in July for Camp, Ren & Farrah:

"Foul beast! How dare you attack the Princess!” Ren giggled as another knight, Lady Malle, rushed the dragon, swinging her sword wildly.
The dragon reared back as Lady Malle’s sword clanged off it’s metallic scales. Wings beat against the air, strong enough to topple trees, sending Ren’s hair flying into her mouth. She laughed, waiting to see what the dragon would do next.
The dragon disappeared in a puff of smoke to be replaced by Ren’s older sister, hands on hips, glaring at her.
The magic disappeared with a great big whoosh.

And that's it! 
I tag Shannon (It Starts At Midnight), Cynthia (Binging On Books), and Jameson (Lovely Whatsoevers) for one or both tags if you guys feel like it and anyone else who sees this of course! 

Feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments! =)

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Blogger Positivity Campaign: Introduction!

What's this about now?

Well, the awesome Jillian @ Jillian's Books is hosting this amazing event called the Blogger Positivity Campaign!

I'm sure we've all noticed how blogging seems to have been rough recently for a lot of people. There's been so much going on, so many big things that have shaken us and some of the best bloggers have slowly...stopped blogging so much. Like everyone is going through a massive blogging slump. So, Jillian had the great idea to spread some blogging love, to try and make this the amazing place it's always been again and spread the love!

To be honest, there's been many times this year when I considered giving up blogging, that's why I decided that I HAD to participate in this amazing event.

There will be various posts over the next few weeks, make sure you check out the amazing host's blog, and make sure to check out everyone else's posts!

Hey It's Me Again, An Introduction:
Hi! I'm Shay, which is actually short for Shayla and I used to go by the name Nobody (not because I think I'm a nobody but because I was thirteen when I came up with it and thought it was mysterious). I'm 19. An aspiring writer who is pro-Oxford comma, and this is my blog, The Story Goes... Where I express all my crazy very loudly. =)

wherein i blog from an alien plant...
It's true. I'm an alien....I didn't want you to find out like this...
When I'm on earth though, I blog from the good old USA, in a little state called Nevada and the biggest little city (that's not actually that close to Vegas even though everyone always assumes it is and we are very angered by this!)'s Reno:
(this isn't my picture but it's actually cool, you see the big square building in the background? Left side? that's where my mom works and I have spent countless hours annoying her there...hi mom!)

what made me the awesome reader i am today (and humble too!)?
Um...Ever since I read Percy Jackson when I was 12, I was a goner. That book changed...everything and opened up so many new worlds to me. That book and my mom and brother's love for reading, and insistence that I read it, are what made me the reader, the person, I am today. I totally blame (and I mean give all credit) to my mom who's the biggest reader and will be sad with me over all my book related FEELs.

why i made the story goes...

   It's was the beginning of 2014 and I was making a top ten post about my favorite books from 2013 and stumbled upon The Broke and The Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday. I loved lists... So I thought: I should do this! Then...I hopped along and found all these blogs...about BOOKS.


I was in love....

Before that I blogged about random things because I was homeschooled and bookish and shy and so, of course, I loved the INTERNET. But finding Top Ten Tuesday and being opened to that giant world of book blogging is the main reason I have this blog.

the blogosphere…

My thoughts on the blogosphere... Well I love the word, blogosphere...
When I think about this, I try to remember what made me love the blogosphere in the first place... The people, the books, the FUN. And sometimes it's not quite so apparent anymore that this is the best and most fun place of ever, but I still love it. I still think that it's doing what it's supposed to, helping people find new books and being a great place for all us book lovers to discuss books even if sometimes it feels like everyone's just trying to... I don't know, trying to create drama or get more followers or promote the newest big book. At the end of the day I still love it even if we do have so...kinks to work out here.

all the random things!

Random facts...random facts...
1. I LOVE socks!
2. And weird, I have an octopus hat...
3. I like video games but only multiplayer and I've been known to get really really hyper while's intense.
4. I make the best sugar-free cookies ever! (I'm so humble)
5. I'm a writer who loves to write kissing scenes (who doesn't?) and is obsessed with NaNoWriMo.

how can i pick just five favorite books…


how can i pick just five favorite bloggers (hint, i can't, they'll be more shout outs later on!)

    Time to honor the bloggers... I have SO MANY favorite bloggers and I hope you know who you are, I don't want to make anyone feel bad about not mentioning you just know there will be more mentions later and I haven't discovered a blog and blogger I don't love (in a totally non creepy way)! If you love books and are willing to read my rambling comments and leave comments of your own here (or you know, you stalk me and I stalk you), then I love you and you are one of my million favorite bloggers.

They are both awesome and the sweetest and I am in awe of their friendship. They both write awesome reviews and the BEST discussion posts. Plus the name of their blog loosely translates to I'm a reader, what about you? and I am in love with that.

Molly is seriously the nicest person! She writes the most amazing reviews and leaves the best comments and her blog is awesome.

Um...Holly, I know we don't talk much but I kind of stalk your blog a lot... Holly does some of the longest, bestest, most in depth posts and I love them so much!

I love Cynthia's blog most because she's constantly introducing me to books I haven't heard of and she has some SERIOUSLY amazing discussion posts.

One of my newly found favorite blogs, Jameson's was the first real writing blog I found and loved! She’s so kind and thoughtful. =)

Hey, it's you again! Tell me all about yourself in the comments, starting with who you are and where you're from! And don't forget to check out other posts for the Blogger Positivity Campaign!

Next post is scheduled for Friday so keep an eye out!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Not A Review, A DNF Explanation: I Crawl Through It by A.S. King

23203744I Crawl Through It
by  A.S. King
Release date: 9/22/15
Format: ARC
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Surrealism
Goodreads Link

A boldly surreal novel from one of the best YA writers working today.
Four talented teenagers are traumatized-coping with grief, surviving trauma, facing the anxiety of standardized tests and the neglect of self-absorbed adults—and they'll do anything to escape the pressure. They'll even build an invisible helicopter, to fly far away to a place where everyone will understand them... until they learn the only way to escape reality is to fly right into it.
I received this book from the publisher through Netgalley to review honestly

Not A Review A DNF Explanation:

I've never read an A.S. King book before but, of course, I've heard amazing things about this author. What really made interested in this one was the line in the synopsis about the invisible helicopter. Obviously, going into this I knew things were going to be...strange and overly metaphorical. Two things I love! I'm a sucker for books that are different and strange and weird and I love pretty writing and extended metaphors you're never really quiet sure you "get" or not. Surrealism. All that. I LOVE it.

So I LOVED this book... At first. One Character is a girl who swallowed herself and is now inside out. Another's hair grows more and more every day even though she cuts it every day because she lies. And the last girl? Well, she's two people. Then you have the boy who builds the invisible helicopter. Every day at school bomb threats are called in. The four all know who's doing it but are also not sure who it is. 

Where this book first started to lose me was with the "dangerous bush man". A man who lives in a bush and sells letters for kisses. At one point he sells two of the characters letters, answers (for a test I think) and its described as being so long and never ending that the two of them can't carry it home...

Then this almost paranormal spiritual thing started happening and, sadly, I just couldn't handle it anymore. 

I wanted to love this book and in ways I'm so in love with the author's writing, and her mind honestly. But it got to the point where I just didn't know a thing that was going on. It was too out there, I didn't want to spend twenty hours trying figure out what the heck is happening.

If you're really into books where you're never really sure what's going on and you like confusing writing, then pick this up! If you want to have fun and not have to think to figure out every sentence...skip it.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Ships I DO Ship #2 A NEW OTP!

Ahhh! Finally a new ship post. So I have plans for these features which I've been neglecting for months and basically those plans are that it's going to start again in January and I'm going to do my best to post one a month. I've mentioned a few times that I'd like guest posters for this feature and I Do! I will reach out to a few of you who I think want to do it and then I'll make an actual form or something that can be filled out for if you're interested but again, that's gonna start next year.

Enough rambling! I have a SHIP to GUSH all about now!

Shipping: The act of wanting, nay needing, two characters to be together. Believing with every inch of your heart and soul that two characters belong together, whether it's that way in the book/tv show/movie or not.
Example: I ship Harry and Draco so hard, they just belong together!

OTPs: One True Pairing or a set of fictional characters that you believe no matter what belong together, whether it was ever a real option in the book or not.
Example: Katniss and Peeta are my ultimate OTP
simon and baz uvu:

23734628Simon Snow & Tyrannus Basilton "Baz" Pitch

Statues: OTP level shipping

From: Fangirl and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Spoilers? Yes! But ONLY in the quotes, so skip them if you don't want even a little hint about how things end up.

Why I Think They Belong Together:

Okay, you can't not fall for Simion and Baz in Fangirl, if only because of how much Cath loves them. You WILL fall for them.

- They really rock that hate to love relationship. I mean they're mortal enemies! Baz once tried to feed Simon to a chimera! Simion has been trying to prove that Baz is a vampire and get him thrown out of school/possibly locked up/possibly killed forever!

- Um? Opposites attract and also not. They're so different from each other which makes them work so well but then, in Carry On, towards the end you find out they might not be so different after all.

- Dude. They'll do anything for each other. Simon stalked Baz around for a whole year to find out what he was doing! Yes, he thought Baz was plotting against him but also he wanted to make sure Baz was okay! (Probably).

- No insta love here.

16068905- They still let each other do their own things. Baz needs to track down the people who kidnapped him and held him in a coffin for two months? Sure, you do that. Get some air. Simon wants to give himself up to a pitchfork-carrying mob (not literally, I'm exaggerating and changing what really happens so as not to give the book away) sure, you do you, Simon.

- They're part of a love triangle and it's so complicated and not really a triangle that it makes you grin.

- Swoon. Swoon swoon swoon and ship ship ship.  OKAY?

At the bottom of the box were Cath’s Simon and Baz posters … Simon raising the Sword of Mages. Baz lounging on a fanged black throne. The t...:

Quotes That Prove It:

“I am going to die kissing Simon Snow. Aleister Crowley, I'm living a charmed life.”

― Rainbow Rowell, Carry On

“[Baz] Snow was a wreck at dinner.
Which I might have enjoyed if I wasn't so desperate for him to stay.
Everything on his plate seemed to confuse him, and he alternated between staring at his food miserably and vacuuming it up because he was clearly ravenous.” 

― Rainbow Rowell, Carry On

“For a moment -- not even a moment, a split second -- I imagine him saying, 'The truth is, I'm desperately attracted to you.' And then I imagine myself spitting in his face. and then I imagine licking it off his cheek and kissing him. (Because I'm disturbed. Ask Anyone.)” 

― Rainbow Rowell, Carry On

Okay! That's it. Thanks for meeting my new OTP. Feel free to tell me if you agree or disagree with me in the comments. And let's chat about your current OTP! 

*the photos DON'T belong to me. Sources link to their Pinterest!