Sunday, April 17, 2016

Reviewing A TV Show: Shadowhunters Season 1

I'm going to attempt to review a TV show today, which basically means I'm going to try to convince you all to watch Shadowhunters and then fangirl/rant with me all about it!

based on: Mortal Instruments by Cassie Clare
Network: Freeform
How I watched it: Obsessively
Genre: ???
My synopsis:
Based on Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, Shadowhunters follows Clary Fray who is way more badass here, and Jace (who really knows what his last name is anyway?) who isn't as funny as the book version but still a total tool. Clary didn't know the shadow world existed until she bumped into Jace while her mundane friend Simon watched her have a conversation with an invisible person... And then her mom was kidnapped by demons or circle members or something like that.
Also included: Magnus Bane the best warlock to ever warlock played perfectly by Harry Shum Jr. Isabelle the baddest badass to ever badass. And the perfect Alec Lightwood. Oh, and Simon is pretty awesome too. Luke is also a badass.
Clary finds out she's half angel, Jace does things. Valentine wants the cup, Clary wants to save her mom. Magnus wants Alec. Alec has his own whole storyline that will give you feels and I am really bad a writing synopsises...

My Rating:

Bruh, I don't know how to rate a TV show... Adaption wise I rank it with... Hunger Games? Meaning it is awesome. They deviated from the books, of course, but the actors play their characters so well and, while I mean, parts can just be considered bad TV, I still really loved it.


So Shadowhunters ended it's first season like two weeks ago now because I was lazy and wrote this post but didn't finish it and actually post it when I meant to... I'm sure you've all heard things about it and most those things are probably along the lines of how bad the first couple episodes are.... And they are bad. But at some point, I ended up loving this show so much, and now I will tell you why.

Okay, so there's no denying it, the first 3 or so episodes of this show were horrible. There were too many cheesy lines, there was bad acting, there was so much going on that, even as someone who had read the first 4 books, I was confused and didn't know what exactly was happening. It was just BAD.

BUT I stuck it out. For two reasons: Malec, who's been an OTP for me since before I knew what an OTP was. And Matthew Daddario. Because he makes the perfect Alec.

Look at his face:

And a few more episodes in (I want to say around 4 but 5 is the first I actually really enjoyed) it started getting BETTER. And after it started getting better, it pretty much to continued to improve with every episode.

*cue excited screaming*

After Magnus came into the show, after it started to hit its stride and stop the constant confusing info dumping, I REALLY REALLY started to like it. First of all, I was invested by then and mildly (read: completely) obsessed with Alec and Magnus and like I'd watch a million seasons of a horrible show just to get to see Malec on screen, so take this with a grain of salt. BUT I really started loving the show.

There were things they changed, things I know pissed off a lot of people but I mean, with a few exceptions, a lot of the changes weren't that big of a deal. Yes, they added stuff but it pretty much still followed the ARC of City Of Bones, it just took a few different roads to get there. There were even things that pissed me off (no spoilers but if you've watched it's the big thing with Alec) but I got over it quickly because they actually did such a good job with everything. There were also things they moved up, (ie: Simon becoming a vampire) but again I was fine with that! And it made things more interesting.

About halfway through the season I started (slowly) rereading the books. I've reread the first three now and I have to give the show props. The biggest thing they did with changing things was to give all these amazing side characters, that are kind of pushed to the background and ignored in the books, actual lives and stories. Alec and Magnus and Izzy and Simon (and even a few others) are just as important in the show as Jace and Clary, whereas the books should literally be called the Clary and Jace show. That's not to say the show's better than the books just that I found I could get into the characters and the story a lot more with the show actually than the books.


*shocked silence*

Let's talk acting and characters: Okay, there's no denying again that some of the acting wasn't great. I'd say that continues for a good five or six episodes depending on which character/actor you're talking about. My biggest concern was Clary. First of all, I LOVED Lily Collins in the City Of Bones movie, the promos and everything...well it didn't look like Kat McNamara was...the best choice? I don't want to be rude... BUT anyway, by the sixth episode or so I was sold on her. First of all, once she'd settled into the character and everything, her acting greatly improved. She still had some really crappy lines that came off so badly in the later episodes and it was a little too dramatic sometimes, but I could finally see her as Clary and (here's the big thing) she actually made me LIKE Clary. I don't like Clary in the books, okay? She's whiny. She doesn't do a whole lot. She's too...Bella Swan-like for me. But show Clary? She's a badass and I love her. Kat still wasn't the ~best~ actress but I loved Clary so I have to give props for that.

Izzy and Simon. There's no denying that Emeraude Toubia is the best Izzy to ever Izzy. She was pretty much perfect from the start and, just in general, I loved how they did Izzy in the show. One big thing I think is that they aged all the characters, normally I'm not okay with this but here it made them all so much more mature and was done perfectly. Izzy and Clary didn't hate each other, Izzy was still badass and owned her amazing clothes and her attitude but was more mature at the same time. Alberto Rosende as Simon...I feel like I'm going to say I have a lot of favorites but he's one of them. At first, I liked Simon, I liked Alberto as him but the thing is, I've never super loved Simon. I've mostly only ever felt sorry for him. But again, once the show hit its stride and Alberto got to show how amazing he is I started loving Simon so much.

I'm glossing over Jace because I don't have much to say. Again, I think the acting got better and I actually found I wanted to kill Jace in the show less and less as it progressed but I'm not a Jace fan in general... I will say, I loved how Dominic played the scenes with Alec. They were some of the most emotional and I had all the feels.

Luke and Raphael were amazing! I want more of them! Especially Raphael because Luke was in nearly every episode and Raphael wasn't.  I was a little confused at the decision to make Luke a cop but it worked so I'm not gonna complain. I loved the way the relationship between Luke and Clary was done. I loved the moments of Simon and Luke. And Simon and Raphael and I was sucked into the fandom because of this show and made to ship Simon and Raphael even though it will literally never be a thing...

And now, most importantly. You have Harry Shum Jr and Matthew Daddario. *sigh* I was sold on Alec literally right away. During the previews, and even during the first episode where I was literally bad mouthing every single thing happening, I still loved Alec. Alec and Magnus, and Malec in general, were all handled so well. There was so much more of all of it in the show than pretty much all three books combined? Alec wasn't just a side character, he had his own storyline. And Magnus had quite a few scenes. And Malec is already a thing in the show but it's built upon fairly slowly and perfectly. It was lovely and painful. And Harry is literally the perfect Magnus and Matthew is literally the perfect Alec and yes. That's really the only reason you need to watch this show. Okay?




Again, there's no denying that sometimes the show was just downright bad. There were less bad moments by the end of the season but there were always bits of duologue that were just so bad. With a few exceptions, I never felt much for Jace. Somethings were never really explained, like you were just supposed to figure it out for yourself. Clary...I liked her better after the first few episodes but sometimes she was just SO DRAMATIC. Do not even get me started on the demons and forsaken....they looked sooo bad.

My biggest "downside" was that sometimes the plot and arc of the show in general didn't flow very well... It was nearly impossible to figure out how much time had passed, cause you assume not much, like a couple weeks maybe by the end of the season, but then there'd be something, someone would say something or whatever, that would make you feel like more time had passed? I don't know. Some of the episodes didn't really flow together very well is all.

BUT it was the first season and it really got better after the first few episodes and most the acting was on point (especially when it came to Matt and Harry) and I really think it's worth watching, especially for fans of the books but go in knowing things happen differently, okay? And again, the only reason you need to watch it really, is Malec. Just trust me. MALEC.

Have you watched Shadowhunters? Are you interested in watching it? Anyone want to fangirl over Malec for a bit with me???? What have you all been watching recently?


  1. I HAVE watched the first couple of episodes hahaha, but I wasn't exactly sold on the show. I mean, the only reason for that is that I have NOT read any of the books. At all. I was literally just watching just because everyone else was watching.

    But I'm glad that you ended up liking it MORE as the show went on! I don't know if I'll end up continuing because I just don't like the series in general/don't know anything about the series. As of right now, I do want to watch Daredevil season 2, along with the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But that will alllll have to wait until summer.

    Also, did they already go through 3 books with 1 season?

  2. I watched the whole season last weekend. I'd seen the first three episodes before that, and I was NOT impressed. But I wanted to give it a second chance, and I can't believe I fell in love with it at last. Mostly though because of Malec. <3 And Simon. I loved him.

    I'm still very disappointed with Kat McNamara as Clary. For me, she's just not that good of an actress. And I hate that Jace's sarcasm doesn't show, but I like the actor. I'm also happy with the season finale, and I do hope the whole sibling thing doesn't take two more seasons to figure out. :)