Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Novel Idea #3: My First Story

The lovely Sky and Ashley are doing this weekly writing link up, where every week they're going to have different prompts and whatnot to get everyone talking about writing and hopefully feeling motivated. You can see the details here.

This week’s prompt is: Tell us about one of your first stories. When did you start writing it, and why? Do you remember the characters’ names? Are you still writing it? If not, do you think you’ll ever rewrite it? What did you learn while writing it?

My Very First Story:

Sooo, I got my first real idea on October 25th 2010. I know the exact date, I can remember the moment, because I got it when listening to Taylor Swift's Speak Now for the first time, especially the song Long Live. Something about the song just triggered my mind and bam. IDEA.

The notebook I outlined my first idea in!

So my first story was called Dragon Heir (more of a general series name than the title of the first book). It's a middle-grade fantasy adventure novel with dragons. The first in a series. I started actually writing it in 2012, after two years filling a green notebook (pictured above!) with ideas on the world and characters and story.

When I Started Writing It and Why:

I have to give credit to my older brother, because I'd been talking about the book forever. I was 14 when I first got the idea, 16 when I wrote it, and I only wrote it because my family went out to dinner one night (I can't remember what it was for? My birthday? His? Maybe, because it was this expensive place we only go every once in a while) anyway, somehow we got to talking, me and him, about Dragon Hier and it was the first time I REALLY talked about it, more than saying "I'm going to be a writer and I'm going to write a book...with dragons". And in the car on the way home, he basically decided for me that I was actually going to start writing it and so...I did. He didn't really give me any choice, tbh. Pretty much every day after that for a few months, I would write a chapter or so and then he would read it. Before then, it was kind of just this vague concept in my mind. I was going to be a writer and one day I would actually start writing. But my brother is definitely who finally pushed me to actually WRITE.

Character's Names:

Of course, I remember my character names! I still consider the MC my main squeeze (okay, I'm lame, sue me). She was my first character. She's very dear to my heart and no one, no other character, will hold quite the same place in my heart. Her name is Cass, she has a sister named Pan. The other "main characters" (there's a group of eight) are Wesley, Spring, Caiden (who was mostly deleted in the last rewrite?), Eilot, Leaf, and Cori. They were all too perfect and boring in the first draft, I had to do a lot of work before rewriting it to give them real personalities and you know flaws. But I love them all.

Am I Still Writing It?

Yes! I am still am writing it. I just completely rewrote the first in the series for Camp NaNo in April. After 3 years of not touching it? But it was always in the back of my mind. I'm fairly confident that it's a lot better now because I know how to plot and how to world build and how to, you know, actually have a story arc. Honestly, I will never give up on this novel. There's none I love the same way I love this book, it will always be my first dream, my biggest dream, to one day have it perfected and published and it will always have a special place in my heart. ;)

What Did I Learn From Writing This Book? 

I guess the main thing I learned when I first wrote this story was that I really loved writing and it really is what I want to do forever. I also learned that writing is hard and there's a lot more to it than just putting words on paper. Really, everything I've learned from writing I learned from writing the crappiest version of this book. I loved it when I first finished but then I realized a few months after revising it that it wasn't near the book I pictured in my head and that taught me just much work goes into books and how you have to take your time and be willing to rewrite something a million times to make it perfect.

Okay, I'm done rambling. If you're a writer, tell me about your first story!?!? If you're a reader tell me about the first book you really LOVED!?!?


  1. Thanks so much for linking up, Shay!! So glad to have you join us! I love hearing how people started their writing journey! :) Hope you link up with us again soon!
    Keep writing,

  2. I really loved reading about your story! Kudos to your brother for making you write it, hehe. The song "Long Live" is honestly so inspiring, so I admire that you wrote a story about it (I always had feels and ideas about that song but never anything concrete). And I LOVED your characters' names. I'm especially so glad you kept at one of your first stories and that you're still working to make it better. I love those stories that are so close to your heart that you can't let them go. ♥♥

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!!