Friday, November 27, 2015

BPC: Open Letter To Fandom

Welcome to another post for the Blogger Positivity Campaign hosted the awesome Jillian @ Jillian's Books.
If you haven't heard yet this is an amazing event created by Jillian and it's all about spreading love and positivity in the book blogging world! You can check out my introduction here and Jillian's post here.

Welcome to another lovely Blogger Positivity Campaign post. Today's promt is arguablle my favorite, and it's to write a letter to something that inspired/helped you in some way. This could've been a book, a character, a ship or whatever. So...I've written letters like this before, once to the first book that broke my heart and once to an author and I LOVE doing this kind of thing but I really waned to do something different than those two posts so today I bring you...

A love letter to fandom, fanfiction, and all the lovely booknerds who've ever been willing to fangirl with me over anything and everything!

Dear Fandom,

Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for always being there for me. And thank you, for making me a fangirl.

I'm lucky in that I come from an amazing family that's always encouraged me to read, to be expressive, and never thought I was crazy for loving fictional characters so much it HURTS, because, for the most part, they did too. Still, while they love Harry Potter they will never understand how I can still care so much about Dobby being a free elf, how I still haven't gotten over a certain redheads death, or, how I can "ship" two characters who hated each other in canon.

They'll never understand the power of Destiel or the fierce feels I have concerning certain Marauders. But you, you understand, you care you...thrive off of the same things. You feel the same way and you sob and *sob* with me. You carry on for hours and hours and days and day discussing the best ships, defending your love triangle choices, and dreaming up new stories for all our favorite characters. You make the best and saddest and funniest memes and headcanons that bring the FEELs.

You...inspire me to write fearlessly because I only just got into fanfiction but's not about the best writing and the best...anything, it's not about being good enough to get published. It's about the FEELs, the characters, and the story, and nothing else matters. You cheer me up when I'm just so fucking down on life. You make me write without thinking, remind me that characters and feels are what's important, make me remember that I love writing, I love reading, and that's why I'm trying to do this. You remind me that everyone has something they care this much about and it's not stupid. When I want to just lie around being sad you make it better. When things are going good you're right there, a comforting friend I can visit over and over. Always willing to talk and listen and gush and go over and over every FEEL you've ever experienced, all brought together by fandom.

Fandom, books, bloggers, fangirls fanboys, anyone willing to talk about fictional characters, anyone who yearns to live in a fictional world, you are my favorite people, my favorite things, the best everything. You cheer me up, inspire me, make me forget all about the real world and help me belong in ones that I like so much better.

So, thank you, fandom.


Okay, sorry if this wasn't my best post, I wrote it at the last minute cause I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to say! if you're doing BPC then link me below (I'm still catching up on comments from last week but I love you guys!) and if you aren't then tell me, what do you wish to write a love letter too?


  1. I love this letter! All the fandoms out there (especially on tumblr) have changed me so much.... I've read books I would never have read otherwise and I watched a bunch of TV shows that I didn't think I'd become so invested in. It's crazy!

    1. I know right? Fandom just opens so MUCH to you! There's simply nothing like fangirling with other people who are just as crazy about things as you are. =)

  2. Like you, I love fandoms and the idea of shipping characters, etc. I'm not a fan of fanfiction, though (please don't kill me haha), but I support fanfiction so much, even if I don't read them. I love how fandoms make you feel like you belong somewhere in some sense. People understand you when you fangirl over a certain book, character, or movie, and to them, it's completely normal, even if others think weirdly of you :P

    Lovely letter Shay! I enjoyed reading through your entire post!

    1. EXACTLY! These people, in fandom and just blogging honestly, just GET you and no matter what, they never think you're weird, or at least they won't tell you if they think you're weird! And don't worry, I won't kill you over not reading/being a fan of fanfic, I just got into it myself and I can't even read some of it becuase it's just...too weird, maybe? I don't know. But I totally agree, even the stuff I won't read, I support it SO MUCH. =)