Friday, June 17, 2016

A Novel Idea #1: Describing A Character

The lovely Sky and Ashley are doing this weekly writing link up, where every week they're going to have different prompts and whatnot to get everyone talking about writing and hopefully feeling motivated. You can see the details here.

So I meant to join in last week and totally blanked on it but this week I am determined!

So the prompt is to describe a character without using pictures.

I feel like I'm cheating because I don't usually use pictures to describe my characters anyways...
But, let me introduce you to Raze. Raze is a brand new character, created for my July Camp NaNo novel that I'm currently outlining. This is basically how I start my character outline, by the way. Also, this is set in A WHOLE NEW WORLD (haha) where everyone has two names in the sense that they have the name they're called and their "secret" or "true" name. They don't have last names, incidentally.


Name: Raze / Seb
Age: Probably around 16. Hard to tell. He’s not even sure.
Eyes: wide and unnervingly pretty. His pupils are gold, ringed by ever changing colors. Normally green, different shades though.
Hair: fair, brown, straight. Falls across his forehead, hiding his eyes which he likes.
Skin tone: a light olive color but, when he’s not hiding in the shadows, you can see the definite forest green tint to it. (okay this sounds like I'm describing a car or something, doesn't it?)
Race: He’s an assassin or a “winged one”
Height: TALL. Nearly 7 feet tall.

Overall description: Everything about him is strange and amazing. Dresses in dark black pants with hidden folds and places to hide weapons. Wears a tight sleeveless shirt with a green jacket over it all. The jacket's fairly fancy but ragged; swoops out behind him, crisscrosses tightly across his chest. Has a large hood he usually keeps up, claiming it helps him blend in but mostly he likes to hide his eyes, not only because of the golden pupils that mark him as one of the highborn of his race but because he hates people looking into them like they can see more than what’s there. His golden dragon is usually curled around his shoulder. He’s tall, super skinny, but with wide shoulders. His bones are like bird bones so he doesn’t weigh much, sharp angular cheekbones. Looks wispy, no muscles but is super strong. And then there are his wings that curve out behind him, hanging over his shoulders. Has slits in his jacket for them. Can fold them in but is more comfortable with them out. Likes how it challenges everyone who looks at them because they're bare. His wings are what make him an outcast even amongst his people. Nothing but chalky white bones. Angular and sharp, capable of killing when used correctly.

Smirks a lot. Also rolls his eyes. Doesn’t smile much.

About Raze: He’s angry and vicious and gets hell bent on revenge. But also quiet and soft spoken. Not afraid to cuss a lot. He cares deeply but he’s an outcast amongst everyone which makes him prickly and sour most the time. Wants nothing more than to rise to the highest rank of his race. To protect his world.
He's serious and badass. Kind of creepy. Snarky and he has this whole other side that he does his best to hide because it's the side of him that loves and his people don't believe in love, they see it as a weakness.

Has a small dragon companion. The dragon’s name is Flint or Flintly. It was a baby when he saved it. They’ve bonded. He takes care of it. It’s adorable. He glares death glares at anyone who calls it adorable, however.

Gets along better with animals and the like than people.

His race does not love, the only love they show is when they’re born and given their true name, but he does.

Tada! And there you have Raze. I know as writer's we aren't supposed to have favorite characters (it's like choosing favorite children or CATS!) but um... Raze is one of my very favorite characters. Poor dude's got a lot going on, though. *sigh*

Here's my Pinterest board for this novel (now named The Forgotten Name) if you wants to check it out. Warning, I don't use Pinterest a ton so there's probs just a lot of random stuff on the board (I don't even completely remember!)

Tell me, can you picture Raze from my (possibly too wordy, I like to carry on you know) description of him? Thoughts? Do you too wish you had a tiny dragon companion and so you give one to your favorite character??????


  1. Holy COW, I love Raze SOOOOOO MUCH. I can't even form coherent words. He sounds AMAZING. I AM SO INTRIGUED I NEED MORE INFO. EXCUSE ME AS I GO FULLBLOWN FANGIRL, BUT HE SOUNDS /AWESOME./ Thank you so much for linking up and introducing him to us! (He sounds amazing. Seriously. ;alkdjsklfj.)

    1. Aw, Sky that means so much coming from you! I'm glad Raze comes off as awesome as I imagine him in my head, like I said, I'm totally throwing writer code of conduct out the window and claiming him as my favorite child, I can't help it!
      Thanks for being awesome and nice! =)