Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Retelling The Story #14: Where'd I Go?

Okay, February was kind of a flop blogging and reading wise for me. I was okay with it, I knew I would have a ton of time to read and post. I'm NOT OKAY with the fact that I totally dropped the ball on commenting. I kept reading posts and then telling myself I was going to go back and comment on them...and I DIDN'T. Anyway, this month should be better? Who knows really?

The BOOK SLUMP. TI've been slumping. It has to do with being so caught up in editing and editing killing me and carving my soul out and all the things. I've really only felt like rereading things (Delirium and now Mortal Instruments) and that I've been doing really slowly... I DON"T KNOW. It's DRIVING ME INSANE though.

So yeah. Most February for me was spent trying to fight off the self-doubt demons while I edited. I'm officially dying as I sent out queries for my novel (TWIG). And like...I don't know how I feel. I'm mostly super relieved to be done with this book. I've queried it before, I've been writing and rewriting and editing it since November 2014 and it's a relief to not think about it right now. Besides that, the anxiety is killing me but I'm getting ready to start working on something else which makes me feel better.

I spent a weekend in San Fransico earlier this month (which is responible for part of my absense this month or at least I used it as an excuse to not blog). It was really fun and nice. I went with my mom and brothers and we mostly went to hunt Pops... I'm sure most of you know what Funko Pops are, right? Well, my brothers are huge collecters of them and so we went to San Fransico to hunt for them. But it was lots of fun, we tend to get crazy when it's just the four of us, some highlights being when we were screaming out the name of random places we passed and I mispronouced something screaming out "won cocks" like right in my mother's ear.

My brother is a terrible driver so we legit almost died a few times and then we forgot to take into account traffic on the way back, because we live in Reno and you have to pass through all the big ski resort areas to get back from San Franscico and apparently everyone in that part of Calafornia had decided to go skiing that weekend.

Um, my mom randomly informed me her favorite word is "moron". She also said she wanted to get a motorcycle and I'm like: Haha. No.

Oh we were stuck in traffic so my brother (not the one driving the other one) starts blasting the Rick Roll song.

OH! I also got to visit my first Half Priced Books which I found exciting!

Here's my haul from that trip, my brothers were super proud of me for actually buying a few Pops myself. I was super excited because I found Calamity by Brandon Sanderson out early and got a few other books of course. Also, turns out places in San Francisco sell more Splat brand hair dye than anywhere here. I was so excited, you have no idea, I mean, they had colors and things I didn't even know existed!

So...yeah. I think that's pretty much all I did for February. I admit, I was feeling really...yucky there for most the month with my editing and everything but I'm feeling so much better after finishing that.

So hopefully everything will be back to normal around here posting wise and I'm working on finally actually really this time I mean it, setting up my guest shippers for my Ships I Ship/Ships I Don't Ship posts, I MEAN IT THIS TIME. I'm also oddly obsessed with Shadowhunters and it's killing me slowly. I mean, when I get obsessed with something I get REALLY INTENSELY OBSESSED and it's HAPPENING and I can't stop it!

Okay, enough.

What about you? How was your February? Anything new/exciting/not exciting? Oh, who collects Funko Pops???? Who's watching Shadowhunters??? WHERE DID THE MONTH GO???

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