Monday, February 1, 2016

Retelling The Story #13 January Update

Mention Pottermore

How the HECk has a month already passed of 2016???

Real Life:

Okay, so I had a few goals for the month and I did most of them? First, I didn't quite post as much as I was hoping but I did post 10 times, so that's not completely horrible? I wanted to read 10 books and read 9 and a half, again, that's not bad and I'm okay with it. I also wanted to get some writing done which I did! And will go into detail about below!

I bought lots of books after being so good about my two books a month limit last year and I also organized my real life TBR...I have 150+ books on it, if you're curious.

Also, I took a week break from writing and editing to celebrate finishing a round of revisions and spent that time working on perfecting my cupcake recipe. I'm happy with my chocolate cupcakes themselves but not with the icing yet. It's hard to perfect certain things when using Splenda (I make everything sugar free).

I went through a...funk. When it comes to writing and just...everything. It was bad but I'm better now.

Oh, and I took the Pottermore quiz again, to be sorted into my Hogwarts house, I'm a Gryffindor still. I've taken like a million quizzes and always get Gryffindor and why is this a problem you ask??? Because, in my heart I KNOW I am a Hufflepuff!


So at the beginning of the month I opened sign ups for my Ships I Ship and Ships I Don't Ship feature and I am still doing this, I'm just trying to figure a few little things out. If you want to sign up I set up a page here where you can find the form and I should be emailing people next week with the info and post dates and everything. Just please bare with me, I've never done anything like this before! And I've been procrastinating and putting it off!

Besides that, I'm back on track with my posting three times a week schedule. Where I post reviews on Mondays, writing posts Wednesday, and fun bookish posts Fridays! (except when two times in a row I messed up my scheduling and didn't notice until it was too late...). Here's some of my favorite posts from recently if you missed them:

- I started a new feature called Word Wednesday
- I reviewed Bookishly Ever After and The Shadow Queen (and others that I don't feel like linking!)
- I shared 5 Halfway Decent Editing Tips
- I linked up with Beautiful Books to talk about my writing goals!

So I was doing SO GOOD with commenting and then...I fell behind. I'm trying to catch up so if you have any posts I missed feel free to link them in the comments!


I made a resolution of sorts which involves giving up ARCs. Okay not really giving them up but just allowing myself the freedom to read whatever I want whenever I want too. And it's been NICE.
I feel like I'm finally making progress on my TBR and just really enjoying reading again. I haven't felt pressure at all since I started this, I've just felt like reading for fun and no other reason. So I highly recommend trying this method, okay?

I only read like 9 books this month but there's no pressure so I don't feel bad about this number.


January was a very up and down month with writing. I started the month halfway through rewriting my novel after getting feedback and figuring out the last big changes that needed to be made. I finished the rewrite on the 12th, I believe. I was really proud of that and it wasn't quite as painful as I thought it would be. Then, I kind of had a nice week of really low self-esteem when it comes to writing and it just was no fun. Once I got over that, it was back to editing and I'm making fairly good progress on it, I think?

Basically, I have mixed feels. On one hand I've been working on this book for so long and I love it and I'm super nervous about whether it's actually ready or not and kind of don't want to let it go out in the world to try to find an agent home so to speak. On the other, I am so ready to be done with it for now. Once I'm querying it's just out there and there's nothing to do but wait and I can FINALLY work on something else. So...yeah. I'm going to be querying by the end of next month for the third time.

Oh, I also found a new plot bunny that I'm in love with and having been plotting on the side a little. More about that later.

Next Month's Goals:

- I have a goal to finish editing by the 26th because there are some pitch contests coming up I want to be able to partake in.

- I swear I'm going to try really hard to get Ships I Ship/Don't Ship back off the ground! And continue to post consistently.

- I need to read 11 books.

- I'm also considering starting a new blog/probably a Tumblr to kind of chronicle my querying journey and everything but I'm not a hundred percent sure on that.

- Possibly reread Delirium

OKAY. That's all, tell me about your month below and what book you are most looking forward to in February. And again, leave me all the links to posts I may have missed!


  1. Oh, god. Your cupcakes looks so delicious. I want one (or ten)! My January was pretty fine. I read, a lot. And I have so much to do at work, but I also kind of like the stress. So it's fine. And yeah, that's pretty much January for me. Reading and working. Oh, and watching The 100, which I LOVE! :) And I'm looking forward to Calamity by Brandon Sanderson, AGOS by V.E. Schwab and After the Woods by Kim Savage. What books are you most looking forward to? And I hope you'll have a great February! :)

  2. Those cupcakes are soooo pretty!

    Yay for reading for fun! You are way ahead of me on reading this year (my current count is seven). My most anticipated read in February is Stars Above, which I've just started and am liking so far.

    I hope writing and querying go well for you! :)