Friday, October 21, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016!!!!

Hello it's me...again. XD

Okay, I'm sure no one will be surprised to hear that I'm doing NaNoWriMo next month! Which of course I am, I haven't missed a year since I started in 2013! This will be my 4th year and I can honestly say, my year wouldn't be the same without NaNo. It's become a tradition, my favorite months of the year: Halloween. NaNoWriMo. Christmas. Or you know, what normal people call them: October. November. December.

I do NaNo a looot. This year I did both Camp sessions in April and July, July being my new record of writing 204,909 words. I nearly died. But nothing compares to November, okay? It's all cold and fall like and just the perfect time to write okay?! And there's Christmas candy out and it's the time for drinking all the warm things and November NaNoWriMo is my aesthetic, okay?

I already posted some about this on my writing blog but it didn't feel right to not post my normal NaNo announcement here! And to beg all my friends to join me! So you know, you should do NaNo! It's fun and productive and maybe a little stressful but that's what makes it worth it! My cabinmates and I from July even have a little group you can join, and mingle if you want! SO dooooo it so I can root for you and we can all have fun!

So what am I writing?

Inventions, Dragons, and Hot Air Balloons!

Genre: MG, Fantasy/Adventure

Main characters: Margo, a twelve-year-old aeronaut, and inventor. And Adalyn, a quirky princess who craves adventure.

A little about it:

Well...this was going to be a stand-alone adventure novel but then last night it morphed into a that happened. Here is the little synopsis I wrote up for it though:

12-year-old Margo lives in a kingdom. Not a magical kingdom, just a boring old kingdom. She spends her days in her father's hot air balloon as part of a performers troop and her nights dreaming of magic - not for adventure and not because of the stories of great friendly dragons. No, because of the other stories, the ones that talk about magic and science, melding together. Because Margo dreams of being an inventor, saving her father's failing business as an aeronaut and creating the most thrilling inventions, starting with a better way to fly.

Princess Adalyn has a tendency to run away. If the kingdom is boring, the castle is impossibly worse. Her older sister is always telling her what to do and how to act, her parents insist magic isn't real but Adalyn knows what she saw the night of her tenth birthday, flying overhead in the sky: a dragon, And not just any dragon, her dragon. Just like in the old stories she knows they're bonded, she just has to find him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the great ocean, lies a world long forgotten to those in the kingdom, a world of science and magic and adventure. When Margo and Adalyn team up for the grand hot air balloon race, it leads to destruction as the balloon crashes and Margo's father is taken away by a strange man in a golden mask. Luckily, that's when the dragon arrives.

Um, I'm like super excited for this. I mean, I'm always excited to work on a new novel but some just...I just have a really good feeling about this! It's kind of my favorite type of book to write, full of magic and adventure and whimsy so yeah. I haven't finished outlining, I'm hopelessly behind on things but I'm super excited for this!

Are you going to do NaNo? Is there any way I could convince you? And would you like to join my writing group if you are? And what are you going, of course?? If you aren't doing NaNo, any fun plans next month?


  1. I am going to do it! I am planning on a quasi-hiatus (which means I will tell myself I am not going to post but then I will anyway hahah) so... yeah! I am scared though, last year was SO hard. I love the sound of your new book though!! OBVIOUSLY I want to join whatever you are doing. You know I never, ever would have made it through last year without you ♥

    1. Yay!!!!! Shannon I was hoping you were going to do NaNo again!!! Don't worry, generally the second year is at least a little easier because at least you know what to expect now! So I have a little group that was formed from my last cabin and everyone's super nice and supportive and you should definitely join! We do it on this site called Quip which if you don't know is just this site similar to like Google docs where you can share documents and stuff but you can also create groups which is what we did with a little "coffee house" chat room. To sign up you just have to have an email address so it's super simple if you want to join! Then you just have to give me your email so I can invite you to the group and it's much easier for talking throughout the month then like the ever annoying NaNo mail (though we don't have the strange emojis which is sad). Anyway I'm rambling and I'll message you on twitter later in case you don't see this and I'm super excited you're doing NaNo! Have you picked out a project yet?!