Friday, December 4, 2015

BPC: To All The Bloggers I've Loved Before

Welcome to another post for the Blogger Positivity Campaign hosted the awesome Jillian @ Jillian's Books.
If you haven't heard yet this is an amazing event created by Jillian and it's all about spreading love and positivity in the book blogging world! You can check out my introduction here and Jillian's post here.

Sadly this is the last Blogger Posit ivy Campaign post. =( Have no fear though, there will be a wrap up next week and there's still time to hop around and see everyone's post! Check out Jillian's blog to find all the links!

For this post we're spotlighting bloggers!

As I said in my introduction, there's not a blogger or book lover I've "met" that I don't love but today I'm going to share a few blogs/bloggers who are some of the first real friends I made through blogging, ones who always cheer me up even when they don't know I'm feeling down about blogging and always manage to make me rethink quitting when I've been seriously considering it off and on all year. These are bloggers who, I don't even say anything about my thoughts on quitting, but then they comment on a post or I read one of their posts or we chat a little on Twitter and suddenly it's like, nope, can't quit.
Without further ado, make sure you check out these amazing people, and thanks so much you guys, even if you don't realize how much you've helped me. =)

Petra @ Petra's Book Blog

Not only was Petra my first international friend but she's awesome. Petra not only writes amazing reviews, but she has the best taste in books. I found her through Top Ten Tuesday and I am so glad I did. She's talked (read: bullied (I joke) ) me into reading quite a few amazing books, she just GETS my love of Harry Potter and Carry On (Simon and Baz FOREVER), not to mention my sense of humor which is just so nice. I LOVE getting her comments, and, more importantly, her recommendations. =)

Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

Shannon, you are the best. You just get my social anxiety and my need to never leave the house. ;)

I also found Shannon through Top Ten Tuesday but I feel like we really connected over these "Cowardly Blogger" posts she wrote, I read them way back then and I was just: oh my god, my people! Seriously though, Shannon always cheers me up, she's so freaking encouraging, especially about my writing even though she hasn't really read anything and just, that is so nice you know? She always manages to cheer me up even when she has no idea that I'm feeling down.

So, thanks for that, Shannon! <3

Val @ The Innocent Smiley

I totally credit Val as my first blogging friend, I thought it was so cool to have a blogging friend and that she was so cool (still do by the way!). Val is like...the smartest person I know, she just writes such smart discussion posts that I am in awe of. And when I first got into the whole book blogging thing, again she was the first person I considered a friend here and she was so nice (still is), all her comments make me smile and, no joke, hers is the first blog I check (sometimes twice a day, I am not a stalker) every day.
Plus, I mean, she just has the best design and those freaking so smart discussion posts. I die! She's also really funny, I still haven't gotten over her April Fools post. I mean, just her blog name, The Innocent Smiley, makes me smile.

Jillian @ Jillian's Books

I swear, I'm not sucking up because she's hosting this event, I really just love her! Jillian was the first blogger to actually stumble onto my blog and want to be friends. We share a love for writing, even so far as to being in a cabin together for Camp NaNo! Which is just so nice. She leaves the most thoughtful comments and totally gets all my shipping/book boyfriend problems and is always willing to talk about them. She also writes such thoughtful posts, even her reviews every time I read one I have to just sit a think for a few minutes before commenting!

She also gets the pain of having older brothers...which yes, I need someone to complain too! ;)

Nori @ ReadWriteLove28

Well, first of all, Nori is a blogging ninja, in case you didn't know this, and I aspire to be her... Okay, seriously though, Nori is the sweetest person ever. I know her mostly through Twitter, though I stalk her blog quietly ALL THE TIME. When she drafted me into her Sunday Street Team, it was like, yup, I've made it in book blogging. She's also funny and humble and ALWAYS makes me smile. Plus, she has like a crazy awesome blog, m'kay?

Thank you, all you wonderful people. Extra points if you get the post title!

Now, you! Share with me your BPC posts and also tell me all about your favorite bloggers and blogs, those ones that just always cheer you up! Big lists are welcomed and encouraged! ;)

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  1. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!! *diesofhappiness*

    1. Ah! I don't want you to die of happiness!!!!!! I take everything back, come back Petra!

  2. AH SHAY YOU ARE THE BEST. I feel like we are so alike in so many little ways, like having a mutual love for books and writing. And even becoming cabinmates in NaNo. I'm serious when I'm saying this, but you're honestly my #1 NaNo inspiration! I really admire you because you can write 10K+ words in just ONE DAY, and to me, it takes an entire week to do 10K. Haha. I painfully grew up with an older brother to whom I would play video games and action figures with (but he also played my dollhouses, so we're even hahaha). I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    Anyway, I'm having so much respect for my brother now because he allows me to trade books and talk about books with his best friend, even if he finds it kinda weird I'm slowly becoming close to his friend :P I just want to say thank you for being such an amazing friend! I hope we can meet someday, though that might not happen in 100 years or so :P

  3. Love youuuuuu! <3 <3 Goodness, I remember those posts- seems like ages ago! And the graphics... oh man. I should just update them and get the old ones off the internet for good ;) And I cannot WAIT to read stuff that you write!! ALL the stuff. I expect my ARC in the mail tomorrow, please and thank you :D
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

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