Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Summer Recap: ALL THE THINGS

Hello, it's me
I was wondering if after all these months you'd like me to start blogging again...

Okay, I'm the world's worst blogger and I have no promises about this not being my only post for another month...but I'm TRYING. And to start, let's recap the summer I stopped blogging... =)

To start with, let's talk reading! Yeah, that hasn't been happening much at all... I was reading ACOTAR for literally two months and I didn't read anything else while reading that... Ooops. One reason I've been struggling to blog is I've been struggling to read and I don't really know why? It's not really...a normal reading slump, it's hard to explain. But I have this amazing friend on Tumblr who is now dedicated to making me read more again and getting me over my "slump". So I finished ACOTAR and read ACOMAF in less than a week which I count as a victory! I may try and review these and break into my blogging slump too, we will see! ACOTAR was more of like 3 stars for me where ACOMAF was probably 4 stars.

Writing question.


No? Okay, I've been writing and slumping and miserable and awesome and all kinds of things. I started a new writing blog, yay! I won Camp NaNo by writing 200k, yay! And I did a 24-hour writing marathon that ended with me forcing myself to stay awake and writing the words "tired" and "sleep" randomly through the chapter I was working on...

Vacations: So back in July during Camp, my mom and I went up to the lake for the week for a "writer's retreat" and that was just all kinds of fun. I got a lot of writing done and it was just nice to spend time with her, and walk along the lake and we did soPokemonmon hunting and had some nice dinners and it was just really nice. And I went out on the lake for the first time in a giant boat which is a big deal because I'm terrified of large bodies of water. *shivers*

Concert: Guys, I went to the best concert ever. And that's saying a lot because I've seen Taylor Swift and Linkin' Park and lots of amazing bands. Er. So yeah. I went to Concord with my brothers to see Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin and then at the last moment we found out that Saint Asonia was opening which is exciting because the lead singer is the original singer from Three Days Grace my heart... And AHHH SUCH an amazing concert. Disturbed was so amazing, they played their cover of Sound Of Silence and ahhh the chills. Best part though was when they played "The Light" because they had most the giant lights off and had everyone just flash their lights, only hold up your phone or your lighter when the part "the light" comes on and it was sooo awesome. And ah. Breaking Benjamin was also AMAAAAZZING. They covered Nirvana and had this Star Wars tribute, plus played all my favorites. Sooo awesome.

So yes. I'm ready for it to be fall, I even died my hair. Going from my summery bright purple to a dark red. And I'm drinking all the pumpkin spice lattes and writing and yeah, all the things.

Other, did I ever mention how I ripped off my toe nail? Like the whole thing? well, most. I had to have it removed but it's mostly grown back now. And the embarrassing part? I did it while out hunting Pokemon in the middle of the night....

Update on writing! This morning I found out I got into Pitch Slam! Which is awesome and exciting because I didn't really think I would? But it's a nice opportunity and kind of awesome especially considering I think it was like just over 350 people entered and 52 got picked? So, that's kind of cool. And I'm excited!
 If you don't know what it is, it's a pitch contest for writers, there's an awesome panel of judges who sifted through all the entries and four team captains who eventually all picked 10 entries and now we're officially into the "agent round" where agents go through the entries that were picked and bid on them (biding means requesting your query + sample pages, the more they like it, the more sample pages they request). So yeah, fun! I'm officially part of team Take A Seat and if you want to see my entry and read the first page of my MS go here! (you can also find out my full name... XD)

So what have I missed? What's going on with everyone? How's it going? What books have I missed that have come out recently that I should be reading? Tell me all the things but most importantly, how are you?!?


  1. I've been posting less and less these past few months, mostly because I'm so busy, but I'm really thinking of taking a 3 month hiatus starting in December. I'll have to see how I feel then. I haven't had a reading slump, just the blogging. I gave ACoTaR 3 stars, and I wanted to read ACoMaF but was spoiled. I don't like how SJM gives her characters personality transplants all in the name of "ships". Well, It's her world so she can do as she pleases, and I'll just stay away from her books.

    One book that I really loved which released this week is The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis. It's dark, but I feel she pulled it off really well, even if I don't agree with some of the actions. It's really about rape culture and the characters are great.

  2. Welcome back! I've been gone too. Looks like you had a nice summer. Congrats on the pitch slam thing! Pretty hair! I tried to dye mine red too, but it doesn't look any different than it did before... Good luck with blogging!

  3. Hello, my dear!! I am glad to "see" you again! I am sorry that things have been kind of slow on the reading and blogging fronts- but WOW that you wrote 200K in Camp NaNo, that is kind of incredible! I am so happy for you that you have been chosen for Pitch Slam! That is WONDERFUL, I am so happy for you!!

    I also love your hair, am jealous of your vacation and the concert, and hope that you come back to us from time to time before you go getting all famous author-y ;)

    OH books, right. Let's see... I have read a few upcoming/recently released books that were good! Three Dark Crowns I LOVED (I'll be reviewing it on Monday!) and Like a River Glorious was great! OH! Phantom Limbs! Loved that one. I am reading Female of the Species right now, so I'll get back to you ;) The Forgetting was good... umm... ::checks Goodreads because I can't remember:: OH! We are Still Tornadoes was good! Okay, that should hold you over until you pop in again ;)