Friday, December 11, 2015

BCP 2015: That's A Wrap

Welcome to THE LAST post for the Blogger Positivity Campaign hosted the awesome Jillian @ Jillian's Books.
If you haven't heard yet this is an amazing event created by Jillian and it's all about spreading love and positivity in the book blogging world! You can check out my introduction here and Jillian's post here.

Sadly this is the last Blogger Positivity Campaign post. =( This was so much fun and I am so glad I got to be a part of this amazing event. Make sure to check out Jillian's blog to find all the links and spread a little love today!

Before we say goodbye I have a few last things to share with you all!

5 Things Learned From BPC:

- To just have fun. All these posts were so much fun to make, with all the positive energy flowing through. Sometimes it's easy to forget that we do this because we enjoy it and to connect with other people and just HAVE FUN.

- READING IS AWESOME AND READERS ARE AWESOME. Okay, I already knew this but reading everyone's letters and various posts just reminded me of how awesome readers and books are and that I NEVER want to lose my love of reading.

- Most bloggers blog because they love books and love talking about books. It's so easy to get wrapped up in posting all the time and in getting ARCs and being a part of the biggest tours and all this random stuff, the kind of stuff that creates DRAMA but most bloggers just want to have fun, they're here because they love books and they hate the drama just as much as I do.

- That we really are just one great big community, even if we have flaws and everyone wants to make it a community without those flaws.

- Potterheads are the BEST. What? I was so excited to see how many of us that took part were giant HP nerds!

4 Things Enjoyed In BPC:

- Posting! These were some of the funnest posts to write!

- Interacting with everyone. Okay, I admit, I failed majorly at commenting but when I did comment it was just so fun, jumping through all the blogs. On top of that, it was AMAZING doing the shout out post and highlighting some of my favorite bloggers and seeing their reactions.

- The letters! Writing letters was my favorite thing, not just the ones we all posted but the little notes we each sent to someone else. Mine wasn't the best written but I TRIED and it was amazing to get the one written to me today (THANKS SO MUCH KATE!)

- I just loved how positive everything was. I know, I know, obvious, but TRUE! There wasn't a post I read that didn't make me smile and leaving me feeling...giddy. =)


There were SO MANY amazing posts and I'm only sorry I've been so behind and wasn't able to comment on more! However, by far, my favorites were the letters we all wrote so I'm linking to a few of my favorites.

Cilla @ Paved With Books Letter To J.K. Rowling

Lara @ The Paperback Palace's Letter To Her Copy Of Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff's Dear Mom Letter

And (because I'm a cheater) Kate @ Read and Dream's Letter To A.S. King

2 Bloggers That Inspired Through Their Posts:

- Jillian @ Jillian's Books. All her posts were super inspiring, plus she's the mastermind behind all of this! On top of that, her shout out post made me smile.

- Erin @ Hardcover Lover's posts were BRILLIANT. I can't pick a favorite but I really loved her Things The Blogging Community Should Be Reminded Of post.

Lastly, 1 inspiring quote to top everything off:

My posts:
Things I've Gained From The blogging Community
Letter To Fandom
Shout out to all the bloggers I've loved before!

Sorry this was up a little late! Thanks to Jillian for running this and everyone else who took part because this was a highlight of my year and so much fun! Make sure to leave me links to any of your BPC posts! =)


  1. I loved writing the letters too and it was so nice to receive one as well! Thanks so much for mentioning my post :)

  2. I'm so sorry for this overdue comment! But anyway, I just want to thank you for participating and supporting this project. It was a pleasure working with everyone and even organizing this event :) I'm more than happy that you enjoyed, and that you also liked the letter-giving thing! For one, I loved that this project was able to make people smile -- may they be through the posts or through the letters I forwarded to everyone.

    Thanks again Shay! As always, your posts always make me smile! (And yes HP READERS ARE IMPORTANT.) Also, I love that quote *_*

  3. ♥ ♥ ♥ So glad we were able to do this amazing campaign together. So much positivity and love in all the posts. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recap and, as always, fabulous post!

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage