Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

It's that time again..Pitch Wars. Dun dun dun! Which means, it's time to write a hopeful mentee bio...
(Pitch Wars is an awesome contest thing ran by the lovely Brenda Drake, read all about it here!)

(Truthfully, I'm terrible at these things! So for one, I'm including my favorite gifs, maybe that will tell you a little about me?)

My Standard About Me:

Avid reader, music fanatic, aspiring to be published writer who lives in Narnia but spends winters at Hogwarts. (By the way, both Narnia and Hogwarts are located in Northern Nevada =D)

So yeah. I'm Shay (short for Shayla), I'm 20 years old and am currently spending all of my time writing. I probably spend too much time with my cats, and my coffee intake increases every day. I'm a Gryfinpuff, I'm way too dramatic most the time, use too many exclamation points when talking!!!!, a rambler, and fancy myself at least a little bit evil. =)

Oh, also, I can bake really well. Just saying. I'm not trying to bribe anyone but I could share recipes/somehow manage to send you epic cookies if you pick me. =)

Writing History:

I've been writing seriously since I was sixteen. In that time, I've written around 14 novels and not edited nearly enough of them. I've written everything from Middle-Grade Fantasy to Young Adult Contemporary, with some dystopian, some sci-fi, and various other things in there. The only ones I've seriously queried were my first book, which I was naive and it was so not ready. And then a YA Contemporary that I entered in Pitch Wars last year. I had a little interest but didn't end up getting picked. After revising and editing and revising again, I queried it for a bit but, despite some full requests, I didn't get anywhere so I shifted focus to my newest MS, which is a Middle-Grade Magical Realism novel titled The (Sometimes Grand) Adventures Of Ren & Farrah. I first wrote it last July in a rushed nine days I believe, and I wrote it because I wanted to write something fun and magical and explore imagination.

I've recently come to the realization that middle grade is my soul. I love YA and I want to write YA also but MG will always be my favorite. It's what I've wanted to write since I was a middle grade reader and, as much as I love dabbling in other genres, it's the one I keep coming back too.

Random Facts About Me:

- I'm bad at this kind of thing!
- A few of my favorite books are:
        - Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
        - The Percy Jackson series
        - Harry Potter (of course)
        - The Raven Cycle
        - Fablehaven
        - A billion others
- A few of my favorite movies/TV shows:
        - Harry Potter
        - The Hobbit movies!
        - Tangled
        - Big Hero 6
        - The Big Bang Theory
        - Supernatural
- My current obsession is:  The TV show Shadowhunters
- I have thing for dying my hair which is currently purple
- I'm super clumsy
- Magnus Bane is my personal life goals
- To be honest, I nearly broke my toe playing Pokemon GO...
- I'm obsessed with NaNoWriMo

About my novel:
 I'm going to do this in two parts, one: a list of things about my novel and two: a playlist.

Things that The (Sometimes Grand) Adventures Of Ren & Farrah has:

- Adventure that is sometimes grand.
- A pair of sisters who couldn't be more different, but love each other fiercely, even if they don't necessarily believe the same things anymore.
- Ten-year-old Ren, a girl who believes in nothing more than she believes in magic, and who wants nothing more than to save the renaissance faire she lives in.
- Farrah, who's 14 and very...angsty.
- Magic!
- Whimsy!
- A Renaissance faire that's in it's 50th season, which may have ben cursed by an evil wizard?
- Tiny giants and giant imaginations!
- A mysterious trickster...
- ...did I mention the tiny giants and magic?

I obsess over making playlists and this is probably the 5th or 6th version of this one? I tend to redo them for each draft. But anyone who wants an idea of the overall feel of my novels should just look at my playlists. =)

Aaaand, that's it. Good luck to all my fellow hopeful mentees and if any of you happen to read this please feel free to leave me a link to your own bio in the comments so we can become the best of friends! Read the other mentee bios here and I'm going to stop rambling now and leave off with my favorite gif:

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