Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Look Back and Forward: Reading and Blogging

I'm doing end of the year/resolution posts in the form of two posts this year. My first one was all about my writing over the course of the year and my plans writing wise for 2016. This post is all about my reading and blogging plus resolutions involving those things!

First, I'm going to go through the resolutions I wrote at the beginning of 2015:

10.  Finally, finish reading The Hobbit. I've been "reading" it for a year now...I was waiting until I saw the 3rd movie to finish it and now I have so it's time!  -- Okay, I didn't do this but I'm going to in 2016! Seriously!!!!

9.  Keep my review ratio on Netgalley up. -- THIS I actually did this! My ratio never fell under 80% and was generally above 85%.

8. Don't stress reading. Meaning do not stress out when I don't have a review going up because I'm behind on reading and don't stress if I don't get to an ARC before it comes out. -- erm, I was better with this but by no means perfect.

7.  Chill out about everything. This may be a hard goal but again my main goal for the year as a whole is to have fun and not get stressed out and not get bummed, hard things to control! -- I feel like I had bits and pieces of this. Meaning good months and bad but, that's life, isn't it!?

6. Keep caught up on comments! (This Is Never Going To Happen!!!) -- haha. i was so right. That didn't happen.

5.  Keep up with my book buying ban, wherein I'm only allowed to pre-order/buy 2 books a month -- I DID THIS! I kept up a book buying ban!

4. Keep up with the challenges I signed up for. -- I gave up around July...

3. Read more fantasy. -- Kind of did this?

2. Read lots of epic books. -- Did this.

1. Blog regularly but not stressfully. Meaning don't force myself to post every day, it's fine to skip days, in fact, I'm probably done posting on Wednesdays except when I do WOW posts. -- Again, good months and bad but I've been feeling pretty good about it all since November and am thinking, for now, I may have de-stressed myself when it comes to blogging???

2016 Bookish/Blogging Resolutions:

- So I really want to just be on top of blogging this year. To do that I need to not be stressed. Which means posting 3 times a week, no more, no less. Even when I really want to post more because I have so many IDEAS.

- Also, I'm going to TRY to do at least one feature a month. Including my ship posts. My bookish mind control posts. And various others. I'd like to say I'm going to do one of each a month but I just don't think I could keep that up. HOWEVER, I will be looking for guest shippers for my Ships I Ship/Ships I Don't Ship posts! (I mean it this time, Shannon!) Follow this link to fill out the form (hopefully it works, it's my first time!): Guest Shippers Form.

- I'm going to request fewer books because I have so many books on my real life TBR and I'm so behind on review copies anyway. 

- I'm going to post less often but more organized.

- I'm going to finish series and books I started and never finished, first up being the Finnikin Of the Rock books.

- I am going to read Hobbit

- I'm also going to read more Star Wars books (okay, this is mostly because my brother and I are doing it together)

Top 3 Favorite Reads Of 2015:
(let's just ignore the fact that there are four books, shall we?)

Top Three Disappointments:


Most Anticipated Of 2016:

Also, I currently have a giveaway going on, a New Years themed giveaway where I'm looking ahead to one of my most highly anticipated 2016 releases by giveaway a preorder for Bookishly Ever After! Int as long as Book Depository ships to you, find the giveaway here!

Tell me, what goals did you accomplish in 2015? What are you most looking forward to with the new year? Leave me all the links to end of the year posts!


  1. I have got to read Carry On ASAP! Haha I love how you commented on last year's resolutions...I feel the complete SAME about the Hobbit. It drives me crazy, but I can never get through it.

    Have a great 2016!
    Kate @Read and Dream

    1. YES, Kate you have to read Carry On! And you have to love it (or at least tell me you do so we can still be friends)... I kid, I kid.

      Haha. Right? I realy WANT to read it I just never do! But I love the movies so much so how can I not read the book!???

  2. I don't have any goals, except the Goodreads reading Challenge thing. The second I decide to strive towards something, I must do the complete opposite (and I guess you can imagine how great that was when I put myself on a book buying ban ^^). ;) I wish you all the luck with your goals, though, and I hope you make them. Especially the Finnikin one! :D Happy New Years, Shay, I hope your 2016 will be amazing. :) <3

    1. Haha, I am mostly the same which is why I don't try to set a lot of goals. The only ones I can follow through on are writing related! I'm always spending like hours making a detailed plan for the month or something and then it's like nope, can't do any of those things. Haha, that bad with the book buying ban??? =)

      I HAVE to do the Finnikin one, if I don't I will be so disapointed in myself! (I already am as I meant to finish the series before the end of December!) =(

      Thanks, Petra, you're awesome!

  3. I feel you with End of Days. SO SAD, I wanted epic and I got "meh". And I have heard so many not good things about Tonight the Streets are Ours, so sad.

    You did really well on your resolutions for last year though! So that is good! I have complete confidence in this year's goals. Especially the ship posts, because I will be on you like white on rice :P It just took me like, days to list my seven million ships hahah.

    Happy new year, my dear!!

    1. I'm still a little disapointed in End Of Days and I wasn't even all that invested in the trilogy! I was super sad for Tonight The Streets Are Ours though, it was just nothing like I was expecting. =(

      Haha, I'm counting on that! You have to make sure I do the ship posts! Haha, I went through them all and I'm just impressed you came up with so many! I've been in such a rut with those posts for so long it's like I can never think of a ship I do or don't ship anymore! Obviously, you have to be my first guest shipper, not only because you're the first to sign up but you're half the reason I'm finally doing it! We'll just have to narrow down which one you want to do first!

      Thanks Shannon! I've seriously missed talking to you, but I've been so behind on blogging. =( <3<3<3

  4. Hi Shay! I am a new follower via GFC. I loved the new Rick Riordan book (Magnus Chase) and also can't wait for The Trials of Apollo. I am also impressed that you even remember your 2015 resolutions! But, I've only been blogging for less than a year. Have a great week.

    1. Haha, I only remembered them because I wrote them down! I was actually shocked I followed so many as I forgot them after a month or so. And welcome, thanks for following! Magnus Chase was so good, wasn't it??? Nothing matches my excitement for Trials Of Apollo though!

      Can't wait to check out your blog and thanks for stopping by. =)