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Review: Chasing Bristol by Shane Morgan

25243522Chasing Bristol
by Shane Morgan
Release date: April 5th 2015
Format: Ebook
Genre: NA Contemporary
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*Can be read as a standalone

It started with a rose.
Then notes and gifts to show his affection.
It seemed so harmless at first
Until he breaks into my apartment...
...and a murder occurs.
Trust. Privacy. Control.
The courage to love.
He's taken it all from me.
But I will fight to take it back.
Bristol is trying to move on from a cheating ex. The last thing she wants are roses, gifts, and suggestive notes popping up at her apartment and at work. 
When Bristol meets Mason—a charming and sweet guy who wants a chance with her—she’s convinced that he is the mystery guy trying to capture her heart. The thought fizzles when what appeared to be harmless turns into something much more terrifying, and Bristol realizes that Mason isn’t capable of such things—not in his position. 
Bristol’s secret admirer is determined to have her for himself, no matter what. Will she have the courage to fight?

My Rating:


Bristol just walked in on her boyfriend cheating on her, the start of a spetacurly bad week. Her mom doesn't understand why she'd break up with Tyler (the ex) just because he cheated. She's not sure what she's going to do when her internship ends. And to top it all off, she keeps finding roses and little blue notes outside her door...

Stalker stories really...intrigue me? I like them because they tend to be a little creepy and I'm a little fascination with how people can get obsessed with each other (I hope that doesn't sound too weird). On top of that I LOVE  this author. I haven't read much of hers but what I have I love. All together I NEEDED to get this book even though it's a companion novel to a book I haven't yet read. This sat on my Kindle for awhile and then I decided randomly to start it one night and flew through it. I really enjoyed it but not as much as I wanted to.

Let's talk:

Characters: I'm not sure how I feel about Bristol. I liked her, definitely. But she wasn't anything special I guess? She wasn't unique. A smart, pretty girl. I was never even sure what exactly she liked? She was an intern at a publishing place, and she helped plan parties? What's her job? She's about the graduate, what's her major? If it was mentioned, I missed it. Now, I did like her but I didn't really understand her that much, I think.

Mason (love interest) was also cliche and a little boring. I kind of wanted to strangle him. He'd been through the whole stalking thing before with his sister, yet he wasn't even really helping Bristol! He kept saying he was going to "keep her safe" and all this but, I mean, what exactly did you do? Did you give her tips on how to handle this? No, not really. Did you try that hard to catch the guy? No, not really. Also, it was a case of Mason having liked her from afar when they were in high school and there wasn't a lot of development of the relationship because of that. It was borderline insta-lovey.

Side characters: I loved the side characters. Bristol's best friends, Amber and Jullian. Her ex, Tyler. Her mom and dad. There were some nice relationships in there, some complicated ones. I love it when side characters add so much depth to the novel, which was definitely the case in this book.

PLOT/Stalker: The plot was fine, it was great. The whole book was fast paced and so well written. I loved the stalker aspect! So creepy! So horrifying! But at the same time I wanted more from it. I never really felt like Bristol was taking it seriously and even when she did, when she started to get really fucking creeped out, I didn't FEEL that. I never even really felt worried for her life.

The end: I was disappointed by the ending. The climax just happened so fast. It was bam, bam, bam. One thing after another and there wasn't enough tension and the big reveal wasn't that big of a reveal. It just left me wanting more from the book and I never got that more.

Overall: I feel like I focused a lot on negatives but overall this is a really good book. I think, had I connected more to the characters and liked them more, I would've loved this, but I didn't. It had amazing writing and a great premise it just fell a little short for me. Also, of course, I don't read a ton of New Adult so that could totally throw off my reading of this New Adult novel.

Would I Recommend This? Yes!
Who To? New adult readers.
Will I read more from this author(or series)? Yes. I still love this author and I am curious about the companion novels to this.

Do you read New Adult? I'm willing to try more (I've only read a handful), any recommendations? Do you find stalkers (or anything like them) creepily fascinating in books? How weird am I?

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