Wednesday, November 25, 2015

1 Sentence Movie Reviews!

Since the beginning of this summer, I've started seeing a lot more movies because I discovered that the theater near me does $5 movie night and even bad movies are worth $5, especially when your AC is broken and it's the middle of summer. So I've picked out a bunch of the ones I've seen and written one sentence reviews of them for your viewing pleasure.
*also, some of these are a bit older but ones I just recently saw.

Keep in mind, my knowledge on the actual, like technicals, of movie making is nonexistent, this is just my first thoughts on them.

Pan: So terrible that it's amazingly awesome. My brother and I literally spent to whole move cackling and laughing and just had an awesome time.

Hotel Transylvania 2: As good as the first, family friendly, and awesome.

Fantastic Four: Fantastically horrible. Why, why, why?

Ant-Man: Good but boring beginning and anti-climatic end.

Minions: Everything I wanted it to be, long live King Bob! If you don't like Minions, I'm sorry, you have no soul.

Tomorrowland: Not as bad as everyone says, enjoyable.

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials: Hate the book(I only like the first, thought it went downhill after), the movie's very different and I love it.

Pixels: Amazingly funny, why do people hate it? One of my favorites!

Inside Out: AMAZING, I love Sadness, and I NEED to see it again. FEEEELS.

Cinderella: Good but not great, a little boring. No singing.

Jurassic World: Dinosaurs used to scare me, kind of still do.

Terminator Genisys: So GOOD, but, um, time travel? And breaking time travel laws? And what is even REAL anymore?

Pitch Perfect 2: Haven't seen the first, but loved this, so funny.

Unfriended: Um, confusing? A little jump scary but nothing too bad.

Insidious: Not super scary but so freaking awesome!

Insidious Chapter 2: Scarier than the first but not quite as good a story.

Goosebumps: Amazeballs.

I haven't seen Mockingjay pt. 2 yet, (it should've come out by the time this is posted) but my review will be as follows: SOBBING.

Your turn! What movies have you been watching and what are your thoughts on them? Have you seen any of these? Favorite movie of the year (I can see you, Shannon, getting ready to say Mockingjay pt. 2)!


  1. Jurassic World was amazing. And I agree, Dinosaurs are scary. I'd still go to a park if they existed in real life, though. And I saw The Scorch Trials in 3D. I mean, zombies in 3D! :O It scared the hell out of me. Also, I watched Mockingjay pt.2 yesterday. It was great. But now, I'm depressed about Finnick all over again. And I think these three are my favorite movies this year. Although I kind of loved Age of Ultron as well. :)

    1. I will be depressed about Finnick FOREVER. I loved the movie too :)

  2. The funny thing is, that before I saw my name, all I could think of is "can't wait to get to the comments to talk about Mockingjay" BWHAHAH. You know me too well. It was, of course, my favorite movie of the year. Of the century. Of all time. I haven't seen any of these that you've talked about, though I DO want to see Scorch Trials. I felt the same about the books, so I am so glad the movie is better! Also, I hope that you have seen Mockingjay :D
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight