Friday, June 3, 2016

On Repeat May 2016 + Monthly Recap

Whooooo....lives in a pineapple under the sea... Er. Who hasn't be blogging yes it was me? (did that work as well as I thought it did?)

This has been updated to not only be my monthly music post wherein I share what I've had on repeat recently but also my monthly update/wrap up!

Music! What have I been listening to? My Ren & Farrah playlist (which is the novel I've been revising) has a lot of All Time Low and Owl City and...Disney songs... And then a friend of mine gave me an obsession with Adam Lambert and I've been listening to him nonstop a little. Um... I went on a small country kick for a bit this month and also a lot of instrumental fantasy stuff while I was revising... That's really it, I haven't been as jumpy this month!

May On Repeat:

This is just going be a short update because I haven't even been blogging and... I don't miss it. That sounds bad but I mean this in a good way. Because I am feeling...just like having fun. I feel like writing fun posts and posting them when I can and just being really relaxed and having fun which is good! Because the point of my almost sort of hiatus thing is to not stress and not start hating blogging because I'm forcing myself to do it when I don't want to. Does this sound bad? It's not meant to!

I'm considering joining in on memes again. Mainly because doing memes is what made me fall in love with blogging in the first place and they're fun and who knows, maybe it will help me feel like blogging again! So yes, that is something I will probably be doing.

Life! What is life? How are we half way through the year??? What is even going on??? I don't know. Um. Life wise. Everything has still been busy and I don't know where this has come from and it's driving me nuts. I have an insane schedule to keep to be able to do camp NaNo in July (which all you lovelies should join me for Camp NaNo in July! Dooooo it! I'm looking at you!) and yeah.

These are my cats. The one pretending to be a human and the sleeping on a table is Mojo. The one being very adorable and posing nicely is Sparky. Just proving I'm already a crazy cat lady at the age of 20.

I've been editing and revising and I have SO MUCH to work on! Not so much with this novel, at the moment I am confident about where it's at, but so many other things! I got new plot bunnies that are killing me because I want to write them so bad and currently I have like 6 novels I want to write for camp?? too much. Too much.

I dyed my hair! I cut most of it off actually and then dyed it. I've been considering going with super short hair for a while now and like the back is like not even an inch long now while the front still has some length and I love it so much. Anyways! It's PURPLE! Which was kind of an impulsive decision as I'd been debating whether I wanted to do black or blue or red or pink and then...PURPLE happened. There is a little pink, I did two streaks of pink under the purple. And it's so nice to not be blonde anymore! I was blonde with bright streaks of a rainbow of colors for like six months and I missed having darker hair! And this is actually the first time my whole head has been an unnatrual color! And I love my hair basically. I have a hair obession.

Books! Let's talk books. Um, I still haven't been reading a ton because LIFE and writing which is sad but I'm trying to get a good schedule going so I have time for reading because I really get quite upset and distressed when I have no time for reading. =( I've been reading the Red Rising Trilogy (finally!) because my brother read it and insisted I read it and ohmygod those books are amazing and intense and yes. Of course, my brother is a pain so he hasn't finished the third meaning I can't read it yet and *sigh*. Besides that...I really don't even know what I've been reading recently... I need more time in a day okay!?!

Anyway, enough about me.

What do you currently have on repeat!?! Tell me what you've been up to this month!?! Can I convince you to join me in Camp NaNo for July?!?Leave me super long comments and I'll love you fooooorever. What have you read recently that you absolutely LOVED???


  1. I love your hair! We finally get to see a photo of you too! (Sort of) You're never too young to be a crazy cat lady hehe! I loved Red Rising too! Well mostly Golden Son, but the others are good too. Good luck editing!

  2. Oh, I love, love, love your hair! It's gorgeous. And such cute cats! <3
    I haven't been up to much last month, mainly working and reading. I've listened to a lot of Muse, since I'm going to their concert in Stockholm this Saturday (can't wait). Oh, and I read ACOMAF & The Raven King, and I loved both so, so much. :)
    And good luck on Camp NaNo, Shay! <3

  3. Your hair looks so cool!

    Disney songs—can't go wrong with those! :) Have you heard any of Owl City's film score projects? I've been listening to those a lot lately, and a lot of music from the '40s.

    Can you believe July's Camp is so close??? I'm hoping to participate, but I don't know yet which project I'll be working on. My writing schedule got a mind of its own and switched things up, so...we'll see how it goes. Best Camp writing wishes! :)

    As for books, I'm currently reading The Siren by Kiera Cass.

    Oh, and Mojo and Sparky are adorable. :)

  4. I don't *think* I've been to your blog before (hi!), but the opening of this post made me stay haha. AND YOU SHARE YOUR MUSIC TOO YAY. Hmm what have I been listening to this month? For some reason I can either listen to melancholic(ish) music or reggaeton while I'm working on my thesis, so mainly I've been listening to this playlist ( - I hope that works, I don't think I've tried to share a Spotify playlist before) and a lot of J Balvin and Orishas. Right, that was probably more than you wanted to know haha. Like the hair! I'd love to do Camp NaNo, but I'm working on my BA thesis and then I'll probably just collapse. :D I want to do NaNo in November though, but I'll be doing my postgrad then, so I have no idea whether I'll have enough time yet. We'll see! Also, I think Mojo is a GREAT name for a cat for some reason. :D