Friday, February 5, 2016

The Hall Of Forgotten Features

Am I the only one who tends to create a ton of features all the time and then kind of just...completely neglects them???

Cause I've done that a lot.

I always come up with new ideas for different features and I love features, I just have a hard time remembering to actually post them. Hense why I've done exactly one ship post (Ships I Ship and Ships I Don't Ship) since this time last year.

In the process of going through my 300+ drafts (yes, I really have that many draft posts, some are from like three years ago! Send help!) I started thinking about all the features I've neglected over the years and which ones I will probably not get back to for a long long time if ever. Therefore, I bring you the:

First up, from the year 2014 we have: Fangirls Spotlight where I would pick an author/book series, usually self-published or indie published and I would feature it for one month with posts like reviews, interviews, and guest posts plus a giveaway to try to spotlight authors and books I thought deserved more credit.

First posted: May 2014

Last posted: September 2014

Reason for stopping: Honestly, I didn't mean to stop this, I took a break after September that was only supposed to last until the new year and then the next time I remember even thinking about it was the end of the last year and then it was a fleeting thought of how much my blog had changed. Um, it was just a lot of work and I got more series about writing last year and was just too busy to continue, I also had an author completely fall through and screw my plans one month which I let discourage me way too much.

Will it ever return: I mean, I would kind of like to bring it back one day but I would only do that if I knew for sure I'd be able to put enough time into it to do it right.

Next! Fangirls Anonymous. This was a sporadic not really a feature feature. I did it around the same time as fangirls spotlight. I wrote the most ridiculous posts for this! It was obviously all about fangirling and the most random things I assure you. I mean, I think I ever did one about Ed Sheeran? What even.

First posted: No idea.

Last posted: Around September 2014, I think?

Reason for stopping: I don't think I really stopped, it wasn't something I did regularly. Again I kind of forgot about it and just didn't have anything to write for it.

Will it ever return: Um, maybe? If I'm feeling like writing another ridiculous post then definitely!

#AmWriting Random Inspiration Something I started last year and then just...stopped. I would share inspiring quotes and things!

First posted: 2015

Last posted: November 2015

Reason for stopping: Um, again, just happened.

Will it ever return: Probably not. Just because I have a schedule now and there's no room for it and I'm starting a Tumblr for writing and I'll probably just do something like it there.

Bookish Mind Control! I loved this one! It was where I'd share one of my favorite series/books that's maybe a little underrated and try to convince you all to read it! I posted like...once.

First posted: Early 2015

Last posted: ^dido

Reason for stopping: I was super busy and just never had time last year! I gave up on all the features cause I didn't have time to create the posts. =(

Will it ever return: YES. Definitely, I will come back with this as soon as I can.

Writing Confessions: Where I confess things about writing! Like that I'm pro oxford comma. I have a problem where I'm an optimist and dear god do plots hate me.

First posted: September 2015

Last posted: October 2015

Reason for stopping: Um, again, busy!

Will it ever return:  YES. I PROMISE. You know those 300+ drafts I mentioned? At least five are Writing Confession posts!

Ships I Ship/ Ships I Don't Ship: You know the drill, I mention it all the time. This is where I feature a couple or "ship" that I do or do not ship and then go into great detail why.

First posted: September 2014

Last posted: November 2015 (after like eight months without one)

Reason for stopping: Okay, I started this forever ago, and it was a one-time thing. Then people loved it and I loved it so I continued, it was originally just Ships I DON'T Ship. The beginning of 2015 I added Ships I Do Ship/My OTPS and revamped the posts. I posted like one of each and then...I didn't have inspiration to write them. No ship stood out to me as one I NEEDED to write about. So I just kept letting it go and go and go. I didn't mean to stop!

Will it ever return: YES!!!! Last month I finally opened to guest shippers (you can sign up here if you're interested) and I'm so excited to get back into these posts. I feel super bad because I haven't emailed anyone about them yet or assigned dates but as soon as I'm done with my editing later this month I am going to get on top of this. I have a couple posts planned and I'm finally going to organize everything and with any luck by the end of March I'll officially have my first guest shipper post up! I would like to apologize real fast for not getting back to anyone about this, again I've just beem super busy. <3 <3

Features I'm still actually currently posts: Word Wednesday and On Repeat... So, two. I'm awesome.

Okay, this took longer than I thought. Tell me, are there any features you neglect? Do you have  a problem where you try to create too many features??? Is there such a thing as too many features?Is there a feature you've given up on?  Lastly, which of mine would you most want to see come back?


  1. I'm going to try really hard not to do this with my new blog, but of course it probably will lol. So far I only have one feature (an off topic/about my life kind of thing), and then I'll be introducing another one at the end of the month. I'm hoping to keep it limited to those two for now and to keep up them-we shall see :)

    1. Haha, yeah I think try to limit yourself might be a good idea -- I obviously need to work on that. I think it's probably easier to keep up with only one or two, I mean, it's not like you have to post it every week but once a every month or two is probably good, not once every six months which is what I'm likely to do. Anyway, good luck with your features and new blog! =)

  2. This is too funny! I don't think I have abandoned any completely, but some of them have morphed into something else, I guess? I am actually contemplating stopping Snark From the Ark because no one seems to care about it at all. And it is a LOT of work. This week, Holly and I both posted one, and we got ONE comment. ONE. So it's just not worth the hours of work, you know?

    And SHIPS! All the ship features, obviously!! I cannot wait for them. (And no, you can never have too many features ;) )

    1. Aw, thanks, Shannon! First, I would be so SAD if you stopped Snark From the Ark BUT I would completely understand. It looks like it takes a lot of work and if no one else wants to discuss The 100 (first of all how dare they!) then I would totally get why you wouldn't want to go through all that hassle every week. You will have another comment - me! I'm just late and behind everything. =)

      Haha, I knew you'd say that! I'm working on Ships, you're going to be my test monkey by the way as the first person who signed up, I just have to get my shit together. =) <3