Sunday, June 19, 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016 PLAAANS+ Join me and together we will rule the...campground?

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I wanted to get an early start this time and instead of posting two days before Camp starts and post this early! (incidentally, I started this like two weeks ago and never actually finished and posted

As always this post will consist of two things:

1. Me trying to convince YOU to join me in Camp.
2. Me explaining my plans for camp NaNo

I'll probably also do a post closer to July with tips for NaNo? Who knows. We'll see!

Why should YOU join ME in Camp NaNo?

1. So you can finally write that book you've been saying you're going to write FOREVER

2. Because it's Camp NaNo and there's no PRESSURE. Afraid of a high word count goal? You can set your goal for literally ANYTHING. Write 100 words a day or less! Go for 50k (the normal NaNo goal) or half that or a quarter of that. There's no pressure just fun and writing!

3. Because we can be cabin mates, here's the list of reasons you want to be my cabin mate:
        - I'm a great person (and humble)
        - This will be my 8th time doing NaNoWriMo so I can give you all kinds of hints and you can trust me when I say Camp is amazing and FUN.
        - I'm very good at motivational speeches and helping people feel inspired during the second-week slumps, all the way through the last grueling days of the month. I could get people to attest this.
        - I know all the best scary stories to tell around the imaginary camp fire!
        - Because even if you don't have a ton of time for writing it's still fun and you could find inspiration to write more than you planned or just to continue to write after the month ends and just find a love for writing in general or revamp your love for writing. We're fun people in the cabin, just saying.
        - Because Christina Termini (@BooksPrejudice) and I are currently lonely in our cabin and need more awesome book lovers to join us!

4. You DON'T even have to write. Just saying, for Camp you are also allowed to edit or revise. Or write fanfiction. Literally ANYTHING.

5. Camp is a judgment free zone! No one cares if you have a low word count, or if this is your first time writing a novel. There's no competition to meet your goal the fastest, hell you don't even HAVE to meet your goal. You can lower it as the month goes or just say you don't give a fu** and write for fun without trying to meet your goal. True story, this is my 5th Camp session and every time out of a group of like 12, only three or four people met their goals but everyone has fun! And gets something written!

6. Because I asked nicely?

What am I writing?

Okay, first things first, everyone remember not to compare yourself to others during camp. Some of us are crazy and plan on writing until just...dropping.
Also, can someone check my sanity? I think I need to be like Sheldon and get checked to make sure I'm not crazy....

Okay, so I have this thing. This thing being that I have a lot of free time, in fact for July specifically I make sure I have basically nothing going on, no work, no social gatherings and basically all I do is write. The thing also being that this is my.... eighth or ninth? NaNoWriMo so many that it's getting hard to count! So um, it's not really a challenge for me anymore to write a book in a month? It is when I have other stuff going on that month but when I plan on just writing from day one, hour one, all the way to the end with barely any's not. I NEED to be challenged. You know the whole saying like the more you do something the better you are or the more you practice or whatever, the more you write the more you write, that is TRUE!

I'm rambling. The question is, how crazy am I planning on being? Well, my 200k words. Basically, 50k a week with three extra days! Plan for my funeral on the first of August, m'kay?

WHY AM I DOING THIS? Because I get bored if I don't challenge myself and I wanted to break my record this month which is only like 130k??? But you know, if I'm going to go for it I may as well really go for it. Basically, the rest of this month is spent planning for next, okay?

Now, the thing to remember about camp, and NaNo in general, is that even though a goal may seem huge and so you have a whole month! Even with my outrageous goal it can still be broken down to writing around 6,500 words a day. WHICH is still a lot but doable. If you were to set a reasonable goal then you could get it to where you only have to write a few hundred words a day! NO PRESSURE!

I have three books planned. I'm terrified because I know myself and there's a good chance I'll end up swapping one of them out...I'm a mood writing and the month could fall apart if I decide to switch projects halfway through to something I haven't outlined because I also...I outline so freaking much. I have issues...

Details Of My NaNo Project(s):

Title: The Forgotten Name
Genre/Age Range: YA Fantasy
In one sentence: Mal creates worlds with his mind, one world anyway, the one he abandoned five years ago, the one that's dying without him. The catch? If it dies, Mal dies too.
(more about one of the characters from this one here!)

Title: Purgatory
Genre/Age Range: YA...paranormal? Horror? Somewhere along those lines.
In one sentence: Cameron and Morgan are both stuck in purgatory at different times. For Cameron, there's still hope of getting back to the real world, back to his boyfriend and his crappy family. For Morgan, all she can hope is to stop the Ghost Prince from killing her and all the other souls locked in stasis.
(oops, that was more than one sentence.)

Title: Day Of The Dead
Genre/Age Range: MG Horror/adventure
In one sentence: Three kids are dared to enter the death carnival (a deathly carnival that arrives for only one night a year in the middle of San Francisco) and survive until morning.
(I'm good at these one sentence descriptions...hehe?)

Have I convinced you to join me??? Are you planning on doing Camp NaNo? DO you want to be in an epic cabin? (if yes to the cabin hit me up on Twitter!) Any fun plans for July if you aren't doing NaNo????


  1. Holy CRAP, dude! That is... wow. First, the books sound AMAAAAAAZING. Especially the first one, which I need to read immediately. But all of them really, because now I find myself questioning the death carnival, and also, what is happening in purgatory!? Yes, um, you need to have these books published so I can read them. And because I assume you would like them to be also 😂

    So Idk if I can do Camp NaNo. I SHOULD. So there's that. But I am also just... not in a great place to do it right now, and I don't think I should set myself up for a bad situation? BUT- July has 31 days, so there's that! Hahahah. But I know how awesome you are at being a buddy too. GAH. If I wasn't so insanely competitive with myself, I'd say "sure, I'll do it and then just do what I can" but I nearly did myself in in November basically bwhaha. And Shattering Stigmas is in August and... I just don't know. I assume that making GIFs of The 100 doesn't count as "words", does it?

    Now that I have taken over your comments section with my own indecision crises, I shall move along and wish you good luck!

    1. AHHH! Thanks Shannon! That means so much to me that you think the books sound intriguing! Especially the first because it's a very new idea that I am so excited for. And hey, you're more than welcome to read anything I write once it's been written (and rewritten and perfected, then you can read anything!). =) I would like them to be published too, it's true. =)

      =( I totally understand not setting yourself up to fail and not having time so I won't pressure you into July Camp but one day you HAVE to do camp with me! Next year if nothing else, OKAY!?!?! And to handle your competitive side I will insist you set a low goal then you can exceed your goal and kick your competitive side's ass. We'll plan for this next year, okay? Hopefully by then you'll have less going on.

      Haha, you know I don't mind your indecisive crisis! Thanks for the good luck, I'm going to need it. I'm really worried about my crazy goal for the month, but also excited! =)

  2. Oh "only" 130k you say yeah pffft WHAT. I mean, wow, if you can write 200k in one month then I absolutely applaud you (and maybe hate you a little bit). I'm going for a very modest 20k hahaha. Your books sound amazing, though! Good luck to you this month! :D

  3. Hey! I'm participating for the first time! And I would love to join your cabin if there's still any space available!

    - Poulami @ Daydreaming Books

    1. Hey! First good luck with your first camp
      I hope you're having fun! And second I actually do have one spot left because someone never joined. So if you let me know your camp username I can invite you! =)