Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Word Wednesday #2

A brand new feature here at The Story Goes...! This is where I shall share an interesting word every other Wednesday as a self-proclaimed logophile (a lovely word if I do say so myself). Along with each word I'll include a book I associate with that word!

sem·pi·ter·nal (sempəˈtərnl / adj.) 1. Eternal and unchanging; everlasting. "His writings have the sempiternal youth of poetry.": Sempiternal:
  1. eternal and unchanging; everlasting.

I mean, I love the word everlasting but this? So much better. Think about it, instead of saying "My love for chocolate is everlasting", you could say, "My love for chocolate is sempiternal". Way more elegant, am I right? My love for chocolate is eternal and unchanging... Yup. Sounds right.

(oh, it's also the title of a Bring Me The Horizon album)

The book that comes to mind first to associate with sempiternal has to be Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Granted, that could be just because I have it on my mind while writing this post but for some reason it just seems to fit.

Don't forget to share your favorite words down below! Let's play a game, tell me the first thing you picture/think of when you hear the word Sempiternal!
(I think chocolate!)

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