Monday, May 30, 2016

It's "Just A Book"

So you know those people who see you crying in public and ask what's wrong? And you sob about how you're favorite book series just ended or how you still aren't over that one character dying? And then they're all.... it's just a book.

Okay, so I've actually never had that scenario happen before but my point is, I'm sure we've all heard that phrase before, the "it's just a book" or "it's just a fictional character" the "it's not real" and the "don't worry it's just a book you'll get over it", "you'll survive". And, okay, I just... I HATE this phrase, this term, whatever you want to call it because I'm sorry, it's NOT "just a book".

Don't tell me that, because you're telling me that I'm stupid to feel so much because "it's not real" or "it's just a book". And I KNOW most people who say this aren't trying to call me or anyone else stupid or anything, but it belittles my feelings. If those feelings happen to be for a fictional character that doesn't make them any less valid!

My emotions for books:

When someone says "it's just a book":

Now. Why do I hate this term? First of all, it belittles my feelings. My very real emotions that I feel very strongly most the time. And, it belittles books. I understand there are people out there who don't love reading and don't feel the way I do about books and fictional characters, but they are much more than "just books". By saying they're "just books" you're undermining the fact that books change lives and change people and can mean everything to someone. Do you know how many people say they would not be who they are today without Harry Potter? Or without whatever book they read that made them fall in love with books and made their whole lives better? Books are IMPORTANT.

If a book is good, if a character is well written, that character, that world, that whole story, becomes just as real as reality for the hours I spend surrounding myself with it. Those characters are like friends and family and I feel for them how I feel for my actual friends and family. So I won't just get over it because it's "just a book" when one of my favorite characters dies. It's not overreacting to cry for them!

My point being (and this became quite long winded considering it was just a short paragraph to begin with) I hate the term "it's just a book".

I hate the term it's just a book. Because it's not just a book. It's a whole world. It's a dream. It's magic. It's everything you want from life.

It's real people in the form of fictional characters and a magic you can live in and feel and breathe and BE. It's relationships that make you feel. You that give you life.

Adventures that you can go on anywhere, anytime. It's everything you want but can't have or haven't found. It's everything you need between the pages of the book.

It's real feelings; real pain inflicted and felt with just a few words.
It is NOT "just a book". It's so much MORE than that. It's EVERYTHING.

Ignore the last gif, I couldn't find one I liked to end this with. =)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Beautiful People: Ren & Farrah Queen


Beautiful People is a meme created by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In. The meme's for writers to share all about their characters! It's super fun, find out all about it here.

I'm doing Beautiful People this month because it's fun and I've been editing again. I started revising and editing the newly renamed: The (Sometimes Grand) Adventure Of Ren & Farrah (it used to simply be Ren & Farrah) earlier this month and thought, hey, why not do this to help get myself reacquainted with my lovely little protags?

The Grand Adventure of Ren & Farrah follows Ren and Farrah Queen. Ren is 10 and believes in magic and her best friend (besides Farrah) is a tiny giant. Farrah is 14 and waaay to old to still believe in magic. She's a cynic and kind of mean but she loves her little sister and would do anything to protect her. So let's get to the questions!

1. How often do they smile? Would they smile at a stranger? 
Ren: Ren smiles all the time, especially if something magical is going on. Honestly though, no she wouldn't smile at a stranger. She doesn't trust strangers and she only likes magical people. She'd smile at anyone she knew all the time but not a stranger.
Farrah: Um, nooooo. She's more into glaring and rolling her eyes. She would glare at a stranger or smirk but not smile.

What is the cruelest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction?
Ren: That magic wasn't real. And she denied it. Her reaction was to ignore the person who told her this (Farrah) and defend her beliefs and eventually yell a lot.
Farrah: Hmm.... Probably that she was "just a princess" and her reaction was to stomp on the boy's foot. Of course.

What is the kindest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction?
Ren: Hmm. Probably that she was an excellent dragon slayer and her reaction was to grin proudly and blush slightly because she has a little girl crush on the knight who told her this.
Farrah: Probably Ren telling her that she was magic like a fairy when she danced. Her reaction was to blow off the comment but then hug Ren fiercely.

What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting?
Ren: Oh, the day Farrah first took her to the wishing tree. Ren was only like three or four but she remembers it because Farrah had always told her magic existed but that was the day it became real to Ren. That was the day she started seeing the giants and the dancing lights, the day she first really started to believe.
Farrah: I don't know... I guess if I had to pick like the most important one it would be the day Ren was born. Farrah was only four but it was a very big moment and she loved Ren right away and their parents explained how it was her job to protect Ren and yeah. It was important.

What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your character would benefit from reading?
Profit from reading??? I don't know. Ren would enjoy anything with magic but I don't know anything that she would profit or benefit from reading...How To Train Your Dragon? Farrah would benefit from reading Harry Potter though, I think it would help her believe in magic again and open her mind to her imagination and everything.

Have they ever been seriously injured? How severely? How did they react?
Ren broke her wrist once, she took it like a champ and showed off her battle scars (there were no scars). It happened when she was climbing a tree looking for a mythical phoenix nest. She fell before she could find it. =( Farrah's never really been injured but she freaked out when Ren broke her wrist.

Do they like and get along with their neighbours?
Oh they LOVE their neighbors. Of course, they live most the time in a Renaissance faire and their "neighbors" are the cast members and everyone. They've known them forever. Ren fights dragons with most of them on the weekends.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being easy and 10 being difficult) how easy are they to get along with?
Ren: With Ren it's kind of hard to rate. 1 for other faire people, they all get along with her great. 6 for most kids her age because they don't get Ren and Ren doesn't like people who don't believe in magic. 10 for strangers and people outside the faire circuit.
Farrah: For Farrah it's like a solid 9 all around. She's prickly and doesn't get along with people.

If they could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go? 
Ren would of course pick a mythical land or kingdom of some sort. Probably Narnia. Farrah...hmm. France? Probably, because she sees it as this fabulous exotic place.

Who was the last person they held hands with? Each other!
And the end.

I haven't blogged in forever so my peeps, tell me what's going on?!?!?! All you other lovely writers please leave me links. And yes. Um, so who do you feel you connect more with? Ren or Farrah? For me it's gotta be Ren. ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On Repeat: April 2016 + Life Update

This is a feature where once a month I share the top ten songs I've had on repeat!

So I did camp NaNo this month so I had me a camp playlist that grew out of control... It was also my birthday so I had a birthday playlist that frustrated me to put together and basically, as always, I listened to a lot of different random things!

The month started out with a lot of American Authors and Owl City. That made up most of my Camp/writing playlist. Then I got into Marianas Trench again after realizing I hadn't listened to them in FOREVER. I also got on a badass female singer kick. So yes, I actually feel like I didn't flip flop back and forth as much as usual. So here is this months on repeat!

April On Repeat:

By the way, that first song, See You Again, super sad right? That's because one of my favorite series ended and I realized it fit perfectly. 

Monthly update/recap:

I've decided to make these posts also my quick monthly recap posts.

This month I did NaNoWriMo, if you're curious I did a whole Letter From Camp update here. It was my 20th birthday! It felt weird to turn 20 but I feel the same. I mostly even forget that I'm now officially 20. BUUUUT because I turned 20 I got a new true love...okay, that sounds weird. My new true love isn't a person, it's a computer. *heart eyes*

Also new speakers that I love almost more than the computer...

Basically, my old love, Henry, died last July and I finally let my mom replace him. This is my new computer (part of it any way I didn't take a picture of the actual tower) his name is Tom... Someone ask me why... it's a RIDDLE. (high five if you're a Harry Potter fan and got that pun).

I also got some Funko Pops... I have a small problem wherein I've started collecting quite a few of these. I blame my brothers who are completely obsessed with them. We literally drove down to San Francisco one weekend to go "pop hunting" But it's fun and they're so cool! Um, yeah, so my mom - because she's the best and knew I couldn't actually buy them myself - bought me a bunch of Harry Potter ones, Luna is my favorite. And it a friend surprised me with a whole set of Hunger Games pops which I have been wanting FOREVER.

Please ignore my crappy picture and the alarm clock and my Raven King cover and the pink Harley Quinn pop who just wanted to chill with the Harry Potter gang...and Olaf who's in the background along with my orange rainbow Batman...

What else happened this month? I haven't been posting and I'm not going to make excuses or anything the truth is for a long time now I've just been going back and forth on blogging. I LOVE blogging. I love all you, my lovely blogging friends. But it's a constant up down thing, one day I'm loving blogging and having fun, the next it's a chore to post and so basically I've given myself permission to just post whatever, whenever for a while now. When I force myself to blog, I stop loving it and I don't want to stop loving it. I am going to do a better job of commenting though, even while I'm not posting much because I love you and I miss all my favorite blogs and I hate feeling so out of the loop; what is going on in everyone's lives right now???

AND THEN I DIED. Er...I read The Raven King and... Feels. And...feels. And um yeah, if you've read it and finished it and everything then please please please message me on Twitter or Goodreads cause I've discussed this with half a dozen people but I'm still not over it and I just need to talk about it, okay???? Cause...GAHHH. You know?

Oh and I did this thing... Was it this month or last month? I don't know but I maybe posed some of my Pop figures... I'll just leave this here for you:

Okay, next month! I am doing things probably. Um, I'm editing The Grand Adventures Of Ren & Farrah (what do you think of the new name? it used to just be Ren & Farrah). I'm going to read things... I don't know. New Rick Riordan book comes out and GAH! Excitement! Who knows what I'll listen to, I'm in a music slump? Is that a thing? Someone please leave me all your music recommendations in the comments!

Okay, what are you listening too? What should I be listening to? And most importantly, what's going on in your life??? What are you doing? What are you reading? What are you currently obsessed with??? Are you team Iron Man or Team Captain America? Tell me everything I need to know about your life right now!