Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blogger Positivity Campaign: Introduction!

What's this about now?

Well, the awesome Jillian @ Jillian's Books is hosting this amazing event called the Blogger Positivity Campaign!

I'm sure we've all noticed how blogging seems to have been rough recently for a lot of people. There's been so much going on, so many big things that have shaken us and some of the best bloggers have slowly...stopped blogging so much. Like everyone is going through a massive blogging slump. So, Jillian had the great idea to spread some blogging love, to try and make this the amazing place it's always been again and spread the love!

To be honest, there's been many times this year when I considered giving up blogging, that's why I decided that I HAD to participate in this amazing event.

There will be various posts over the next few weeks, make sure you check out the amazing host's blog, and make sure to check out everyone else's posts!

Hey It's Me Again, An Introduction:
Hi! I'm Shay, which is actually short for Shayla and I used to go by the name Nobody (not because I think I'm a nobody but because I was thirteen when I came up with it and thought it was mysterious). I'm 19. An aspiring writer who is pro-Oxford comma, and this is my blog, The Story Goes... Where I express all my crazy very loudly. =)

wherein i blog from an alien plant...
It's true. I'm an alien....I didn't want you to find out like this...
When I'm on earth though, I blog from the good old USA, in a little state called Nevada and the biggest little city (that's not actually that close to Vegas even though everyone always assumes it is and we are very angered by this!)'s Reno:
(this isn't my picture but it's actually cool, you see the big square building in the background? Left side? that's where my mom works and I have spent countless hours annoying her there...hi mom!)

what made me the awesome reader i am today (and humble too!)?
Um...Ever since I read Percy Jackson when I was 12, I was a goner. That book changed...everything and opened up so many new worlds to me. That book and my mom and brother's love for reading, and insistence that I read it, are what made me the reader, the person, I am today. I totally blame (and I mean give all credit) to my mom who's the biggest reader and will be sad with me over all my book related FEELs.

why i made the story goes...

   It's was the beginning of 2014 and I was making a top ten post about my favorite books from 2013 and stumbled upon The Broke and The Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday. I loved lists... So I thought: I should do this! Then...I hopped along and found all these blogs...about BOOKS.


I was in love....

Before that I blogged about random things because I was homeschooled and bookish and shy and so, of course, I loved the INTERNET. But finding Top Ten Tuesday and being opened to that giant world of book blogging is the main reason I have this blog.

the blogosphere…

My thoughts on the blogosphere... Well I love the word, blogosphere...
When I think about this, I try to remember what made me love the blogosphere in the first place... The people, the books, the FUN. And sometimes it's not quite so apparent anymore that this is the best and most fun place of ever, but I still love it. I still think that it's doing what it's supposed to, helping people find new books and being a great place for all us book lovers to discuss books even if sometimes it feels like everyone's just trying to... I don't know, trying to create drama or get more followers or promote the newest big book. At the end of the day I still love it even if we do have so...kinks to work out here.

all the random things!

Random facts...random facts...
1. I LOVE socks!
2. And weird, I have an octopus hat...
3. I like video games but only multiplayer and I've been known to get really really hyper while's intense.
4. I make the best sugar-free cookies ever! (I'm so humble)
5. I'm a writer who loves to write kissing scenes (who doesn't?) and is obsessed with NaNoWriMo.

how can i pick just five favorite books…


how can i pick just five favorite bloggers (hint, i can't, they'll be more shout outs later on!)

    Time to honor the bloggers... I have SO MANY favorite bloggers and I hope you know who you are, I don't want to make anyone feel bad about not mentioning you just know there will be more mentions later and I haven't discovered a blog and blogger I don't love (in a totally non creepy way)! If you love books and are willing to read my rambling comments and leave comments of your own here (or you know, you stalk me and I stalk you), then I love you and you are one of my million favorite bloggers.

They are both awesome and the sweetest and I am in awe of their friendship. They both write awesome reviews and the BEST discussion posts. Plus the name of their blog loosely translates to I'm a reader, what about you? and I am in love with that.

Molly is seriously the nicest person! She writes the most amazing reviews and leaves the best comments and her blog is awesome.

Um...Holly, I know we don't talk much but I kind of stalk your blog a lot... Holly does some of the longest, bestest, most in depth posts and I love them so much!

I love Cynthia's blog most because she's constantly introducing me to books I haven't heard of and she has some SERIOUSLY amazing discussion posts.

One of my newly found favorite blogs, Jameson's was the first real writing blog I found and loved! She’s so kind and thoughtful. =)

Hey, it's you again! Tell me all about yourself in the comments, starting with who you are and where you're from! And don't forget to check out other posts for the Blogger Positivity Campaign!

Next post is scheduled for Friday so keep an eye out!


  1. Heyo! I'm Lara and I'm from New Zealand! I'm also taking part in this campaign and isn't it exciting?! Spreading the love is always a good thing and it's cool seeing how all the bloggers who have been mentioned react. Warm fuzzies for everyone!

    I will definitely be back on Friday to see the next post :) Much excite!

    1. Hey, Lara! It's nice to meet you! It is really exciting and fun! Warm fuzzies are the best. =)

      Thanks, can't wait to check out your posts!

  2. Hey Shay!
    I don't quite know if it's gotten to you yet....but you should get your blogger-to-blogger letter soon *wink*
    I love Harry Potter as well (who doesn't) and have been wanting to read Carry On FOR SUCH A LONG TIME UHGHHHHGHGHGHG. I'll have to check that out soon!
    And you're a writer too! I'll be on the lookout for your next post!

  3. Yay Shay, I love this post! I've been going back and forth from the Philippines to the US since I was a kid because half of my family and friends reside there. I've never been to Nevada though, but it looks so cool. I could tell :) I loved Percy Jackson when I was 10 years old, but sadly I have gotten a little detached from the Heroes of Olympus. (Please don't eat me haha.) I love Percy Jackson, but I really can't take it with Heroes because I'm too attached to the original series ^.^"

    Anyway, I love writing light kissing scenes in my novels too!! They're so adorable and fun to write because you can make fluffy quotes and stuff. And I still have yet to read Dumplin' and Carry On! I saw them both in the bookstore the other day, but my mom told me to finish the 7 books i bought previously before I could get them lol :P

    Thanks so much for participating Shay, and I really enjoyed reading through your post! And I appreciate you joining in, too. I hope you have an awesome day today :D

  4. This is a great introduction, Shay! I have actually never read Percy Jackson, but I keep thinking I should already. I also really want to read Dumplin' and Rainbow Rowell's books! I've been seeing them around, but I'm resisting buying them because my TBR pile is already scary high haha. Kissing scenes can be so fun to write, but I always get self-conscious about them. Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye out for your next post! :)

  5. Socks are cool! Everyone I know used to laugh at me because I only own, like, two pairs of "normal" socks, haha.

    Blogging is such a great way to make new friends and learn about new books and movies and stuff! I was homeschooled too, and shy (still am), so blogging has been a wonderful way to meet fellow book nerds. :) Blogging definitely is more fun when it's about the community and friendships and encouragement than when it's just about the numbers.

    *blushes* Thank so you much! :)