Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Letter From Camp

Dear lovely blog friends,

Hello from Camp NaNoWriMo! You may have noticed I haven't been around much this month but I've been at camp, writing. The lovely Jameson (Lovely Whatsoevers) had the idea to write letters from Camp so here we are.

At the moment I'm staring out the window by my top bunk, watching birds fly through the perfectly clear blue sky and feeling a little homesick but also a little sad to be at the end of the month.

How's the month been? HECTIC. But fun. Actually, the hectic-ness hasn't even come from NaNo things and writing, just general things. LIFE getting in the way when all my life is supposed to be is READING and WRITING.

Camp is practically over, I'm sending this on the last day and like always it's bittersweet. I've spent the month writing lots but also it feels like, with all the other stuff going on, I haven't had much time at all for writing even while meeting my word count and everything. Which, I met my goal of 75k earlier this month!

It's been strange this month, because I haven't been writing something new. I took something I wrote forever ago, my very first novel, scrapped it and rewrote the whole thing. And while so much changed between versions it's still a story I know down to its core, to its bones. It's been fun rebuilding it though, even while it hasn't felt...I don't know. The same? It's deferent to rewrite something even if 90% of it is changing than to write something completely new and that's not a bad thing it's just been weird. Rewriting the first thing I ever wrote...maybe like surreal and scary cause I'm supposed to know more of what to do and how to write these days than I did when I was 16!

So I went the big bonfire this year (the forums before camp started) and did some mingling (it was scary) to find cabin mates and my cabin has been so much fun. We got one of the big cabins over by the purple lake and no one got eaten by bears this year (that happened once last year, tragic really). And we told ghost stories and I took up my mantle of NaNo Cheer Coach (I'm really good at this job! Just ask Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)). There were dragons and mermaids and ghosts (seriously, ghosts everywhere). Snacks! So many snacks...

My novel is Dragon Heir: It's MG and it's fantasy and DRAGONS.

So the main characters of this book are a pair of baddass 14 year old girls. They're the POV characters anyway, really it's based around a group of eight characters. The baddass girls, though, one's the leader of their group; the other wants to be the leader. One cares way too much for people; the other is not a team player at all. Among the rest of the characters is an awesome boy who can shapeshift and often shifts into the form of a duck when he's nervous.

There are dragons and centaurs, fae and magic and I had so much fun writing this book.

I started out writing this book, this genre MG fantasy, and since then I've gone all over the place genre-wise, most notable getting really into YA contemporary for a while and basically I've been thinking a little about what I want to write. What I want to be known for. And I've been kind of realizing as much as I love everything I've written, as much as I've poured my heart and soul into it and editing things...MG fantasy is kind of my soul. It's what I always imagined writing. What I always imagined being and it's been really fun to kind of surround myself with that again.

Word Count At The Moment UPDATED because I finished my novel with over an hour to spare of the last day of camp!

Goal For The Month: 75,000
Current Total: 112,714
Most Written In One Day: 13,503

This feels crazy to me cause I fnished my first draft of the third completely rewritten version of my first book idea. I wrote the oringinal first draft of this novel in 2012. Is it just me or is that crazy?

Next Camp is in July! And it's my goal to convince some of you to join me! (I'm looking at you Val and Shannon and Jillian and anyone else that I might have a hope of convincing).

Wow, this letter is like two pages. I have to go pack and there's the final bonfire tonight and I'm supposed to meet people at one of the lakes...I don't remember which. Plus, I do actually have a few chapters to finish! Gah! Bye!


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