Friday, February 19, 2016

What I'm Watching

So um, I watch a lot of Tv. I also go to the movies a lot because $5 movie night, okay? Anyway, so I thought it might be fun to show with you all what I've been watching and am currently obsessed with.

Movies I've Recently Seen/Am Obsessed With:


I literally saw this like last night but I LOVED it. I am not one for R-rated movies, I'm squeamish, I'm a borderline prude and so yeah, but I mean, Deadpool. I love comics, in case you didn't know that. I love superhero movies, and nothing is better than an anti-hero okay? And no anti-hero is better than the merc with a mouth. It's funny and I mean, not terribly like graphic and whatnot.


Okay, I know this came out last year but um, I watch it ALL THE TIME. I enjoyed the book and the movie is nothing like it besides keeping the same characters and kind of overall meaning but I LOVE this movie SO. MUCH.


Okay, again came out last year and I mean, it's a terrible movie. Horrible. The acting is okay, the dialogue sucks, and, at one point, they're in Neverland and they all break out in Nirvana... Um, what? But I LOVE TERRIBLE MOVIES. This is one of the best terrible movies, okay?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I've seen this 3 times and then I was cut off (by my brother who is a bigger Star Wars fan than me and that's just bullshit). Okay, so it has problems (the amount of times I've discussed this with my brothers is insane) but I love it so much. I was so excited to go to my first Star Wars midnight showing (that was actually before midnight because apparently we don't do midnight showings anymore???) and I loved it the first time I saw it. And I loved it the second time I saw it. And I loved it the third time I saw it. And I really want to see it again but keep getting out voted. =( Also, um, Stormpilot. Yeah, if you don't know it's a ship that... Sigh. I know it probably won't actually be a thing in the movies but I ship it so much.

TV Shows I'm Currently Obsessed With:


My brother and I just binge watched season 1, we'd been holding off even though Daredevil is one of my favorite comic book characters EVER. And we finally watched it in like three nights and it's everything I wanted it to be. Obviously, I'd heard a lot of things about it, they were all true. I was not disappointed and I'm already obsessively counting down days until the next season!


Okay, so, on the one hand, I think a lot about this show is horrible. I don't know if it's the acting or the writing and dialogue but parts are just horrendous, in my opinion. I also think it has a problem with pace (how many days have passed between episode 1 and where we are now?) and explaining things (what's with the Clave and...everything?). Some of the time the characters are just so stupid (how is no one noticing Simon's turning into a vampire??? He can jump over walls suddenly and Clary's just all, oh cool). BUT, I'm addicted. Mostly because Malec. And just Alec in general. Also, because I'm once again being sucked into this world even though I've clawed my way out so many times (I've gone through a major love/hate relationship with the books). Anyways, I definitely love it, I think. Partly because Malec, partially because I love bad TV. But, yeah, Malec is OTP so...

Gilmore Girls 

When have I not been obsessed with this show? Never. I started watching it when I was...9? And now there's going to be MORE! I got so excited about it that for like the thirtieth time I've started watching it all the way through again.

Other shows I'm still into: The 100 (I'm behind like 3 episodes, don't shoot! My brother and I are used to binge watching it so we're letting it pile up a little). Supernatural. Vampire Diaries. Big Bang Theory (of course!). The Flash and Arrow (I'm like a season behind on both but working on catching up!). And other things I'm blanking on right this second.

OKAY. Your turn! What shows are you currently watching/obsessing over? Someone please talk Shadowhunters with me!!! I know there's confliction in the fandom over whether it's amazing or sucks but can we at least all agree that Malec is still OTP???? Any movies you've seen recently? Let's chat!!!


  1. Oh, I can't wait to watch Deadpool. It's at the top of my list. But I'm so busy with packing, and cleaning, and moving, so I just don't have the time right now. :/ Otherwise, I'm currently obsessed with Teen Wolf. I just finished season 3, and I love it. The next thing I'm gonna do is to catch up on The Walking Dead. I've only seen the first two seasons, but dammit, now's the time.

    And Shadowhunters. So, I've seen the first three episodes, and I'm not impressed. I love Simon, though, but I haven't seen any great Malec scenes yet. I will continue to watch it, but my expectations died around the same time I realized that Jace had more passion talking about being parabatai with Alec, than he ever had in any scene with Clary. :P

    1. Ah, Deadpool is so good! I understand not having time though, I didn't know you were moving, good luck with that! =) You have to let me know what you think of the rest of Teen Wolf, I used to be obessesed with it but kind of got out of it after season 3, I've been debating restarting but I need opinions about whether or not it's worth it! I've actually never watched Walking Dead, shame. =(

      Okay, I understand not being impressed. I almost gave up after the second episode but I think, I mean, it gets a little better and Malec starts coming into it and that's enough to keep me watching. I'm really hoping that it continues to get better though because the latest episode was really not that great. And yeah, Malec, I mean there are scenes and my favorite is in the 4th or 5th episode I beleive, when they first meet. So, I'm invested because of them. Haha, yeah the Jace and Clary scenes are just so weird! And then, I won't spoiler it, but I really started to hate Jace because of things with Alec an epiosde or two ago. You must keep me updated on your thoughts! I also don't have high expectations of it but as long as there is Malec I will continue to watch it. =)

  2. Gilmore Girls!! I am SO BEYOND EXCITED for the revival!! I binge watched it on Netflix next year, but now I really need to watch it again. Obviously, you cannot have too much Gilmore Girls.

  3. Shadowhunters... it doesn't look good, I won't lie. The acting looks subpar- especially for some of the main characters ::cough:: Clary ::cough:: but I am glad that you're at least liking parts of it! I have watched The Gilmore Girls sporadically- back when it was new bwhaahha. Never kept up with it though, for some reason.

    So, what am I obsessed with? THE 100. Obviously. And The Challenge: Bloodlines, but that just ended, I am sad. I watch Girl Meets World, Biggest Loser, Dr. Phil (bwhaha seriously), New Girl, Big Bang... that's about it. I have all but given up on Jane the Virgin, though it IS still on my DVR so we'll see!

  4. OMg if you are liking Daredevil you should watch JESSICA JONES. Because that was my most recent TV show obsession, and now I have no more episodes to watch. And I am also just waiting on the second season of Daredevil, because yay!

    I really really want to see Deadpool. And I haven't seen Pan, but I wanted to, and now I'm glad I didn't because this is the first I have heard of the bad acting lol. AND SHADOWHUNTERS. To be honest, I have never read the books, and I only watched the first two episodes because everyone else was watching it. And yes I also think it is pretty horrible, but I can imagine people being addicted to watching it lol!