Monday, May 30, 2016

It's "Just A Book"

So you know those people who see you crying in public and ask what's wrong? And you sob about how you're favorite book series just ended or how you still aren't over that one character dying? And then they're all.... it's just a book.

Okay, so I've actually never had that scenario happen before but my point is, I'm sure we've all heard that phrase before, the "it's just a book" or "it's just a fictional character" the "it's not real" and the "don't worry it's just a book you'll get over it", "you'll survive". And, okay, I just... I HATE this phrase, this term, whatever you want to call it because I'm sorry, it's NOT "just a book".

Don't tell me that, because you're telling me that I'm stupid to feel so much because "it's not real" or "it's just a book". And I KNOW most people who say this aren't trying to call me or anyone else stupid or anything, but it belittles my feelings. If those feelings happen to be for a fictional character that doesn't make them any less valid!

My emotions for books:

When someone says "it's just a book":

Now. Why do I hate this term? First of all, it belittles my feelings. My very real emotions that I feel very strongly most the time. And, it belittles books. I understand there are people out there who don't love reading and don't feel the way I do about books and fictional characters, but they are much more than "just books". By saying they're "just books" you're undermining the fact that books change lives and change people and can mean everything to someone. Do you know how many people say they would not be who they are today without Harry Potter? Or without whatever book they read that made them fall in love with books and made their whole lives better? Books are IMPORTANT.

If a book is good, if a character is well written, that character, that world, that whole story, becomes just as real as reality for the hours I spend surrounding myself with it. Those characters are like friends and family and I feel for them how I feel for my actual friends and family. So I won't just get over it because it's "just a book" when one of my favorite characters dies. It's not overreacting to cry for them!

My point being (and this became quite long winded considering it was just a short paragraph to begin with) I hate the term "it's just a book".

I hate the term it's just a book. Because it's not just a book. It's a whole world. It's a dream. It's magic. It's everything you want from life.

It's real people in the form of fictional characters and a magic you can live in and feel and breathe and BE. It's relationships that make you feel. You that give you life.

Adventures that you can go on anywhere, anytime. It's everything you want but can't have or haven't found. It's everything you need between the pages of the book.

It's real feelings; real pain inflicted and felt with just a few words.
It is NOT "just a book". It's so much MORE than that. It's EVERYTHING.

Ignore the last gif, I couldn't find one I liked to end this with. =)


  1. PREACH IT. <3 No one has ever said this to me, and to be honest, I don't find it offending when someone tells me that "it's just a book." I mean, (don't get mad at me), albeit I'm a reader myself, I agree that it's just a book. But the thing that you said about how it belittles feelings -- THAT DESERVES A BONUS. I mean, my feelings towards a book doesn't merit invalidity. Heck, just because I immensely love this book doesn't exactly mean I'm "overreacting." :(

    I mean, yes it's just a book. People can go and say that because I'm not going to deny it. But how I feel about that book shouldn't be undervalued in any way.

  2. SHAY THIS WAS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD. I need to screenshot this post and print it out and put it on the walls of my room, of the library, of my school...because people should know. This is what we, as bibliophiles, feel when we read! I really appreciate this post, especially right now, because I just finished an incredible one that kept me up all night.

    Thanks for this:)
    Kate @Read and Dream

  3. Great, great post! I agree with you on absolutely everything. It's never "just a book"... <3

  4. First of all, I LOVED all the Inside Out Gifs. Awesomeness. Second of all, people should never use that phrase with me. I get SO INVESTED in the characters and I feel so deeply for them, it's almost like they are real people to me. Love this post!

  5. GAH YESSSSS. Why do people think I am emotionally okay when a book has just decimated my soul!??! And really, no matter WHAT the reason is that someone is feeling ANYTHING, it's their right to feel however they want! I hate when anyone tries to tell others how to feel (probably because they're uncomfortable that I am sobbing over my 11th Mockingjay re-read or something bwhhah) and I LOVE this post, especially the GIFs!! Such a win!

  6. I agree, when people say this it's like they are saying, "Just get over it." and that is very rude. What if I don't want to get over it?